There is a special kind of Demon/Djinn found within northern Pakistan which only appears on roads to bring calamity upon travellers.

Though one can find them from Skardu to Chitral, one of the most prominent of Chitral goes centuries back to the village of Singur. 1/n
The story goes that a certain Xandaar (the khowar term for djinns) infested an area near the confluence of the Mastuj and Garam Cheshma rivers, which is the earliest unity of rivers in the confluence of rivers giving rise to the Kabul river.
This Xandaar used to harass travellers by slowly going up to them from behind and gently whispering their names in their ears.

When the startled traveller used to look back, it grabbed them and killed them instantly. This was their horrible method.
From my own knowledge, there method of grabbing is such that they do it from behind putting their arms around a persons waist and their chins on the juncture of one’s chest and shoulder.

A friend tried it on me, and safe to say it feels horrid.
The story goes that once a strong warrior went to Singur, he tricked the Xandaar into grabbing him from behind when he at once took out his sword and inserted it into her, warding off the danger and saving the day.
Now do you want to know something truly creepy? Just at the the moment when I first read this tale last September, I was working on an article and had asked people to share their experiences with the supernatural.

A Chitrali guy texted me telling me about how -
His brother travelling on his bike near the river once felt as if something heavy had suddenly sat at the back of his vehicle. I believe he mentioned that something whispered in his brother’s ears before winds started blowing and something grabbed him from behind.
His brother was fortunate because for one reason or the other, he managed to save himself and flee. He suffered from high fever, as is the norm after meeting the supernatural.

Want to know what’s creepy? All of this happened right in the village of Singur!
Could it be the same demon? Or one of her progeny? Could be both. These creatures exist throughout much of Northern Pakistan. Travellers are often advised not to travel alone since other creatures also exist, like the fire giants who turn into orbs and tease travellers.
There are roads in Ghizer valley avoided by drivers because calamity waits at every turn. My own family avoids visiting Shandur since something goes wrong between Mastuj and Shandur every time.
The last time, our car’s breaks failed by itself and the car almost hurtled into a ditch.

Have you ever encountered something like this?
If you think this thread was scary, you don’t know about the female creature which lives in the alley of our village. I shudder when I think of writing about her, imagine what you’d feel whilst reading. She is an embodiment of terror.
I’m rather surprised that many people found this story scary, it’s not exactly scary considering the other kinds of things we see in the mountains.

However if it did scare you, you can read this more wholesome thread on the fairy creatures of Chitral!

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6 Jun
There is an uncanny relationship between Kashmir and Pakistan, one that transcends into the boundaries of mythology too!

The region of Chitral in Pakistan and the valley of Kashmir both share an interesting creature known in their respective areas as the Jashtan & Wai Wouf 1/n
In the Chitrali mythology & Folklore, the Jashtan is a pixie like creature which used to occupy the houses of the chitralis during summers when people used to work outside in the fields. When autumn came, an occasion took place called the ‘Jashtan Dekeik’ -
Meaning assembly of the Jashtans. In it, the entire house was cleaned using a thorny stick so as to assemble them and declare to them that it was time for them to migrate south where fruit was in abundance. Thus began the migration of the Jashtans.
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5 Jun
Lesser Known Fact:

The star and crescent which is found on Pakistan’s flag is also largely considered the most prominent symbol of Pakistan.

However few know that the symbol has very ancient roots, roots which take us to Ancient Greece and Byzantium. 1/n
The Crescent symbol has been in use for over 4 millennia, with the oldest adoption being by the ancient Sumerians in Mesopotamia, usually being linked to certain deities like Ishtar and Sin, a deity linked to the moon.
However, the story of the Pakistani ‘Star and Crescent’ doesn’t take us to Mesopotamia, rather much northwest to the Ancient Greek city of Byzantion in the classical antiquity age, much before we got to know the city through her current name: Istanbul.
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27 May
Lesser Known Fact:

In the mythologies and folklores of Northern Pakistan, specifically in Chitral, Fairies occupy the position of the most importance and are ingrained in archaic traditions, everyday life, and culture.

Thread on Fairies in Chitral!
Before we begin, I’d understand that people not from Northern Pak would find this a difficult concept to grasp. Simply put, Fairies (Peri) are a special class of Djinns found in Chitral and often interact with locals.
Whether one has faith in the existence of supernatural beings and Djinns is one’s own choice, but here we discuss them as actual entities which are often seen and interacted with and find themselves a position in our mythology.
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26 May
To be quite honest, I never truly understood this “Pakistanis claim to be Arabs and Turks” on this app.

Apart from Syeds and Qureshis, I’m yet to meet 1 Pakistani who claims to be Arab. Nor do any Pakistani ethnicities have traditions of descent from Arabs or Turks.
As for Turks, apart from actual ones such as the Kyrgyz of Chitral, we have Baig families in northern Pakistan who do have Turkic descent but do not claim to be Turks.

If one brings in the Ertugrul Mania, that heavily relies on the Islamic factors and not Turkic culture itself.
It’s just awfully weird to get comments when I post of our history going “good to see Pakistanis stoping from calling themselves Turks and Arabs.” I’ve never met a single Pakistani in real life who claims to be any of these. Our ethnicities have their own origins and histories.
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18 May
Lesser Known Fact:

There exists a small piece of Punjab right inside of Old Jerusalem.

A piece of Punjab that was established by the Sufi Baba Farid Ganjshakar around the year 1200 after the city was liberated by Salahuddin.

Short Thread 1/n
Baba Farid was a Muslim Punjabi mystic and poet and one of the founders and refiners of the Chishti order of Sufis.

He was born near the city of Multan in modern Pakistan in 1175 CE and studied for the greater part in the marvellous medieval Multan.
As a highly revered figure in Punjab, Baba Farid is remembered both for his Sufi order but also for his excellent poetry being amongst the first to use the Punjabi language as a vehicle for literary works.

Though what’s interesting is his link to Jerusalem.
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9 May
Far in the mountains of the Karakoram Range in Northern Pakistan, there exists the tale of the flying horse ‘Tish Haghur’; a Pegasus which saved a princess from the vicious schemes a of monster.

Long Thread on the tale of the Pegasus in Burusho folklore! 1/n
King daughter hidden clothes ogre hand

It is said that in the olden days, there existed a king in the Karakoram range who ruled over a vast principality but housed just as vast a secret: he had a daughter!

He had hid this daughter from the entire world and his subjects-
Concealing her inside a special room known as the baipash, a room found in Chitral and Gilgit Baltistan.

Everything was perfect and well until one unfortunate day that a horrific monster was passing the kingdom when he arrived at the baipash, there he saw -
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