I paid $9.40 to access the trial testimony of Christopher Cantwell in the case of USA v. Christopher Cantwell so you don't have to. You can read it for yourself below, or you can follow this thread for the greatest hits.

As you may or may not recall, Chris "The Crying Nazi" Cantwell was the Charlottesville Nazi who I made cry.

He later went on to extort through threat of violence a fellow neo-Nazi who was prank calling his podcast.
I can't believe he thought it was a good idea to try to testify in his own defense. THE COURT: Counsel, can you tie this in to what you're -- --
When you're on trial for extortionate threats which include, among other things, falsely calling CPS on your victim, this is probably not the best thing to say in court. And so I say to myself, I've already went to the cops about
Language, Chris. Language.

[cw: rape] A. Well, yeah, you know, I'm sitting in a cell by myself all
Despite your lawyer's best efforts, the court will indulge your desire to shoot yourself directly in the foot. THE COURT: I think we've covered that subject adequately. I'
My god. I hate to give credit to any prosecutor, but this is magnificent Q. You care about language? A. I care about language. I do.
Here's the cross by the government: storage.courtlistener.com/recap/gov.usco…
Sorry for the F Q. That cartoon, is that something that you had seen before

• • •

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8 Jun
So you mean to tell me that his monthslong practice of hosting his podcast from jail while harassing and intimidating witnesses and victims (eg me) came back to haunt him? Why I never.
The many and varied ways in which I continue to DUNK ON THIS GUY’S FACE will never not be hilarious to me
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30 May
It was maybe needlessly difficult, but I finally figured out how to get neo4j talking to F# in exactly the way I wanted, and gosh it's kind of pretty how it works out
So I have a little graph structure like this. Say it's a book with an author and an editor.

What I want is to get a payload where the people involved in creating the book are represented as lists in a JSON payload according to their role, which is encoded in the relationship ImageImage
It took me a hot second to figure out the Cypher syntax to make that work. It was easy enough to get a book, a list of its creators, and a list of relationships. But I had to tweak a bit to get to this. Image
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25 May
I don’t like dashboards. There’s many reasons I don’t like dashboards and I’m gonna elaborate on one.
Some of the problems I have with dashboards:

- they’re hard to version control
- they’re hard to test
- they let you hide code
- that hidden code becomes de facto business logic
- they are a terminator in an automation chain
It’s this last point I want to elaborate on.

Dashboards are great for some use cases, namely, when your user wants to see data presented visually for their own purposes.

But this concept fails when your user is also an agent of meaningful change in your system.
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17 May
I’m pointing this out not to dunk but to share some facts.

For most of you, the CIA probably doesn’t care about your account *specifically*, but let me share some ways that the American surveillance apparatus can.
First, the NSA almost certainly vacuums up all public social media data.

So it’s probably being ingested but never looked at by a human unless you start fedposting or commenting on hot political topics.
Second, federal, state, and local law enforcement can pass social media info through Fusion Centers. There are also operations that they set up to monitor social media during protests and other events.
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17 May
The CDC's horrific messaging is just another example of the measurably disastrous state of scientific communications reflecting a deeply systematic problem that the scicomm community above all is unable to perceive.
SciComm has two parts: Sci and Comm, and the fact that it's driven largely through the Sci part who, despite their best intentions, look down on the Comm part is a very easy root cause to identify.
Honestly, SciComms folks have some of the worst literacy on the dynamics of the media ecosystem I've seen.
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15 May
TERF uses racist dogwhistle, gets called out, tries to backpedal, continues to self-own.

Oh mate see here’s the thing. I never used the word “Black.”
When you’re definitely legitimately concerned about feminism and slurs
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