People who have converted to Judaism & emerged from the mikveh/ritual bath are not Velveteen Jews.

They are real Jews, fully Jews, 100% Jews in every way, part of the Jewish people.

They are not required to pass any more tests, of belief or practice. They are Jews.
If you convert and your relationship to Jewish practice shifts and changes over time? Still a Jew.

If you convert and you find your home in more of a secular Jewish identity over time? Still a Jew.

You don't owe anybody squat. Anybody who thinks you do is rude & wrong.

• • •

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7 Jun
✨✨Announcement! Hi! ✨✨

I am launching a New Thing!

It is called Life is a Sacred Text.

1/x Composite photo of stars because we're all made out of stard
The thing about this newsletter format that's become a thing lately is that I figured out that it could be a fascinating way to do something I've wanted to do for a while.

That is: do text study in a deeper way than a person can in a Twitter thread, but still widely accessible.
Like, I want to do Torah study, pulling out lessons for us today, talking about sacred myths without painting the characters as blameless embodiments of moral perfection, letting these strange, sometimes confounding verses be pointers towards who we can be, how we can grow...
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6 Jun
✨Thread! ✨

Art, of various genres and kinds at the intersection of Torah and gender. Or Torah in the form of art. Or something.

Not comprehensive by any means, but here, learn about some fabulous things.

1/x Thread.
Victoria Hanna is a Mizrahi musician who does wild, dizzying, extraordinary songs and videos based on traditional texts and liturgy:
I MEAN. ! Aaahhhhh!!

And of course the schoolgirl mysticism of the Alef Bet song. Amazing amazing.
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4 Jun
We are starting summer break by doing Machete Order—my eldest remembers seeing most of them, but middle kid doesn’t remember them and #3 never saw.

It’s a delight to watch them watch it.

The 5yo’s audible gasp at “No, I am your father,” was ACES.
What’s hilarious is that a) as the youngest she’s pretty much had it all already spoilered already and b) we have a bunch of those VADER AND SON books, and she has read them recently. But still—shocked!

I think cinema can be powerful and kids are awesome is all.
The viewing of EMPIRE just now raised several important questions, such as: what does Darth Vader eat for dinner? Does he like ice cream? Watermelon? Who polishes his helmet? What kind of cocktails do they drink in Cloud City? (I’m sure some of you have thought these through; +
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3 Jun
Being a female professional in 2021 means having a whole entire ongoing extracurricular project of working with other (mostly) female professionals to organize around the creepy/problematic male colleagues in your midst. In many situations and contexts, in an ongoing way.
Like, the number of times even in the last few months I've gotten an email from someone, "A bunch of us have been working on this, I have some background on so-and-so, do you have time to get on the phone?" and then we strategize about who can talk to who about this.
Yes, ostensibly people have professional organizations, but as we've all seen, that's only one way the system functions, and sometimes problematic people leave their professional organizations (go figure!) and the really good ones are able to rebrand anyway.
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26 May
Punishing people in the midst of tragedy & loss. Unspeakably cruel.

Lest you think, “I’d never have an abortion so I won’t fight for reproductive justice since it will never touch me personally,” let’s be clear that their agenda will not keep you safe.

We must fight together.
And since this seems like a good time to talk about and destigmatize miscarriage, also throw in a bit of reproductive ambivalence for good measure since we almost *never* talk about that, here's an essay I wrote a while ago.…
Anyone who thinks that this is just happening in PA isn't paying attention.…
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24 May
“We will send Gov. Abbott the strongest 2nd Amendment legislation in Texas history, & protect the right of Texans to carry a handgun as they exercise their God-given right to self-defense and the defense of their families," Schaefer said.

God given, eh? Show your math.
And as long as we’re here, Texas... talking about God and rights, let’s talk about another bill you just passed and a little thing they call the First Amendment (in addition to the Fourteenth, of course).…
Also someone should explain to Schaefer that we have separation of church and state here so “God-given” should not ever be a determinant viz lawmaking.
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