4MAR2020 Ezekiel Emmanuel writes FAuci - "Is a person likely to be immune once they caught the [COVID] once? Do we know anything about likely drift?

Fauci's reply; "No evidence in this regard, but you would assume that their would be substantial immunity post infection.
It is an RNA virus and so you can expect mutations, but not sure how much is going on. Will have to check."

So now my friends, it is time for a little medical lesson on RNA. Feel free to research independently.
What is RNA? DNA? Cytoplasm? What is an RNA virus? What VAX contain RNA? How does RNA work in a VAX? What happens if a body rejects mRNA?

RNA (Ribonucleic acid) carries viral genetic info; it plays a huge role in regulating your cellular
processes from cell division, differentiation, growth to cell aging and death. The human body contains RNA. If you look at a cell, the outside layer is the cell membrane that houses the components of the cell. RNA is found inside the cytoplasm and DNA is found
in the nucleus of the cell. Cytoplasm gives a cell its shape and holds all of the components of the cell and protests from damage.

DNA (Deoxyribonucleic acid) contains genetic info - responsible for the development & function; it tells cells what proteins to make.
Some examples of an RNA virus include: Orthomyxoviruses (Influenza A, B & C), HEP C, Ebola, SAR and HIV (there are more, I was select intentionally).

The only "VAX" containing RNA is the VID JAB!!! Although mRNA VAX have been analyzed with the flu, Zika, rabies and

The VID JAB is NOT a VAX; calling it such is a misnomer as it is not a live-attenuated weakened virus. Instead, a small piece of protein engineered [mRNA] to correspond to a viral protein is introduced. Anyone who who received an mRNA JAB are not exposed to
the virus so they cannot be infected with it. When this foreign body is introduced into a human, it triggers a response from the immune system which COULD produce antibodies.

mRNA is protein coding instructions that instructs your body's cells to make antigens for foreign
bodies. mRNA "Vaccines" could be "maliciously deployed to deliberately trick the human body into attacking its own critical functions such as fertility, neurological function, cell repair and other critical processes." Some potential downfalls with mRNA - blood clotting, many
argue the "small amount of cases" but what causes this is the RNA free-floating in your body instead of encapsulated in the cell; inflammation or rather enhanced inflammatory response, which can lead to neurological damage, organ failure or cancer; autoimmune disorders causing
your immune system to attack your cells; when unintended RNA fragments translate into unintended proteins, the risk for hormonal disorders,infertility, cardiovascular disease, endocrine disorders just to name a few.
All of this information can be found on trustworthy, reliable sites.

In the meantime, I am still "digging" to find the connection/origins between all of these "RNA" viruses: Influenza (A, B & C), HEP C, Ebola, SAR and HIV!!
protects not protests from damage 🙄
Oh and Coronavirus

• • •

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"Since the elderly's response to pulmonary coronavirus infection may be impaired, especially in those with a chronic disorder, is there information re: delivering by inhalation, low concentrations of a Zinc salt. Is there a potential rationale in early coronavirus infection to
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FRauDci has time for select broadcast channels, select doctors and showboat exposes but sends this VA Docs
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Directly answered emails from ABC, CBS, MSNBC, Tom Burton w/WSJ & Bob Franken; Suckerface from Fakebook.

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