This morning I medicated, then cleared my inbox. Worked on two projects. Planned a social event for this evening.

And it's still morning.

What the fuck.
It is utterly infuriating how easy the world is as soon as I have the tools I need to access it.

Utterly infuriating the hoops I have to jump through to do so.

I hit 60 days at the new job on the 17th. Health insurance, then. No more raiding my stash.

Just... access.
Yeah, sex is great, but have you ever lived in a society that values your humanity, and provides you the access your body needs, both to be productive and simply to exist?

... have you?

... anyone?

... anywhere that's accepting people moving there?
Well at least there are books, and a man can dream.

• • •

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10 Jun
Look, if I am having sex with a woman and she's suddenly a giant hot rabbit monster, I'm pretty sure the next thing I'm doing is proposing.
I would buy you /so much produce/, rabbit lady. We'll turn the hall closet into a gravity hay feeder. Let's get a place with two bathrooms so we can turn one of the tubs into a sawdust box, sure.
I wanna be a dad, sure. Just you, me, and our thousand children.
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6 Jun
Serious question:

If you were going to make a grilled veggie sandwich, what would you put on it?

Bonus points for fully vegan?

I'd char a heavily seasoned poblano, have some tangy spiced giardiniera, and some kind of bean spread on the bread.
Also toast the fucking bread what is wrong with you.
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6 Jun
One of my favorite weird things:

Ninja costumes aren't Ninja costumes.

They're stagehand costumes.

In Kabuki and Noh theater, anyone you're supposed to ignore wears all black. They move scenery, hold up props, etc.

So when one assassinates a character on-stage?

Shock! Drama! Several black clad characte...
Ninja didn't have a uniform. All black is terrible to wear to blend in at night - you're better in orange, brown, or green. If you're blending into a crowd, you should just dress like a peasant.

And if you're blending into the stage, you wear clothes that say "ignore me." Image
The first image of a ninja in ninja costume is from 1801, ~150 years after they were last truly operating.

It shows someone in all black climbing a wall - and is drawing on a visual language that says "this person is treated as invisible."
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5 Jun
Next character:

Moose Tiefling Druid.

When he uses his powers, his antlers grow to Irish Elk size, draped in shedding velvet and foliage and with spectral chickadees flitting from prong to prong. ImageImageImage
Growth and death and renewal, blooming forth from his temples.

A tall man, broad shouldered (and absurdly muscled), but gangly of arm and leg. Slouched, so it's hard to see how tall he truly is.

Until he Makes Himself Known.
I think I'll call him Ruprecht.
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20 May
Etiquette question:

There's a game designer who I've had positive interactions with, but who had me blocked - I suspect a blocklist, but I can't be sure.

They've got a new profile, though. And we've got stacks of mutual people. We're likely to interact.

My urge is to reach out - to say, hey, I want to affirm your right to curate your Twitter, give you the chance to block me again if need be.

But I want to stay on this side of respecting their choice. Don't want to be pushy or disrespectful.
Thoughts on that?

They deal with a lot of harassment (hence my suspicion that it was a blacklist thing), so I don't want to just follow again without saying anything.

But I *would* like to follow them and support their work again, if it was a mistake.
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20 May
Can we just


Can we just talk about how fine this man is?


That smile.

I know a lot of us have strong associations with him from being kids, so it's a bit squicky, but

That man is 64 years old, and he's been on TV for 45 years of it, and he's been fine for /every/ section of that.

Just seamlessly moving between different stages of fine.
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