Well? In the void does he hope? Does the void? Is this all sentimental bullshit; the loneliness of death? The death rattle of Tiamat?

Love = friendship^2 (squared [multiplied by itself]) which is necessarily canceled out in a process where friendship is divided by itself. As a force, love has both direction and magnitude…it’s equilibrium thanks to a directional vector exactly opposing itself (hate)
in a closed system that has no net force. It is force in equilibrium, it is love as differentiated from hate by a directional vector.

Ethics, evil & morality present a net positive/negative that is inconsistent w/ love/hate - it is acted upon - evil - momentum & imbalance, all
relative to the definable system.

It is objectively quantifiable.

This is the problem of evil, the unchecked nature of its force as energy is extrapolated outward into an open system. It is energy bc it is has force to do work - to create change relative to some open, as yet
To be defined system.

The collective energy throughout the system is approximately measured as total heat. This is imprecise, but without the ability to precisely account for energy across the open system, we are left quantifying it in its most basic form - as heat loss. To
quantify energy as heat imposes theoretical boundaries on the system.

Known as enthalpy, this is us groping in the dark to approximate the theoretical impact of imbalance (evil) as it interacts with a system that cannot exactly be defined.
This is where entropy, or chaos, comes in. Even our best estimates of energy in an open system are off. Some degree of energy is lost and cannot be accounted for. If energy is a measure of order imposed on a system, it necessarily implies that it’s opposite is a measure of random
chaos/disorder. Energy imposes order as work in a system. This work drives reactions forward positively in a way that would not otherwise occur at random.

That is energy doing work.

However, in an open system where energy is lost randomly…the opposite of order is disorder,
Chaos, better known as entropy, is the measure of randomness in a system.

Entropy is rooted in the immutable tendency towards a gradual decline in order. This is unpredictable and chaotic.
Without equilibrium to balance love/hate, there is a gradual cascade away from order and balance occurring as a result of evil’s unchecked force across time and space. The more imbalance, the more random chaos is imposed at the expense of meaningful work.

If life is
The story of order being imposed on disorder, the net bias towards disorder and chaos is a foregone conclusion.

Life…is doomed.

Evil is the free radical that will ultimately destroy us with exponential speed. Hope is the lost cause on which life’s tragedy plays out.
God’s utter indifference to man’s degeneracy…eh

Even still, he’s God’s sense making apparatus; cast out at the edge of men’s knowing, where, clawing, he casts about desperately, imposing order decisively, the tapestry of the universe collapsing beneath, finally confronting the
inevitable void; the heat death of the sun; the flying apart of matter; disintegration.

‘How does a man finally decide in what order to abandon his life?’

Nothing reflecting on nothing; a mother sobbing, coughing and clinging to the event horizon.

Because love without hate
Is evil, the demiurge come round towards Bethlehem to be born.

It will all end and it will have meant nothing.

• • •

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11 Jun
@JordanSanchezCA We’re all super important people on Twitter taking the world and our reputation VERY seriously. OMG. 🤷🏿‍♀️

If I was Muhammad I’d obviously allow the Sunnah to misunderstand the elitist gossip documented within the ahadiths. Who knows, there’s a long precedent of caution when it
@JordanSanchezCA Comes to figurative representation of holy people. One man’s idol is another man’s fatwa…and I’m not gonna say I DIDN’T criticize the visual representation of living things. Who knows, amiright? That said, the hadiths are a curious bunch of discourse.
@JordanSanchezCA I think everyone knows about not drawing me. It’s dangerous. Even tho there is no explicit instruction in the Quran on the matter - the sunnah revere these foundational hadiths…while the Shiites could take em or leave em. Like the Apocrypha & the Maccabees.
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10 Jun
Tomorrow I will lead a day of Thawne-ian celebration. Feel free to join in with your own nonsensical remarks indignantly conflating pop culture with random bullshit with all the reverence of Nancy Pelosi wearing kente clothes as a nod to how fking stupid the peasants are.
Put a cactus in your name, perhaps with a suffix of ‘Thawne’ and make an incoherent scene mocking the world for taking itself seriously.

Tomorrow we remember Thawne by driving discourse into the gutter because decency can go fk itself.
It’s a sane response to a fking stupid world that doesn’t deserve to be regarded with anything remotely reverent.

Tomorrow we burn down the discourse bc nothing is this precious. Sacred cows are fking degenerates. Tradition is gay.
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10 Jun
@SeditionHunters @WhoseBusiness @LieLikeCheeto Lol!

Last year Antifa/BLM caused a mostly peaceful 2-3 billion dollars in damage. At least 41 people were killed. >3,000 police were injured. 15-20,000 ppl were arrested. There were curfews in place in over 220 different cities across the country while the national Guard
@SeditionHunters @WhoseBusiness @LieLikeCheeto was activated in 30 states & DC.

All told there were 570 separate violent protests/riots over JUST 3 months. In Portland alone a federal courthouse was seized by >100 consecutive nights of riots. Multiple areas were declared ‘autonomous zones’ and infrastructure 2/
@SeditionHunters @WhoseBusiness @LieLikeCheeto cut off for upwards of a month.

And I still don’t think these people deserve even remotely the punishment you’re trying to dish out over Jan 6.

The evidence attested by videos presents a disjointed scenario where some police were welcoming to protestors, 3/
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9 Jun
They’re not calling you a Nazi or a racist because they made a mistake. They’re calling you a Nazi because they don’t want your countrymen to be squeamish when they use force against you.
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9 Jun
I don’t get ppl like @brad_polumbo, etc…who think they’re a voice of ‘reason’.

If ur gonna try and appeal to some abstraction like ‘honor’ and ‘principles’ so that you can die with the knowledge that you stood for ‘decency’…that’s great and all if the debate is about truth.
I just think you’re fucking stupid & irresponsible if you can’t tell the difference between ‘being wrong’ and calling your enemy a ‘Nazi’ while trying to rally the public mob to infringe on your own liberties.
Use some critical thought and just ask yourself if this is the time for decorum and decency - when the state is literally calling you a Nazi, a racist as a narrative to incite a mob against you.
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9 Jun
Stop acting like the people calling you a Nazi have misunderstood you.

That’s not an error you make.

They’re fighting you and they’re willing to lie, cheat and use whatever force necessary bc they’re not trying to be right or find the truth - they’re after power.
They know you’re not a Nazi. They know you’re not a racist. They want the rest of the country to hate you. This is intentional. Stop turning the other cheek and being honorable when the other side is trying to destroy you. Stop wasting your time.
You don’t fight violence with good manners. If you keep turning the other cheek while your liberties are suspended…what the fuck good is your honor when you’re dead and your kids are left without liberty because you thought you could keep turning the other cheek in a war?
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