We are facing an assault on the sufficiency of Scripture today. There are some who knowingly are importing ideologies of men with the specific intent of undermining Scripture. Others, more in love with the applause of the world than anything else, willingly turn a blind eye 1/
to the truth about these ideologies. They adopt the thinking of the world in order to appeal to the “unchurched” and bring them in the church doors. Still others, ignorant of the truth of God’s Word and persuaded by the emotional rhetoric fall prey to the false teaching of 2/
man-made doctrines. They do so, believing that the warm, fuzzy feeling they have is confirmation they are being “loving” to others by affirming their “lived experiences” rather than examining their claims against the light of Scripture.
In all such cases, the sufficiency of 3/
the Word of God is eroded and rejected. Those who seek to undermine Scripture do so purposely. They see the sufficiency of Scripture as an obstacle to their goals and agenda. Doubt must be cast on the Bible, instilling in people’s minds that Scripture just doesn’t address 4/
these “important matters.” Thus, we must turn to the worldview of man to seek true justice and peace. Only by importing these man-made definitions can the Bible be rightly applied in these matters. Only by looking through the lens of man rather than of God can we achieve 5/
justice and peace. Sufficiency is rejected purposely and intentionally by those seeking societal transformation.
Those who are enticed by the allure of fame and acceptance by the world know the Bible is sufficient, but it would cost them to stand upon it. God’s Word indeed 6/
addresses all areas for life and godliness in the lives of believers. Yet, it calls Christians to reject the ways of the world. To submit wholly and completely to God, for His purposes and His glory alone. This call to holiness is hated by the world and the “unchurched” want 7/
nothing to do with it. Therefore, the compromiser seeks to tamp down God’s revealed Word and adopts language and techniques the world likes. All this is done under the guise of being “all things to all people” but in reality, it too erodes the sufficiency of Scripture because 8/
it trusts that drawing through addressing felt needs is more important than calling people to die to and for Christ alone.
The last group is deficient and malnourished. They have not only not been taught the Word, they have failed to feast on the sumptuous delicacies the Word 9/
has to offer. They have not sought nourishment in God’s Word and hold to the belief they can generate all they need by trusting in their feelings. They waste away from lack of spiritual food. Thanks to a meager diet of junk ideology, they attempt to apply love and care in 10/
the life of others but do so with little to no understanding of the biblical definitions of either. When presented with an ideology that defines love to mean making people feel better, they grab onto it, believing it sounds and feels right. They trust not in God’s Word which 11/
tells us that if we are to love Christ, then we are to obey His commandments. The Bible isn’t seen as sufficient because it has never been sought after to nourish the professed believer.
In all cases, the ideologies of men are lifted up as the means by which Christians ought 12/
to model their life and practice. Sure, the Bible is important, but: it doesn’t allow us to remodel society; it doesn’t put people in the pews in large numbers; and it doesn’t always make us feel great about ourselves. Therefore, we must temper the Bible with doctrines of men.13/
Utter nonsense!! God’s Word speaks to all this and more! Christians must cease looking to ourselves and others for our life and practice. God has given us all we need in His revealed Word to save us, equip us, grow us, and send us into the world to make disciples. His Word 14/
is inspired, inerrant, infallible and ALL-SUFFICIENT! Nothing in this world that man has to offer comes close. We either seek first God’s Word, applying it to our entire lives, or we deny God has truly spoken. That is our choice. 15/
It is either God’s Word or man’s woefully weak opinions. There is no middle ground. End/
For anyone looking for this as a complete article instead of tweet thread: slavetotheking.com/2021/06/11/und…

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2 Timothy 1:8–14 (ESV): Therefore do not be ashamed of the testimony about our Lord, nor of me his prisoner, but share in suffering for the gospel by the power of God, who saved us and called us to a holy calling, not because of our works but because of his own purpose and grace,
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There was once a national leader who rose to prominence in his country and lead them into war. Part of the message that helped him become a dictator and tyrant was there was a group of people in his nation’s midst that were the root cause of everyone’s ills. These people were 1/
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Let’s face facts for a moment. COVID is in fact a very real viral infection. People do get sick from it and, in some cases, it has been fatal. As many other infections have and will continue to do throughout human history. When it first hit, we all got concerned. The numbers 1/
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With persecution looming on the horizon, let us take heart that God will one day judge those who assault and afflict His church:

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Just an observation here: Saddleback (one of the largest and most well-known SBC churches) makes a VERY PUBLIC display of ordaining women pastors in violation of Scripture and the BF&M. Basically, Rick Warren is intentionally thumbing his nose at the SBC as if to say, 1/
"Yeah, so? What are you going to do about it?" Many prominent SBC voices (and non-SBC voices) are calling this out and calling for action against an SBC church defying God's Word and the BF&M. Rather than support these calls, we now have people acting like they have no idea 2/
why this is even an issue. Some are taking the "well it only applies to the senior pastor," dodge. Others are saying these calls are too harsh and unity is needed. Now there are people asking, "well where were you all when other SBC churches hired women pastors earlier?" 3/
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Let's be straight, complementarians do NOT believe the only role for women is making men’s “lunchkits.” In truth, we believe the Bible outlines many gifts and roles for all people (men and women) within the church and commands us to use our gifts in service to Christ. 1/
For example, older women are to teacher younger women in the church (Titus 2). And all Christians are to use their unique gifts to edify one another in the church (1 Cor. 14:12). Complentarians recognize women have God-given gifts which they are to use in the service of Christ 2/
in the manner He has prescribed. There is a role in the Church God has prescribed to only one sex, the role of elder/pastor. And even then, not all men can attain that role, but only those men whom God has called and equipped to meet the qualifications as described by Paul in 3/
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