The Field Sales team and the Headquarters based Marketing team were at loggerheads.

A Consultant was asked to give a talk at a Sales Conference. 1/n
The CEO asked him to focus on the importance of cooperation and teamwork between the Sales and Marketing teams, since neither group has a particularly high regard for the other, and the lack of cohesion and goodwill was hampering effectiveness and morale.2/n
The marketing staff constantly moaned about the Sales people 'doing their own thing' and 'failing to follow central strategy'. 3/n
The Sales people said the Marketing people are all 'idle theorists who waste their time at exhibitions and agency lunches, have never done a decent day's work in their lives, have absolutely no field experience and are out of touch with ground realities'.4/n
Being a lover of Football, and being close to Euro 2020, the Consultant decided to use the analogy of a team's forwards and midfielders working together to achieve the best team performance 5/n
"So, just as in the game of football, the Midfielder, like the Marketing Department, do the initial work to create the platform and to make the opportunities, and then pass the ball out to the forwards, 6/n
the Sales Department, who then use their skills and energy to score the goals

The midfielders and the forwards, just like marketing and sales, are each good at what they do:

and they work together so that the team wins" said the Consultant, finishing his talk triumphantly 7/n
The audience seemed to respond positively, and the Conference broke for lunch.

At the Lunch Table the Consultant asked one of the top Sales-people what he'd thought of the analogy -

had it given him food for thought? 8/n
"Yes, I see what you mean," said the salesman,

"It does make sense. The sales people - the forwards, yes? - the forwards need the marketing department - the midfielders, yes? - to make the opportunities for us, so that we, the forwards, can go and score the goals - 9/n
to win the business.

We work together as a team - each playing our own part - working as a team." 10/n
The Consultant beamed and nodded enthusiastically, only to be utterly dashed when the salesman added as an afterthought,

"I still think our Midfielders are a bunch of A$$holes"🤣🤣🤣🤣 n/n

• • •

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11 Jun
People who know me are aware of my passion for reading. I read anything and everything that I can lay my hand on - from classics to fiction to comics. 1/n Image
I was initiated to reading at a very young age. I remember that when I was in the school going age, my father used to subscribe to 3 newspapers and about 15 magazines. 2/n
Father had a fine collection of novels and classics.

Every neighbour had their collections - some in Malayalam, some in English and those books were available to me

For a young boy. in an era when the Television has not made its appearance, reading was the only way out.3/n
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It has been presumed for many years that satisfying lower order needs of workers - adequate food, clothing and shelter, etc. are key factors in motivation. 1/n
However, it is a common experience that there is dissatisfaction from Clerical employee to Top Manager, though their scales and composition vary. 2/n
Logically it should hold true that once the lower-order needs are more than satisfied, the Top Manager should have little problem in optimizing his contribution to the organization and society. 3/n
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The first question someone asks when they hear I am working in Muscat is

"How long are you in Muscat?", followed by

"How is Muscat? Do you like Muscat? How is the working environment?"

My answers are Truthful. 1/5 Image
"Muscat and Oman are great, for I learn to Love the Country I live in"

There are plus and minus points in any country.

We tend to appreciate only the good points of India while conveniently ignoring what is good in Oman while highlighting only those things that irks us. 2/5
Many nod their heads when I say this, but don't really understand

It is like saying, "My mother calling me lazy is because she loves me, but my mother in law calling me lazy is because she is bitchy" 3/5
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4 Jun
We can talk about different types of Leaderships.

For an organization to succeed (this is applicable to nations also) you need a combination of people who have these leadership skills. 1/n
An overdose of any of the following will result in an imbalance leading to a drop in performance

It is rare to find all leadership roles in one person. You need to identify which is the role that fits you well & take up responsibilities and organization roles based on that 2/n
Let me interpret in my own way

There are four primary leadership roles:

1. Strategic Leadership
2. Directive Leadership
3. Team-building Leadership
4. Operational Leadership 3/n
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A retweet by D Prasanth Nair of a MIT Sloane Management Review Tweet on Processes took me years back

I was teaching MBA Students in Kuwait. One day, in 2008, a young student offered to give me a lift home after the classes at 8.30 pm as my car was in the Workshop 1/n
He was holding a Customer Service Executive position with one of the two Mobile Service Providers and was a good student, who looked up to me as a mentor.

He took a call from a Customer while driving via blue tooth, and put it on the Car Speakers 2/n
The Call was from a Western Guy, who lived beyond Jahra, which itself was 46 kms from Kuwait City

He had apparently purchased a Wi-Fi Router from the MSPs Jahra Brach which stopped functioning after 10 days

He was entitled for a return and refund as per the policy 3/n
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3 Jun
Without me knowing, I have been greatly influenced by O Henry (William Sidney Porter) - 1862-1910, the prolific American Short Story Writer.

Father Gifted my a Collection of his Books in hard bound with a maroon cloth cover when I was 15.

I have always loved Short Stories 1/n Image
Especially O Henry's

They were down to earth, had a bit of pathos, was about ordinary people and always had a twist in the end 2/n
You would come across 'The Gift of the Magi', a heart rending story of love between a poor couple, who sacrificed their prized possessions to make the other happy

You may read here… 3/n
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