When TFG was placed in the WH having lost the popular vote and cheated to win, he made not one single cabinet appointment to include or appease Dems.

Not one.

To the contrary, he appointed people to antagonize & “own the libs.”

His cabinet was full of unqualified zealots,
who were loyal to HIM. They were appointed to dismantle their agencies, not run them. Any who did not get with that program were swiftly moved out.

No appointment more clearly demonstrated Trump’s hatred & contempt for Democrats generally, and Black people in particular,
than appointing Jeff Sessions as AG.

It was an absolute EFF YEW to Dems, and the kiss of death to equality under the law.

Sessions was one of the worst, most partisan AGs in our history.

We didn’t think there could be a worse one... until we got to know Bill Barr.
The damage those two did to our democracy is mind-boggling.

It is also ongoing. DOJ was gutted of talent and expertise, and sadly, little has been done to fix that.

Joe entered the presidency, having won in a landslide, but having it in his heart that he was going to be the

He was going to govern with bipartisanship in mind. He was going to restore civility & our cherished governing traditions.

It is in that spirit that he appointed Garland, knowing that he wasn’t the choice of the Dem base, but would be respected by both sides.
Garland was going to be “independent.”

Joe flat-out miscalculated.

Because being “Un-Trump,” is simply NOT adequate to mitigate the threat that Trump still poses.

Not doing what Trump did, does not actually fix what he did, or stop what HE IS STILL DOING.

Which is why
Garland is such a major

What is clear is that Garland does not see it as his task to undo what Trump did or stop what Trump is doing. That is why we are seeing NO a movement on cases against GOP officials.

Garland is a gift to the GOP that it does not deserve,
and a liability to American democracy we cannot afford.

Trump spent the entirety of his tenure trying to break our democracy & move us into an authoritarian state.

When he was foiled in doing so, he did NOT stop. He carries on today in that mission, with the entire GOP at his

Which means that simply being “Un-Trump” will not do.

To save America, Joe Biden has to be “counter-Trump.” That may be a role that is uncomfortable to him, but it is his sacred obligation to our country to do whatever it takes to save her.

Biden has to be the
greater oppositional force that stops & undoes what Trump did and is doing. Because failing to COUNTER Trump, all but guarantees that his efforts will ultimately win.

Biden likely didn’t want his presidency to be a fight for our country’s survival.

Neither did FDR.
But FDR is recognized as
one of America’s greatest presidents not solely because of his innovation and leadership in fixing America’s greatest economic crisis.

He is revered because he was also bold...and yes...RUTHLESS in defeating America’s enemies.

FDR was a good man,
not necessarily a kind one, most especially not to
those who sought to stymie his efforts.

FDR had the courage and wisdom to bulldoze through obstruction and to take bold and decisive steps to save our democracy.

I pray that Biden proves to be equal to FDR, both in
temperament and in consequence.

Garland may be AG, but the buck stops with Joe.

It is Joe’s responsibility to keep America safe from all enemies, foreign and domestic.

And if Garland is a liability, rather than an asset in that task, Garland has got to go!

Our task now
is to help Joe see the need to make a move at AG, and demand that he makes that change as soon as possible.

There is no time to waste.

• • •

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12 Jun
So... let’s take stock of things.

Garland had to know that this bomb about surveillance of Dems was going to drop.

But did he get out in front of it? Did he set out a plan of action? Did he forcefully reassure the American public that he would hold everyone accountable?
All he does is react. And only when he is pushed to.

The decisions he’s made so far have SUCKED!

And that starts with not telling us BEFORE the media, that DOJ needs to be cleaned out.

And before you get whining about him not having much time in the job, how long would it
take YOU to tell America that their justice department is deeply corrupt?

I would have run to Congress first thing, asking for money & heads to execute a thorough plan to clean house.

I would have done in it within a couple WEEKS, not months, because that’s how people who
Read 4 tweets
11 Jun
Dear Dems:

Our GREATEST and most difficult to overcome asset for 2022 is YOUNG PEOPLE!

Gen Z is almost +30 points D, and is the generation MOST morally grounded and black & white in its views.

It is the generation most insistent that government help people.
Gen X is the least likely to believe that and the most resentful of government helping people.

So let’s make a plan to DELIGHT YOUNG PEOPLE and develop a focused, thoughtful and intentional program to register them to vote and get them voting in teams.

NOTHING would be
more impactful on 2022.

Joe can win HUGE points with this population by cancelling as much student debt as he possibly can.

It’s fiscally smart because it will massively stimulate spending...

But it’s also SUPER politically smart.

All the GOP whining about freeloaders
Read 4 tweets
10 Jun
BTW, I just spoke with an acquaintance who is middle/lean right.

What he said is the GOP is gonna win the midterm because «the red states are thriving because they stayed open and the blue states are bankrupt. »

He also said the GOP is gonna win because « people aren’t going
back to work because the Dems are paying them to stay home. »

This is the SECOND time I heard these two points verbatim.

Both from white men, but of VERY different socio-economic classes.

One was in the very class that actually really benefited from the help, and even he is
mad at Dems for helping those «freeloaders. »

My point is, these GOP talking points are LANDING HARD, and we are talking past them, not AT them, the same as on socialism.

We need to learn how to spend FOCUSED and relentless attention DIRECTLY ON BLOWING UP these points!
Read 7 tweets
10 Jun
Dear @POTUS @WHCOS @VP @PressSec

Mr. President, you are the person with both the power and the responsibility to save our democracy.

You asked us to entrust you with that awesome responsibility, and we did.

There was never a guarantee that you would be able to govern as you
wanted to. There was never a promise that it would be easy or always popular.

It is actually not a good thing for you to remind the American people the peril we face.


The question is... do you?

If democracy is hanging by a thread, whose job is it to save it?
Ruthlessness is not your nature, but it is precisely what it needed right now.

You have the tools at your disposal, use them.

Your adherence to tradition and norm is only allowing the GOP’s disregard for the same to devastate our country.

We hired YOU to save our democracy.
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9 Jun
Just so you get the political imbalance in FL, TODAY, the FL GOP will likely start contacting GOP voters to attack Val Demings.

They will be sending out mailers, emails & FB ads, keep them coming

So, is there an entity in FL doing the same on the Dem side, contacting voters to
land punches on Rubio?🤔


That kind of stuff can’t be done by a 501(c)(3). It’s usually done by campaigns... once they raise enough to pay for it.

The FL Dems do not go toe to toe with the FL GOP in this, largely because they aren’t funded to do that and don’t
have the infrastructure to do that.

So.... do you think we should maybe CHANGE something to fix this serious imbalance?

That’s why we need fight4fl.com.

We need an entity that does direct comms to voters year-around & is able to gather Intel and data to make our
Read 4 tweets
9 Jun

We absolutely believe that you have what it takes to RUN this country. You show it everyday.

We’re just not sure you have what it takes to SAVE this country.

You started off with sincere faith & optimism that you could work with the GOP to do that.

We get that
But you CAN’T be the last guy in America who sees that it’s not going to happen.

We need you to accept and process that “bipartisanship” will only include a handful from the GOP, and show that you’re ready to move forward.

We also need you to respond to and appreciate our
demands for justice and accountability. Start with removing DeJoy.

Then have a sit down with Garland.

And if giving him direction makes you squeamish, give him a pink slip.

But please don’t wait until he does massive damage to do so.

We can’t keep letting our democracy
Read 4 tweets

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