I've been very slowly working on collecting the handful of Japanese PC game locs that came out in the 90s and one of my biggest white whales came in: the localization of Sotsugyou 2! It's already dumped, so I'm not breaking the seal, but still excited to have this relic at last.
Anime olds will probably recognize the Mixx brand as a predecessor to Tokyo Pop and, indeed, in its time, this loc was available solely through mail order through them, which didn't exactly do much to move copies at the time, so it tends to show up for sale only sporadically.
As I wrote before, I got a good direct offer from a seller for this copy, far lower than any of the other boxed copies you'll see on ebay, so I promise I didn't completely lose my mind buying it. Still pricey, but very likely I'd never see it sell for that again, so I nabbed it!
Also, I just noticed while looking at the back of my box that they totally botched their margins and didn't even manage to print their entire URL properly, which, if that ain't a sign this thing really did come from what would eventually become Tokyo Pop, I dunno what is.

• • •

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10 Jun
Me most days: It sure will be nice to get back to Japan finally so I can live my best days again in the place I'm happiest to call home.
Me tonight: It sure will be nice to get back to Japan so I can search for this Haruka cutout in earnest and propose to her in person finally.
E3 might be going virtual again this year, but I wanna reassure my longtime followers that if any online publication of repute has me on their virtual couch to talk shop (they won't), my resolve in sowing absolute chaos with the Haruka cutout proposal remains absolute.
i had to stop myself from buying a shiori cutout from yahoo auctions like a year and a half ago and she's not even my favorite tokimemo, don't think i won't actually go through with this one day
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9 Jun
Very different application, but a lot of the tips here apply just as much to writing good UI text/system messages in game locs, too. It's important to grasp not just the native design context of anything you translate, but also the context of your audience you're translating for.
What I mean is, it's important to be cognizant of any experiential gaps many or even just a portion of your players might have when playing a game in contrast to its native audience. What may be safe to imply natively may need to be spelled out for mechanical accessibility.
I've said it before, but when I know it's safe, it's common for me to add additional information into tutorial text, etc. to level the playing field abroad in terms of players' working knowledge. Failing to do so well can be a big contributor to games/genres staying niche.
Read 4 tweets
8 Jun
Playing an abridged run of Next King because sometimes you're just in the mood to throw dice to make girls like you and these sorts of idle animations you sometimes see characters display still get me every single time.
You don't see these animations every time you talk to the girls, but something about them feeling deliberately over animated, almost in an Animation Magic sort of way (if that makes sense?), manages to sell their idiosyncrasies and reminds you EVERYONE is unhinged. I dig it.
Anyway, still satisfying as hell to throw a bunch of dice and watch your current partner's affection grow for you one point at a time. Like I wrote in my thread, it's a genuinely funny sendup of galge, but also one whose mechanics make their own contributions. Next King is cool.
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5 Jun
The more I think about it, the more I'm realizing Takahashi-sensei is just Amagami Coach McGuirk and should be loc'd accordingly.

"Junichi, I know you have trouble with women. Now, I've never been with a man, either, but I AM a woman, so I'm still more of an expert than you."
"Junichi, let me tell you about being an adult. Being an adult is lying awake, cable TV blaring as you order that 100-piece knife set because you haven't had a real conversation on the phone in months. You live in a Japanese apartment, Junichi. You have no room for 100 knives."
"Junichi, I don't know a damn thing about mahjong. You wanna know why they put me in charge of the school mahjong club anyway? Told me, 'Mahjong's a game for loveless men,' said I'd be perfect because you know who my only friends here are? You and Masa, Junichi. You and Masa."
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2 Jun
Aww yeah, got a good feeling about THIS E3 presser-but-not, gamers! Something's just in the air this time, I know it!!!
And for you bookies out there, I'm confident I know what the "one more thing" is gonna be for this one, too. You can hold me to it!
Anyway, if I was Treehouse, I would spend all three hours afterwards showcasing what the True Gamers really want: Shin-chan no Natsuyasumi. Really weird they'd loc anime licenses, I know, but they felt bad about never doing NCL's Eyeshield 21 games and wanted to make amends.
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2 Jun
Honestly, I complain about semantic hangups between VNs vs. adventure games vs. dating sims, but a lot of it is a sheer lack of linguistic accessibility to them as they developed in Japan. It's the situation that frustrates me, not people doing their best with limited vocabulary.
I think the key to improving this long term is to both improve said access via translations both official and, realistically, mostly unofficial, as well as advocating and contextualizing the genres' individual merits. All of them do incredible things, but very differently.
And I know from the incredibly kind and open-minded responses I've gotten over the years and the occasionally viral tweets that people are open to reevaluating things. They just need better tools and language to do it and what's why I feel responsible to speak up as a translator.
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