livetweeting my first rereading of Walk on Water or Drown by blackcatdesertfox! there will be spoilers…
i do be at work so there might be pauses as i take Phone Calls
okay so first off, as i learned after bookmarking this and then going to see what else the author had written, this is the author's first work on ao3! BUT IT'S SO GOOD like i can't imagine having such a god-tier fic as your first posted ao3 fic
this is fantasy AND it's jinho/wooseok, both of which are fairly rare in ptg fanfic. AND SIRENS!!!! SO MANY SUPERNATURAL CREATURES!! and anyways even from the start, just the summary is really cool. ah it really makes you wonder like "whats going on whats gonna happen"
so you read just to answer those two questions. and then u fall in love with it and realize that you are never going to be able to leave the fic
i need to glue menus on boxes ill be back
first author's note: it's been a long time. i'm rusty

author: *proceeds to write the best ptg magic/urban fantasy fic i've ever read in my entire life*
right from the beginning this is so cool. like, one of my favorite things is when the author just fuckin drops you into the story and gives you no explanation or background whatsoever. like, it feels unnecessary from the viewpoint of the characters involved. they already know
what's going on so a lot of explanation would be weird (ngl i don't always just give no background but soemtimes i do and those are usually the ones of mine that i like most)
so i've said before to at least a few of you that i have difficulty in getting clear, steady pictures of things when i read or try to imagine them. but like, this author.. the way they write, it just. makes the images stick just a little better for a few more seconds
like, i can see this sleepy bastard wandering over to the door and opening it and then stumbling because "hot damn that's a gorgeous voice! who that be?"
like. you can really feel wooseok being drawn in by The Song just in the way the author describes it. he's not going anywhere but forward because oh no! pretty voice! i wanna listen!!
having read through this once already, i'm of the opinion that the "words of sorrow, of loss, of heartache. heart-wrenching words from someone who is lost, someone who is alone" is referring to wooseok.
ah, the staggering steps and 'feels like he's sloping sideways as he walks' really adds to the atmosphere of Wooseok Sleepy Bastard. tired and want listen music
wooseok is me when i write. no thoughts, head empty, only music (or write). also the fact that his first instinct is to hug whoever is sad so that they won't be sad anymore is :(( u sweet gentle giant u
the fact that he doesn't even notice the inherently spooky red and blue lighting of the aquarium at night because he's so enthralled by the siren song is just. like god that attention to detail. *sighs*
wooseok: pretty song lets go towards it

also wooseok: *nearly bashes his head into a wooden wall because he wasn't (couldn't) pay attention*

