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10 Jun, 38 tweets, 9 min read
Today I may get to document a previously unknown type of floppy disk.
It's a good day to be a Foone
Ever seen one of these before?
here it is next to an 8" (NOT a 5.25"!) disk
this is officially a Huge Motherfucker of a disk.
it's apparently haɾd sectored.
Interestingly the jacket isn't vinyl or plastic: it's cardboard.
Bigger than a laserdisc.
Here's the fun part: I didn't just get one disk. I got a whole custom-made carrying case of Goodies relating to it.
this includes about 7 of them in good condition and then about 12 of them that are water damaged
But some of the damaged ones have labels.
"Sound Ideas"
EIS: Education & Information Systems Inc
Chinese Language Drill 11-March-1985.
which is a lot of interesting info and would be a great place to start researching...

if I didn't also have a drive. BEHOLD, THE INSTAVOX!
So here's the front panel. We've got headphones, microphone, volume & mic levels, power. Plus a big lever to let you take out the disk, because THIS WHOLE THING is one very wide drive.
Around the back, we've got a DB-25 "Data" connector, a power connector, and RCA jacks for Line Output/Input/Speaker.
And the little plate says it's an EIS Instavox, Model RA-12A RRC1, Serial number 42602.
So there aren't many results on the internet for this thing and what few there are, are academic papers I can't get access to.
But they all seem to be about speech therapy/voice training.
My vague understanding of how this thing works is that it's a partially or fully analog audio medium, and is used to record and playback audio clips.
And I think we're missing a piece here:
Where are the controls for this?
Either there was an external controller that I'm missing, or to use this thing you had to hook it up to a computer and the computer would control it.
I double checked the carrying case and found this.
Those are the pins for ground, TX, RX, and Ground again.
This thing is a RS232 serial device.
man this thing is a lot.
So I opened it up!
This is what I was warned about before buying it: there is a belt that is just missing.
That belt turns a wheel under the disk, and this solenoid pushes down another wheel so that the disk is grabbed between them, and will rotate.
So instead of rotating from the center spindle, this disk apparently is rotated from the edge!
That's what this cut-out in the disk is for. It's somewhere for the wheel to grab it.
this disk that was in the unit didn't do that well. Something, a belt or some cushioning foam, totally disintegrated all over it.
The thing seems to be mainly 74-series logic, but there may be an MCU somewhere.
This big chip isn't a microcontroller: It's a WD TD1865P UART.
and something has gunked all over this thing.
This bit is really interesting. So the drive head is mounted on this bit that can slide back and forth, and there's some kind of optical encoder here to let it know what track it's over
You can see here it's got binary code on a sort of transparent plastic or glass
there's a very messy baud rate selector on here. Apparently it's set to 4800
So under the main smarts board is this board, which has three of these LM3900Ns, which are QUADRUPLE NORTON OPERATIONAL AMPLIFIERS.
I don't know why they're Norton. Emperor Norton, I assume.
Backside of the board: not much, just a few bodges.
back of the modem board: not much, just some odd decolorization that I imagine has something to do with how it was made in the Long Agos or the water damage it apparently suffered in the meantime
I figured out what the goop was: there was felt protective stuff on the top of, which has completely disintegrated
The covered up chip (with a big heatsink and thermal goop) is an LM384N, which is an audio power amplifier IC
So yeah I don't think there's a microcontroller in this thing. I think it just must take the serial input and then set up control lines from that, from some buffer. 70s!
I opened the bottom, which was a mistake.
Here it is cleaned off a bit.
Some more switches, some power bits, another fucking solenoid (HOW MANY DO YOU NEED MAN), and a motor.
but yeah the bottom was full of this foam which is disintegrating and moldy and I hate it
anyway I need to go clean my hands a lot and handle some other stuff. I'll get back and do more reversing on this thing and more repairing.
in the mean time it'd be nifty if you could send me a dollar or two on ko-fi if you liked this. This thing wasn't cheap and I'm slightly broke.

• • •

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Doing more documentation on the Instavox PCBs. This is the Modem Board. Image
I already identified the big chip as a WD TR1865P-00, which is a UART.
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That conspiracy about the vac cine making you magnetic is just the best. I love it, because it's just so left field and nonsense
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