The war of all wars is A Holy war & A timeline war..
Jumpers have gone to Multiple timelines altering events to which Benifited the corrupt jumpers & only the corrupt jumpers & all who they chose to make it benifit. Leaving everyone else in an endless loop of terror & misery.
Everything is being made right again.
Everything is being made whole again.
Everything is coming back to 1.
Every left turn made so A select group of people & their bloodlines they chose to prosper is being corrected..

All life matters to me & I choose to give LIFE & Soul back
To the people/World.
Truth belongs to the people..
There are 9 time keepers. The time keepers in .@WWE have the most important Job of them all . All took A sacred oath to reunite all other timelines back to the 1 Sacred timeline that should have never been left to be "forgotten About" .
(Time is not real) The moments in time R.
I have explained all of this before, Numberous times. It was ignored. Little took me seriously. Now, it all becomes reality.

Gate Keepers.

• • •

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11 Jun
M #ILLenium ..

Imagine living A life where you have to see everything & have to share what you see before it all happens with the world(Some in code because I Am not allowed to alter timelines) so the world/Humanity doesn't destroy themselves..

The 9 have spent A millenia d
Doing all they have done for me, it's only right that I do right by them/for them ..
I do all I do & see all I see before it happens & share with everyone to give ALL OF YOU #COMFORT in knowing YOU ARE NOT ALONE. I Am here, with you-Among you to help make sure evil doesn't
Hurt you any more than they already have ..
Everything I do & show all of you, they HATE IT. When I say they HATE it, I really do mean THEY HAAAAAAATE IT ..
It pisses every single last one of them off that they NEED technology to do what I do NATURALLY. I have lived with this
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11 Jun
Remember, these movies "THEY" Made like Chucky, IT, Children of the Corn, Freddy Halloween & Jason are all movies made looking from "THEIR" prospective at US .. (Or Something along those lines)
Many movies were created by people who looked through the glass into OUR lives
KNOWING we did not/do not Condon trafficking children, rapping/beating women, using women & children as Slaves/sex slaves, Abortion or making the world most potent drug A-Chrome..
Evil people had advanced technology & used it on not only the American people but also the world
Thinking it was one GIANT sick game &any loved playing it with not A care in the world of who they were hurting or planning on hurting.
The turns have tabled for A very long time now & they don't like it one bit. One side wants to give it all back to the world along with
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10 Jun
It's easy to see who the Jumpers were, they live extravagant lifestyles that they either didn't live in another timeline or weren't allowed to live. So they pick A timeline & (Pardon my French) EF Shit up for everyone else.

Evil created many different

Ways to keep themselves in positions of power to keep living the lifestyles they've always wanted. Some people are probably VERY VERY old and are just TIRED of jumping. Those who grow OLD & TIRED, Choose A timeline to go live out the rest of their life.

So many sold their
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10 Jun
Do You believe in Time Travel? ..
Do you believe this timeline was chosen among many other timelines throughout the Multi-Verse? ...
Do you believe there are ones among you that are looking out for YOU/EVERYONE to make sure EVERYONE has the chance to get back on the Correct Timeline? .... ... . ..
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9 Jun
.@elonmusk, I Love this pic Phae posted.
Remember when you told everyone what "Earth" really is Elon? ..
We are in A time where so much truth is being given but all the distractions are causing the masses to overlook many of them. Which is exactly what evil needs to happen
To keep the chains on the ones asleep who are basically blindly fighting for the very ones keeping all of them in chains..

A Squared Circle.
Kinda like A PLATO Egg on A □ .
OR, like A Turtle.
The Squared Circle Wrestling takes place in means so much more than many were able
To grasp while asleep or sleep walking.

As Above, so below..
"Open up the Hallow"
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