i just think that taking away someone's ability to even think of anything is so sexc and neat and effective to jar them back into thought
ah, idk how u did it but the way u wrote about them starting the construction and bringing in The Being is just. fantastic. so spooky and mysterious and yet wooseok at the time hadn't really cared much to think about it. but Now. now he is Thinking
also the way it was so easily explained which chan is was simply by mentioning crocodiles and steve irwin. like, "ah yes, the australian chan. bestest cutest boy"
i can hear wooseok's scream as hands suddenly cover his ears god i love him. he has engraved his screeches into my mind and i love that for him
i know where hui sleeps ;0 and its not his desk
u have included shells in this! hui's wax box is made of shells OH THAT'S WHY THE CHAPTER TITLE IS WAX AND WOOD BECAUSE WAX IN EARS WOOD IN FRONT OF CONSTRUCTION!!! god ur smart
ah, the way u snapped him out of his mental fog via wax balls and the clock. im love. also the way hui deliberately wrote clearly so wooseok would understand his very important questions. also if he's never met hui before how does he know his writing is usually all chick scratchy
i like that hui is aware that Mysterious Siren won't hurt wooseok on purpose. like yes, he's whipped for wooseok, we know.
wooseok motorcycle <3
really should've put two and two together when wooseok felt like he'd been put under a spell after drinking that water before sleeping
i forgot about this dream. i think that this one might be mostly imagination, considering my theory about him (that he's a siren but doesn't know it). in context with the next dream it wouldn't really make sense for this one to be a memory unless he's like. forgotten all his life
details Multiple Times before meeting kino. so, i think this dream is mostly imagination, caused by the siren's song and subconscious, very buried memories
i think it's neat that you can tell how people pronounce certain words by whether they put a or an before it. example, usa english speakers would write a hallucination, while the author wrote an hallucination
okay so i actually think it's really interesting how he describes thinking about The Night and feeling like he's viewing it from inside a glass of water. the link back to the "glass of water" kino had him drink,, very neat
Hui Is That A Selkie Friend In Your Tarp. or an octopus? i still haven't figured out what's in his tarp
probably another point in jinho's favor that wooseok was only recalling the song and wasn't feeling the urge to go anywhere or do anything. poor boi was just lonely,, missed he friend,,
wooseok you perceptive boi,, so many thoughts, catching so many details. also the way the really deeply buried memory of the dull white eyes is described is pretty much how i see images in my head. i know the shape of it, but it doesn't really stick at all
penguin eggies ily <3
strange how you just happened to remember the wax balls right after feeding the seals, wooseok. that's not suspicious at all, HWITAEK
oh wooseok u poor bastard. it is interesting that his brain connected the memory of the spooky eyes with jinho's singing though.
awwww yuto ur so whipped. how did i not see it before. boy likes the dumpling ggu made him uwus
man its a good thing he happened to be leaning against the wall when that announcement was made lmao.
wooseok u screechy little bastard i love you. also im pretty sure kino jumped out the window and i think the image of hui all mad in his office chair is hilarious
idk whats so funny to me about hui hip-checking a door but it jsut makes me giggle
i think jinho watching wooseok work and trying to get his attention and then pouting when he can't is very cute. jinho u r very cute.
i think it's lovely that wooseok has more respect for mr hui than for mr yang. as it should be
wooseok: oh neat pretty tail very pretty very- NIGHTMARE EYES FUCK RUN AWAY
wooseok: if i look away it'll get me

me, about spiders: they can all jump at me i have to get someone else to kill it so it cant jump at me

