In the late 1960s, a guy who headed up the Christian Education Association and edited a "patriotic" magazine called "Common Sense," offered these "Patriotic Educational Materials" for sale. Sounds innocuous, but it most certainly was not.
Many of the authors featured here were not just far right anti-semites, they were also straight up neo-Nazis. Yockey and Oliver are probably the two best known of such people.
The key takeaway here is that US fascism in the late 1960s was not the *absence* of thought or information. There were a plethora of books providing alternate facts and historical interpretations that informed the world views of many white Christian, anti-communist Americans.
Hard to choose between the 707 page expose on the international Communist/Jewish plot against Christianity that is about to take over America, or the slimmer 427 page version of the story.
One needn't be a rocket scientist to figure out what "Christian" and "Patriotic" were code for.
No dog whistling here.
Here's circulation information from the mid-1960s about conservative and far right periodicals. By my count, every week (or in some cases, month) over 457,000 pieces of openly white nationalist and/or antisemitic periodical literature went through the US mails in 1966.
I got to that number by adding up the circulation for the Liberty Letter, The Defender, The Councilor, The Cross and the Flag, The Citizen, Common Sense, and American Mercury. That is, periodicals that were TO THE RIGHT of the John Birch Society's "American Opinion."
If we add up all of the not-explicitly-racist-or-antisemitic far right publications we can add an additional 433,000 to that weekly/monthly circulation total for 1966. I did not count National Review in that total, out of generosity.
So while the National Review was reaching about 97,000 households in 1966, periodicals to the right of NR were reaching almost 900,000 households. And this doesn't even factor in the many hundreds of AM radio stations that aired weekly programs by those far right outlets.
The political culture of white, Christian, patriotic anti-communism that flourished on the AM dials & in periodicals to the right of National Review (and which few mainstream periodicals paid any attention to) was, I'd argue, a key seedbed of the political culture of today's GOP.

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12 Jun
I'm not sure enough contemporary conservatives recognize that their "strict constructionist" hero, Thomas Jefferson, was not an originalist. Don't take my word for it, here's a passage from Peter Onuf's great book "Jefferson and the Virginians" (2018), p. 31.
"As self-governing Americans became 'more enlightened, as new discoveries are made, new truths disclosed, and manners & opinions change with the change of circumstances, institutions must advance also, & keep pace w/ the times.' He likened this 'progress of the human mind' to...
...a boy's growth to manhood; constitutions were like coats, good for a season, but constantly in need of repair... 'We might as well require a man to wear the coat which fitted him when a boy, as civilised society to remain ever under the regimen of their barbarous ancestors.'"
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Three years ago today I spotted this car parked in downtown Salem. Little did I know the GOP in several states would eventually pass laws in the spirit of that decal, or that III% militia members would aid an insurrection at the US Capitol. Image
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Talk about "unorthodox in vestments."
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What if we talked less about people’s reactions to things, and more about the things themselves?
People have been having ridiculous opinions about things since humanity began. “Dumb shit” is an inexhaustible well of content. But a good idea is a rare and wonderful thing, that only gets better the more people pay attention to and refine it.
We have at our disposal incredible forms of communication technology, and we overwhelmingly use it to generate outrage about something of little consequence that someone we don’t even know or care about said.
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It's impossible to articulate how deranged this Newsmax email is, and also how 100% unoriginal it is. FWIW, David Horowitz ("a Jewish author!" and mentor to Stephen MIller) has been a far-right ideologue since the 70s when he converted from being a far left ideologue. ImageImageImageImage
Rush Limbaugh even said, on his deathbed, that we're in a war of good vs. obviously, if you don't want that horrible anti-religion radical, Joe Biden, to destroy your church, then you really better send Newsmax some money. ImageImage
On the American right, it's always 1958 and "the godless globalist Marxists" are always seeking to destroy your church and brainwash your children into becoming non-believers.
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