If you are unwilling to spend 2-3 years working on a business to make 6+ figures cashflow and build a sellable asset...

Then just quit business. HFSP while you work a 30-40 year career & chase "instant reward" like a child with a video game addiction.
Just because you *can* reach 6 or 7 figures your first year and it is possible to do, doesn't mean you WILL do it. In fact, many will not.

Be prepared to spend a few years paying the price for success and dragging yourself through the various challenges you will encounter.
Zero engagement because people prefer happy feels positive platitude bullshit.

That's why they will stay poor, and you will be successful.

GL & HF!
If you are intelligent and realize that building a business requires real effort, and the pay-off is totally worth it, but you'd still like to skip months or potentially years of confusion and struggle, then I have just the thing for you: kartra.iamroboneill.com/ve-training

• • •

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11 Jun

There are 3 forms of power:

1. Wealth - Control over scarce and valuable resources.

2. Influence - Control over information, narratives & opinions.

3. Might - Control over violence, punishment and consequences. Image
The more power you have, the better you can impose your will upon reality.

Which means survival! Resources, safety, reproduction, etc.

Therefore almost everybody is attempting to increase their power, almost all of the time.
• When you seek to make money, you are seeking power.

• When you seek to ‘build an audience’, you are seeking power.

• When you seek to become stronger, or to buy a gun, you are seeking power.

Additionally, each form of power can be used to acquire more of the other two.
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13 May
Okay, so this is my analysis of the situation.

Many of the ultra rich feel like:
1. They missed out on the very early days of crypto.
2. They are threatened by it displacing legacy systems.

These are people who are used to having insider access, preferential treatment, etc.

Yet a bunch of zoomer degens with anime avatars & random peasants beat them to it.

This makes some of them furious - because they didn’t get invited in for pre-sales etc!

They are also threatened by the amount of new wealth being created amongst the masses.
Many of them now recognise that:

• Crypto is not going away, they cannot destroy it.
• They do not have enough control, and they want it.
• It can actually be used to serve their ends.

As such, they are now going to accumulate as many coins as possible.
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12 May
People need to learn that economies are controlled.

There is no magic invisible force that arbitrarily sets prices.

There is also no shortage of oil or gas.

People just *believe* there is because their world view is based on a lie.
The oil & gas companies have control over supply.

Demand is constant & increases with panic buying.

(Because normies are programmed to consume when facing uncertainty)

Gas corps are happy to limit supply, ramp up prices, and make a killing on the frenzy.

It’s controlled
The exact same thing is happening with lumber.

The reason processed lumber prices are sky high.

While raw timber prices are rock bottom.

Is because lumber mills are colluding to control the market.

Driving down their costs, and fixing prices high, to maximise profits.
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1 Apr
Most relationship issues, both professional and personal, are really management issues resulting from inadequate pre-selection and poor vetting.
You failed to pre-select the qualities and attributes that would be compatible and desirable.

You failed to properly vet whether or not those attributes were present in a candidate before making selection.
This results in management issues when incompatibility inevitably arises, or when undesirable attributes become pertinent, and you are unable to manage or control the resulting behaviour.
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13 Feb
How to make BIG money from a small business! 😉🥂✨

/// THREAD ///
Your business has 3 kinds of customers.

- Acquaintances
People who buy once, not very engaged, no brand loyalty.

- Friends
Have bought a few times, good rapport but not raving fans.

- Family
People who buy everything you sell, thank you for it & tell THEIR friends to buy too!
Your goal is to make as many of your customers as possible feel like “family”

Because this provides max ROI for you, and max satisfaction for them.

(Apple turned a struggling company into multi-billion dollar giant doing this in the 2000s)
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13 Nov 20
Want to change your life? Change these:

Self Esteem: The Reputation You Have With Yourself (Integrity & Honor)

Self Worth: How Highly You Value Yourself (Standards & Expectations)

Self Respect: The Limits Of What You Will Tolerate (Enforcing Boundaries)
To improve self esteem, build a better reputation with yourself:

1. Talk positively about yourself.
2. Do what you say you will do.
3. Finish things on time.
4. Stack up small & big wins.
5. Be ethical & honest.
6. Work on self improvement.
7. Remove negative influences.
To improve self worth:

1. Set targets, then exceed them.
2. Hold yourself to higher behavior standards, then prove you can meet them.
3. Demand better from your environment, stop accepting mediocre or ‘just ok’.
4. Only associate with people who support you.
5. Celebrate wins.
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