Let’s look at this Three Percenters indictment…

Among those charged with conspiracy to attack the Capitol is Alan Hostetter, an ex-police chief and Stop The Steal organizer who called for the “execution” of Trump’s foes.
At least as far back as Nov. 2020, Three Percenter Alan Hostetter was advocating fatal violence against those who he believed were trying to steal the election from Trump:

“Some people at the highest levels need to be made an example of with an execution or two or three…”
Three Percenter Alan Hostetter pledged to “fix this” and referred to the election as a coup, saying:

“There must, absolutely must, be a reckoning…President Trump must be inaugurated on Jan. 20th…The enemies and traitors of America…must be held accountable.”
Of note, Three Percenter Alan Hostetter used the same language as Trump to describe DC as a “shit hole” and a “swamp”.

He also pledged to surround the city with a million “patriots” and said: “…we will be back if this doesn’t get resolved peacefully and soon.”
Some key background:

Three Percenter Alan Hostetter founded a group called the American Phoenix Project in 2020. That group organized protests against #COVID19 public health restrictions, and later became a platform to advocate violence against government leaders.
The connection between anti-lockdown protests, anti-vaccine organizing, Stop the Steal protests, and extremist groups who organized the Jan. 6 Capitol riot is going to be incredibly significant moving forward. Keep your eye on that.
This indictment is significant because it’s the first charges brought against a group of Three Percenters and the first charges brought against an organized group involved in orchestrating political protests around the Capitol riot.
More from the indictment:

On Dec. 30th, Three Percenter Russell Taylor posted to his Instagram account plans to meet up with other “patriots” in DC, saying: “we will be part of the large effort for the ‘Wild Rally’ that TRUMP HAS ASKED US TO BE PART OF.” (Emphasis mine).
In a series of Telegram messages on Jan. 1, Three Percenter Russell Taylor explained the plans for 1/6 to a DC-area group of militia members, adding:

“I am assuming you have some type of weaponry that you are bringing with you and plates as well.”
In another series of Telegram messages, two members of the Three Percenters discussed weapons to bring to DC. One said they were bringing along “multiple cans of bear spray, knives..” Another suggested bringing a ”hatchet, bat, or large metal flashlight.”
In a Jan. 3 Instagram post, Three Percenter Alan Hostetter said:

“Things are going to come to a head in the US over the next several days. Stay Tuned!”
In text messages on Jan. 2, several members of the Three Percenters discussed plans to bring weapons and ammunition, including a “shotty” (shotgun), “another long iron,” “18” barrel” and a “bandolier” of shotgun ammunition.
An interesting part of the indictment is that it shows how seamlessly the Three Percenters moved between official, seemingly mainstream events like a Women For Trump rally, and planning to bring weapons to the Capitol to stage an insurrection. This will be important.
“In response to a police siren and the sight of officers standing nearby, [Three Percenter Russel] Taylor stated, ‘We’ll see who these guys end up working for.’”
Here’s the part of the indictment where it describes how the Three Percenters confronted law enforcement, including one carrying a knife. Russell Taylor allegedly told the LE officers, “Last chance boys. Move back!”, then led a group to storm through the LE barricade.
Here, the indictment describes how Three Percenter Russell Taylor allegedly yelled to other rioters, “Inside!” as he led them in storming the Capitol.

Another 3%er took a selfie video where we he said on camera, “We stormed the Capitol.”
Here, the indictment alleges that Three Percenter Russell Taylor bragged on Telegram about storming the Capitol, while Alan Hostetter bragged on Instagram.

Taylor then allegedly threatened: “We are just getting started.”
Here, the indictment says Three Percenter Russell Taylor sent text messages admitting that he “had weapons” with him during the Capitol riot.
The indictment also alleges that members of the Three Percenters tampered with documents or proceedings by trying to delete the Telegram chat where many of these conversations took place.
That’s the basic breakdown of the key information in the Three Percenters indictment. I’ll have more on this shortly, so stay tuned for that.

For more info on a related indictment, here’s the breakdown of the most recent Oath Keepers indictment:

• • •

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