mystery political compass. two axes. reply to be placed. I will reveal the axes in 100 hours divided by the number of people placed
okay, first one:


i will reveal the axes in 100/1 hours minus 16 minutes
You're all going to be very surprised when I get off work and follow through on this
my dear friends. i have done it. 82 of you are now listed on this chart. i will reveal the axes in 100 hours (despite my campaign promise that it would be sooner) or if one of you guesses both axes

hope it worked
and i'd like to do a shoutout to the man upstairs (i fear him, and shout at him every night in hopes he will leave)
bigger view
if nobody gets the axes tonight i'll do more in the morning. but i have to sleep soon
funny that me and @PrinceVogel are so close. are we rivals
honorable mention to @reconfigurthing
who was on track hours ago while i was too asleep to be helpful

This has been a lesson in reasoning from first principles, not in vibes. 😇 I love you all

• • •

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11 Jun
please, no more thirst traps. stop sending them it's to much
sundresses and 5" shorts. You're all so horny. Don't send more pictures in my replies right now
okay I get it, I left a loophole. You can all stop sending them to my DMs too
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11 Jun
lmao @BecomingCritter asking @eggprophet the questions he prepared for a hot girl guest who bailed

omg these are for a*lla 💀💀💀
spoilers sorry
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11 Jun
I spent three years living at an anarchist to find out if people could live without oppressive social structures. here are some things I learned
1) arable land is expensive, farming requires a lot of land, growing all your own food is basically impossible unless you want to spend literally all your time doing it.

we grew a lot of fresh veg but got our staples with food stamps or cash
2) hierarchies and in-group/outgroup dynamics are probably hardwired in humans. if you attempt to suppress them, they will become invisible, and then you can't even talk about them. This is well covered terrain, "tyranny of structurelessness material", but it hurts to see it irl
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11 Jun
postmortem: I decided early on that I didn't want to have to personally analyze the vibe of various good users, so I would use some empirical measurement that I could simply place on a grid. and everybody has a pair of coordinates on their profile:

Followeing Followers
I thought this was just going to be a funny joke but everyone was so fiending for more personal identification after the last mystery political compass. by the time I did grocery shopping And got off work there were too many to place individually.
So, instead of going to bed with my hot gf, I stayed up late using twint to scrape all the repliers to that tweet, get their follower and following numbers, and plot that on a graph. I already had a function for plotting images, from circles project

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25 May
A lot of my former bandmates and traveling friends are still trying to live like they're in their 20s. Don't sign a lease, don't get a job, just couch surf and play music and do under the table jobs to get by.

I wonder when they're going to find out that we're old
That's not going to stop them, the most obvious thing you can say about them is that they clearly don't care about ROI

why would you text me for the first time in like 5 years just to say you're going to be in my town soon? I don't care about that? we don't have anything in common? You haven't thought about me and how long? Are you seriously just looking to sleep on my floor?

bitch I'm old now
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25 May
I think the reason I'm obsessed with CLIP is because it's hard evidence for unified meme theory
unified meme theory states that the "meme", defined as the transmissible unit of human thought, and defined has a picture with some words on it that gets copied on the internet, are not different.

a meme is picture+words because it represents a gradient in semantic space
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