Oh boy, this ties into a rant I've been meaning to do for a while:

"Jew" is not a slur.
So the E3 banned words list contained a number of words related to religion:

alah, allah, azazel, christ, god, jew, jew!, jewed, jewish, lucifer, koran, nimrod, omfg, omg, qu'ran, quran, surah
And, okay, I can sorta understand banning christ, god, allah, omfg, omg.

There are some varieties of multiple religions that object strongly to taking God's name in vain, and anything you want to talk about, I suppose you can talk around.
Like, I don't think it's a good IDEA, but I think it's at least defensible.

Worst case scenario, y'all could do what a lot of us do and write "G-d". 🙃
And absolutely anyone who uses some sort of language filter should be banning "jewed."

Using "Jew" as a verb is absolutely a slur.

Some Jews do it ironically, there are intracommunity uses for it, but if you're not Jewish, just do NOT.
But it's another thing to tell us that our *name itself* is a slur.

I often see well-meaning gentiles using "Jewish people" in place of "Jews" (although notably the E3 list bans "Jewish," too, so you couldn't even do that).
But the term "Jew", while it can certainly be *used* in a hostile way, is not a slur. It's not like the term "g*psy," which to my understanding was externally applied to Roma and other traveling itinerant ethnicities.
Like, it's a self-applied name for our people.

And to have people treat *our name* as if it's a dirty word doesn't feel like you're being polite or considerate.

It feels like you're saying what we *are* is wrong. Like who we are is so wrong that you have to use euphemisms.
And there is--OBVIOUSLY!--contextual stuff here.

I side-eye anyone who capitalizes other terms but not "Jew" or "Jewish" *really* hard, as that's often a white supremacist tell.
But if you're creating a community where people can say "I am Christian/I am a Christian" and "I am Muslim/I am a Muslim" but where we can neither say "I am Jewish" OR "I am a Jew," you are not exactly *protecting* us.
Please do not do antisemites' work for them by normalizing the idea that our name for *ourselves* is somehow a dirty word.
And yeah, sorry that you need human moderation (and not just for our sake) but fucking deal with the fact that a banned word list is not a "get-out-of-doing-any-work-free" solution to making your community safe.
(side note: I actually wouldn't have an issue with this if these were terms that invisibly notified a moderator to pay attention to a discussion. But just banning them is not a solution.)
Honestly, sometimes it feels like gentiles treating “Jew” as a slur is an intentional act of erasure. Making who we are unacceptable in polite company.

• • •

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11 Jun
Just a reminder that you can bring up to 250 pounds of luggage for free on Amtrak, and bump it up to 350 for $40.

Also, there are no middle seats.

Fuck airlines forever.
The cross-country trains don't have wifi, but I used my phone hotspot successfully for most of my last trip, except when we were going through the mountains, so I was able to work.
Also, I treated myself to a private room, and when I ended up having a bad back day, I took a nice 5-minute hot shower in my in-suite bathroom, then did some yoga on my couch, which is the polar opposite of being in agony for four hours and unable to move on a plane.
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8 Jun
I am so fucking sick of non-bi and non-ace queer people deciding THEY, rather than people who ARE bi or ace, get to define what those terms mean.
Like honestly I’ve thought for a while that antisemitism mirrors anti-queerness far more than it mirrors anti-Black racism, and the attitude of other queer people toward bi-ness and ace-ness specifically really cements that feeling.
A primary component of antisemitism is that Jews don’t fit into most binaries. For most of Christian history, we didn’t fit into the Christian or pagan binary. For modern antisemites, we’re not POC but we’re not truly white either. We’re a weird third category.
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3 Jun
So many of you are still following this antisemitic bitch and her “you can’t trust Jews when they talk about Christianity because trauma makes them irrational” rhetoric.
Like again, harming people and then telling everyone not to trust them when they talk about how you harmed them BECAUSE they’re traumatized is some real “you shouldn’t convict me for murdering my parents because I’m an orphan now” energy.
It’s textbook abuser gaslighting and I can’t believe y’all are still engaging with this scumbag.
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2 Jun
Was going to talk about this later, but since I already did a snarky "ah, the free market at work" tweet about plunging church attendance, I'll talk about it now. Actually, yes, the free market at work:
It turns out, when you actually have a somewhat pluralistic society, and you don't punish people for converting to minority religions, people convert even to the ones that don't proselytize, and they convert for all *sorts* of reasons.
Marriage was the main reason to convert for a long time because it was the only one that society really understood, and it came with a built-in support system for new Jews.
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1 Jun
I actually have a theory about this, and I hadn't thought about it in relationship to gender before, but it meshes well.

And that is that Judaism creates binaries *in order* to collapse them.
Like, in theory, Judaism is one of the most binary worldviews ever, right? The whole shtick is about separating things into binaries. From Day One, literally. God separates light from darkness. That's how creation gets underway.
And it seems like the text is saying that the only way to manifest reality is to divide it into oppositional binaries.
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27 May
Oh great, an app that encourages people to treat every event around them that *could* be a crime as a crime, form a mob, and hunt down whoever they’ve decided is a perpetrator.

Definitely a very good idea to make a literal lynch mob app.
Racism but make it a subscription

“Users are flooded with notifications in what multiple sources interpret as an attempt to make users feel anxious enough about their neighborhoods to buy "Protect," a $19.99 per month service”
What if Nextdoor but you paid it to call the police AND assemble a mob every time your Black neighbor took out their trash

"Citizen can’t make money unless it makes its users believe there are constant, urgent threats around them at all times,"
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