irrationalism <3
i think it's very cool how glass can be really thick but still look like you're right next to things in the tanks at aquariums. like jinho and wooseok are in reality very far apart but because of physics or something they see each other as if the barrier is hardly there
yo i didn't even process jinho's hair color i love that actually that's such a pretty color,,
this entire description of jinho just makes him so beautiful and ethereal and like. really lends to him feeling Unreal and like. im here for it. i love it
wooseok: now that i am not deathly scared of the merman i am in love with him. he is very cute.
wooseok: and that, folks, is the story of how i taught a merman to say holy fuck. story's over, time to go home
hhnnnnnnng JINHO UR SO CUTE STOP BEING ADORABLE AHHHHHHHH ur lil expressions and gestures,, ;-;
man jinho is gonna be so pissed when he gets out of the tank and realizes he can't be as tall as wooseok is
ur lovely hui, ur little burst of righteous outrage and all. sighs.
YO DID THE FEEDING SPELL SOUND LIKE CLICKING BECAUSE WOOSEOK IS A SIREN TOO dude how have they not realized he isn't human. like kino's potions don't work fully, he can understand the siren but isn't affected by the "lemme munch on you" song. like.
maybe this is how jinho knew who he was even without his name being said, because of the memory that wooseok recalled showing that they knew each other in the past. and like obv seok has grown up so he looks different, but jinho probably recognized him and pieced it together
after the "human" wasn't affected by his munchy song
kino ur story is so very sad,, also i missed his ears being pointier the first time that's so neat tho.
wait. okay so. fuck if this is what it actually is that's so big brain but. okay so! i think that wooseok may have been the siren that attacked kino! this dream mentions wooseok having to "force these stupid legs" to move him, as if he isn't used to Having legs. kino said that
the fishermen took the siren they caught belowdecks, and wooseok was belowdecks at the start of this dream memory. he's also shocked about seeing his own blood, which could either be because he never got hurt in the ocean (unlikely) or because he's not used to his blood being Red
obviously, jinho and wooseok knew each other really well at this time, enough for wooseok to trust jinho to lead him outside the boat. he also says "i can't swim like THIS. i can't breathe UNDERWATER." and then he thinks about how he fears the water now because things have changd
because HE has changed: because he's human right now, and it'd take some time for him to turn siren again. meanwhile, it's storming and they're still young, so there's a chance that jinho wouldn't be able to hold onto him the whole time and they'd still get separated.
so if this is what it is--that wooseok was the bright pink siren the fisherman caught using kino's blood as bait, the one who almost killed kino before the storm brewed and washed kino back to shore--then that first dream Could've been a memory and everything he's said referncing
his childhood would be meant for After he woke up in the hospital. "something watching him from the depths of the water on the beaches where he grew up" would've originated after he got out of the hospital and was... adopted?? unclear on that part because his parents have never
been mentioned. jinho also doesn't call him by name in the dream, so it could be that they just Gave him the name Jung Wooseok because he didn't know his own name; he whacked his head really good and ended up with amnesia. in addition! when he wakes up, he tells yuto the dream
felt real and that he felt like he was dying. in the memory, he'd probably only just turned human, likely for the first time, so he probably still wasn't used to everything that comes with being human: breathing with lungs and not gills, having legs, having dulled(?) senses
so at the time, he probably really had thought he was gonna die unless he managed to get back in the water with jinho. he mentions screaming when he woke up in the hospital (siren behavioral hold overs? could just be fear in a new place tho ngl) and feeling like smth is wrong
with him Currently, that something is missing (the siren part of him?) there's also the subconscious fear of glasses of water from kino, plus the salt water rashes and all but i think that's just his body reacting to salt water and trying to get rid of his human flesh so that he
can be siren shaped again, and seeing as he's a saltwater siren, freshwater wouldn't have the same effect on him. where the fic is at currently, surely kino is suspecting that wooseok isn't human as he once thought. ALSO SMELLING LIKE FISH COULD BE SIREN TRANSFORM SIGN
ALSO him being pale and clammy is probably like half fear from his memory nightmare and half Body Change. the little bit of comedy there to lighten the atmosphere tho. very good
also also the way wooseok's legs have trouble functioning properly because his body is probably still locked up in the memory and all. like he was just transported back to when he was first human so his body is all like "ah, memories <3 no walking bitch"
wooseok continually accidentally reminding himself about mermaids and sirens is hilarious to me. like. he's so whipped for jinho
wooseok being scared of the meg like,, dude, ur fear of monster deep in the ocean is showing
i like how he skipped the little mermaid and went straight for the more accurate depiction of sirens that exists via pirates of the caribbean 4
kino crying during pirates 4 like,, dude, ur fear of ur best friend being eaten by a siren is showing
seeing as i glazed over yuto have multiple tails and not just one, he could be a kitsune instead of just a fox shifter. either or fits him very well
i just tried to scroll down on my phone screen using the trackpad on my computer -3-
hehe, onto the chapter dedicated to me >:))
looking back on the dream memory now and wooseok's reaction to the boatride over to the seal dock, i feel like he's got a fear of boats. it'd make sense after being trapped in one
changbin <3
it's probably nothing but the black cat/dog with the family behind the fences watching the seals is sus
another mention of the storm and losing his memories at five years old, and yet no mention of parents...
hui is a big boy <3
idk how none of the other ao3 readers have figured out wooseok isn't human i mean. he can understand jinho (im pretty sure a human wouldn't be able to understand the words/meaning behind the wordless singing and would only get a vague impression of broad emotion) and he can
pretty much understand the selkies, who he thinks are just normal seals and are very trusting of him when the two that come up to him have not once interacted with him before (although hui Does know wooseok, im p sure felix has never met seok as either human or seal)
the fact that wooseok wrote his thesis on deep sea predators,, like, even if his conscious mind doesn't remember, his subconscious mind sure as hell does
the entire interaction between wooseok and felix and hui as seals is so heartwarming and cute
felix is definitely also a selkie, i guarantee he was attacked by a siren, not a dog. hui has also been siren attacked
ah, i love wooseok's little self reminders that he knows whats behind that wall. poor boy and his skipping track of a mind
anyways i have finished. read walk on water or drown or ill get u

• • •

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