Anne Pettifor is a leftist economist, hugely influential in the Corbyn milieu, wrote a book hyping the GND. Major advocate.
Here's Blackrock getting on board.
No they're really ON BOARD.
"Accountable capitalism".. sound familiar?
This has been brewing for quite some time...
Time for a reset!
Workers and the world unite to build back better!
anyway this is the great reset, it's an attempt to reorient the economy toward "care and sustainability" woke washed "green" capitalism, monstrous coercion with a smiley face.
Here is Soros rejecting austerity, because every economy needs to jump start the new regime with big Keynesian war time style spending on the new industries like green tech and caring institutions and shit.
Here's the Jacobin left pretending they call the shots, that they "loosened Biden's austerity 😂", because they're absolute marks. They do the work though! (And capital has noticed 💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼)
Anyway back to Anne Pettifor (shes just one small cog to illustrate). Here she is in March sounding exactly like Blackrock CEO Larry Fink's annual letter to clients. Govt must lead the way bla bla bla. It's all one thing.
This is inevitable by the way. 😂
Probably via the papal angle. He's been working the climate change beat for some time.
This isn't deep analysis (obviously), just picked one character to illustrate a node & show some of ways this agenda is woven together. After '08 crisis there was a lot of treading water until Soros/Democracy Alliance/inclusive capitalism /Davos-Great Reset got it together. 🤝
The left are apparatchiks of state. That's why they're neck deep in all this. Matt Bruenig's "sovereign wealth fund" bullshit, just like pettifors "government must lead the way" bullshit are just mystification. Blackrock socialism is what you're getting.…

• • •

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9 Jun

Are Berman is senior reporter for mother jones, and a regular guest on Chris Hayes show.
Are Berman (repeat guest at Jacobin above) is senior reporter for mother jones, and a regular guest on Chris Hayes.
Chris Hayes cited Jacobin specifically re this "arrest more people for Capitol insurrection / save democracy" narrative. It's all fucking insane.
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8 Jun
Part of why the nyt friendscape article is so repulsive, is it's trying to harden the Malthusian ideology of its wealthy managerial liberal audience. Vast majority of Americans experiencing an epidemic of loneliness that was only compounded by the pandemic.
We have obligations to one another, not just to ourselves in our bug pods with our masks. Liberal fearmongers want us to treat others as a liability, a security risk, something to be held away at arms length, protected from, "social distancing" as it were.
This is mistaken and only compounds the problem. As someone who has dealt with depression a long time, it's very tempting to retreat from the world and isolate myself socially, but that's precisely the opposite of what nourishes and helps heal us. Humans are social beings!
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8 Jun
Ignored this until now.
I have some thoughts.
This is brutally malthusian / social Darwinist logic. The same utilitarian, brutal rationale operationalised to justify euthanasia, infantiside, ignoring deaths of despair, leaving elderly people to die en masse in nursing homes during covid etc etc etc .
"...your success depends on abandoning anyone and everyone who isn't perfect and successful." This isn't wrong. But it should be problematised at EVERY TURN. Capitalism is a social order where destroying pepple without power is how you win. Use & discard. Abandon the vulnerable.
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6 Jun
Oh and conservatives should thank trump and the federalist society for stacking the courts, who have so far resisted the urge to throw caution to wind re precedent and ruled unconstitutional the racialised sectarian distribution of resources that Biden admin wants to engage in.
This is why the left is so keen on packing the court, and why they insist that the "right wing" has power. It's the only check on their crystallising an inverted jim crow style racialised liberalism. Hotep liberalism. That's what they want.
You can't deny the racialisation that's being enacted, but leaning into white idpol won't work either. Libs have no problem with woke white people who enact class discipline on those below them (of every colour), so merely calling them racist is unpersuasive/doesn't explain why.
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6 Jun
When the left rails against "small business" you must understand the following:

— 80% of small businesses have NO employees
—Small businesses with no employees have an average annual revenue of $46,978
— 86.3% of small business owners make less than $100,000 a year in income.
—Small business owners who are self-employed by their own incorporated businesses made a median income of $50,347 in 2016.
—two-thirds of nonemployer businesses provide the primary source of owner operator income

—82% of businesses that failed cited a lack of cash flow as a contributing factor to their failure
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4 Jun
How anyone could have watched Fauci for five mins and not seen a prevaricating bureaucratic slimeball liar is beyond me.
"Racism is the real pandemic" didn't tip you off!? 😂😂😂
Get a grip y'all. He's a grub. Been there for decades being a jizz mopper for the ruling class. Obviously.
Read 4 tweets

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