the only thing about my job which literally enrages me is Europeans' smug ignorance of what their own governments' security services are doing with their and each others' data
e.g., italy does not require any legal process whatsoever to justify a wiretap, and as a result more italians are wiretapped than any country free enough that the numbers can be estimated
the UK more or less pervasively surveils its population, and what's more, if you look at the Snowden slides stolen from the training server, a significant proportion of the materials are joint NSA/GCHQ, not just NSA
it is also quite likely that for EO 12333 reasons, the MUSCULAR --> PRISM ingestion pipe was actually formally operated by GCHQ, not NSA
france is fun because alongside its role as a major US intelligence partner (which had express knowledge of NSA data-gathering, including I'm Europe), DGSE is also among the US' top five intelligence adversaries

(so is Mossad)
anyway, i would be more than happy to pick fights with intelligence agencies on behalf of Europe's privacy regulators, except that the public stance of Europe's DPAs contradicts in every meaningful sense the private pressure exerted by European intelligence agencies
and European citizens? they do not know, do not believe, or do not care. there is essentially zero civil society objection to the ever-growing European security state except insofar as its existence can be attributed to foreign influence.

• • •

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17 May
i can tell you outright that there is no police department in america interested in investigating rapists who operate through dating apps. it is, to them, roughly equivalent to cyberstalking, a crime which is also never prosecuted.
the demand here is essentially a total abdication of the state's responsibility to a private actor. people like me have been making decisions for people like y'all for almost a decade now with zero accountability. i don't like that but you should like that less.
anyway, this bill sends tech executives to prison if they don't take down things like ISIS videos in time.

if that sounds okay to you, i want you to imagine what a millionaire cop would do if the only way they could stay out of jail was solving a crime.…
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17 May
any movement involving acts of violence will be associated with a discourse involving the justification for that violence. nobody, however well-justified the violence they enact, is entitled to (or will have made available to them) a blank check.
nobody who is not already fully convinced of the rightness of the Palestinian cause will be convinced by a bare assertion that violence is justified, and any discourse short of that will be "tone policing" insofar as it simultaneously critiques as it defends
i will go one step further and say that not only is this inevitable, it is necessary that each act of violence -- especially acts of violence directed at civilians or no one in particular at all -- be justified or contextualized rather than merely accepted.
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16 May
some of the allergy to nuance around the solutions to things which are very clear problems is that people are uncomfortable with hard commitment to political programs with a risk of failure, so they cast things in manichean terms to summon the political will to do something
e.g, the rockets are an incredibly bad tactic insofar as they kill civilians, cause politicized fear in the country they're targeting and result in reprisal strikes which kill people who had nothing to do with launching them and cannot stop them from being launched
i am comfortable in not articulating some inconsistent philosophical framework to explain why that's okay. sure, it is a problem. it is extremely low on my list of priorities because, all other things aside, iron dome + shelter makes it vastly less dangerous than street crime.
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16 May
we should give the John Frum Society one billion dollars and let them become venture capitalists
i feel like if someone starts a religion which worships your army you are, as a culture, obligated to provide them massive subsidies
i guess the thing is that it would be so cheap to make their entire religion true
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15 May
one thing lurking under the Gaetz story is the Instagram / TikTok influencer --> sugar baby pipeline
the worst Trust & Safety job in the world isn't for the blue app or YT, it's the job cleaning up rings of teens being groomed by early-20s influencers to take the same route that they did
for virtually all of the CSAM i deal with, the victim and the perpetrator are different people. this is not the case on TikTok and Instagram.
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11 May
of course i feel like what i'm doing is justifiable. if i didn't think it was i wouldn't do it.
honestly part of the problem with civilization is that every job which exists is occupied by the type of person who is willing to do that job.
another problem is that there exist jobs which should not employ people who enjoy them
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