Capital investment markets work similarly to the body’s cholesterol system, and deficit spending/Federal Reserve liquidity injections are the equivalent of eating soybean oil.
Cholesterol made from chemically unstable fats doesn’t make it to its intended destination. So you get a weird phenomenon of obese people whose cells are starving for lack of energy. They are starving at a cellular level and bloated at a macro level.
We’ve seen a similar phenomenon here, where Capital/liquidity infusions into economy did not spur creation of new factories or businesses to address stress points of our system that initial pandemic shock revealed.
Instead they went into the casino - why make a risky bet on building a new pharmaceutical manufacturing plant in West Virginia when you could make much more playing the stonk and crypto markets?
This is exactly what was going on in Weimar Germany btw. People were making ridiculous fortunes from speculation while many sectors of the real productive economy were starved.
The nation is now bloated with capital. Have we seen a burst of manufacturing or new productive enterprises? No. Rather the opposite, much of the independent real productive economy was demolished.
We cannot begin to build a real economy that works for everyone until we stop ignoring the elephant in the room: the Federal Reserve.
Post-leftists who want to understand the situation need to step away from Marxist economics for a second and read Hayek’s seminal article “The Use of Knowledge in Society” and really dig into studying the calculation debate.

• • •

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10 Jun
I have a visceral negative reaction to people hating on boomers and it’s because the boomers I know IRL are all wonderful kind people who go out of their way to do nice things
But also I’ve been on the receiving end of generational stereotype and slander (Millennials). If you engage in any of it you’re basically doing what the commies want by participating in the war of all against all
Anyway, without boomers we would have never had President Donald J. Trump. Don’t forget that.
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8 Jun
The only way we turn the longterm economic decline around (by ending wage-price spiral) is to cut government expenditures to = revenue minus a bit more. The only way to do that is to completely destroy the medical monopolies, which are the drivers of the budget deficit.
There is no way around it - the only way we’re ever going to have an economy that works for everyone is to stop being fat.
Deficit spending destroys standard of living for lower economic rungs by driving up the cost of living. It is inflation that makes minimum-wage jobs so precarious.
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7 Jun
>translates his country‘s name literally as “the Republic of the Savior”
>laser eyes pfp
>just made Bitcoin legal tender
>no cap gains tax on crypto
>no property taxes
>permanent residency for crypto investors

Yeah, I’m thinking something beautiful is brewing in the Tropics
The embrace of crypto by Mayor @FrancisSuarez is very important here as Miami is the business hub of Latin America. We are seeing the embryonic beginnings of something special, a swath of freedom and human flourishing in the land of the conquistadors. Viva Cristo Rey!
You will live to see caravans of Americans walking across Mexico to get to El Salvador
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6 Jun
File under “Things I was told was impossible”. Study finds that some patients keep testing positive for months after they’ve recovered because viral RNA is now incorporated into their genome > producing viral proteins which then are detected by PCR tests
Viral RNA becoming part of DNA via reverse transcriptase is surprising because viral RNA tends to be very fragile, unlike the lab-stabilized RNA thats being used in mRNA shots. How long until we find out the latter is also being transcribed to DNA?
This would be worse because reverse-transcription of virus from natural infection seems to cause production of N-proteins, while reverse transcriptase of mRNA therapies would likely cause production of the pathogenic spike protein.
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2 Jun
March 17, 2020.
Tony Fauci gives instructions for who to work with to make movie about his life.

March 18, 2020.
Asked for opinion on potential treatment which worked on original SARS, Fauci replies only “Thank you for your note.” ImageImage
March 19, as cases rise exponentially and up to 2 million deaths are projected, Fauci dismisses compassionate use of safe repurposed drugs, opting instead for a randomized clinical trial approach that will take significantly more time and cost hundreds of thousands of lives. Image
March 18 - NYT reporter sends rude email asking why the Atlantic got an interview but not the Times, Fauci spends considerable time giving the reporter a tongue bath. ImageImage
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