Ain't nothing any Commie can do to shake me.

This, on the other hand... we deserved better than this.

All the people who busted ass to make it happen deserved better than this.
In November 2019 I saw the election results and knew exactly what needed to be done.

I pledged to you then that there would be a Republican on every ballot for every office in every district.
It took 7 months just to convince the party it should be done. 3 months later, the idea's strongest champion among the contenders was elected RPV chairman.

In Feb, we found we had 70 candidates. When called on, Scott Pressler emphatically declined to assist Virginia in any way.
Tired of cutting and pasting. You can trust me, there's more of it.

Maybe LCPS can give me a copy of their butthurt report, because I'm really feeling it tonight. Make it 50 copies.
I think someone owes us, and RPV, and YRs, and SUVGOP, and all the unit chairmen and other activists, who scoured the state to make sure every single Virginian had a choice at the ballot box, a great big apology.
Read through all those comments and think about what the people who busted butt for months to make it happen must feel to have someone who did nothing happily let his audience give him credit anyway, while he chose to leave them unacknowledged.

It isn't trivial. It is historic.
No wonder why people think he had something to do with it - he's been using my work unattributed for a while now.

Everyone in the VA GOP knows that this output was culled directly from our Election Tracker.

WTF is going on here?
Would have been getting FOIAs marching out the door today but Presler's dick move is so upsetting I can't even concentrate on work.

• • •

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11 Jun
Reminder: THIS is why everyone is talking about "Critical Race Theory".

Taking the offense against the far Left is super effective. As long as they act in bad faith - and they always do - conscience makes no demand for mercy.
Our Program on Un-American Activities @TVPUAC exposed the truth about Critical Race Theory and its accoutrements on the eve of March 7th, in conjunction with @PACTstopcrt

In response to the groundbreaking @TVPUAC presentation, the "anti parent racists" group in Loudoun County started what is presumed to have been only the latest round of criminal activity.

Presented evidence, we immediately petitioned the county Sheriff for protection of rights.
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11 Jun
Going to fold up shop early since today has been completely unproductive.

Here's the now-customary and ever-popular #FridayNightMemeDump - another big haul this week. ImageImageImageImage
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11 Jun
All right, it's time to set the record straight on how Virginia Republicans ended up challenging in every single House of Delegates district in Virginia.

Grab a chair this is going to take a while.
5 days after the 2019 election in which Virginia GOP lost all control of the state government, the Virginia Project mission statement was established.

Not a comma changed since.

Note the second point; as a state-level PAC, the House of Delegates was our #1 priority.
When first proposed, this idea was not at all well-received.

Many said it was a pointless waste, to challenge in heavy Democrat districts.

However, the Democrats' success (92 districts in 2019) argued that this strategy works - by dispersing opposition resources.
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10 Jun
Pressler acting like he had anything to do with a historic accomplishment owned by RPV and the grassroots which rallied to make it happen, while not even giving a hat tip to any of the people who got it done, and using our work output to do it, is kind of not cool at all.
We called to specifically ask for his help on this and he blew us off, that's what makes this so breathtakingly audacious.
It's really hard to express how bad this looks from our point of view.

Talk about demoralizing. Looks like he's fundraising off something he had no connection to whatsoever.

Something we paid in lifeblood to get done.
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20 Apr
Public schools are failing at basics.

Many classrooms lack the basic order required to create a learning environment.

Math skills have fallen well behind international competitors.

Teaching of history and literature has been poisoned by political agendas.

Too many students
even lack the literacy necessary to pursue self-directed study.

Socialization has been denied broadly for a year via closed schools and this has led to a mental health epidemic.

Athletics in many places have also shut down, or been subject to mask-wearing idiocy, leading to
deteriorating physical health in students.

Too much screen time in "virtual schooling" leads to back, eye and hand injuries. It was never supposed to be a long term thing and many students are not able to learn, or learn well, in that format.

Perhaps most insidiously, kids
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20 Apr
Hey @bluevirginia before you go casting stones let us show you the evidence we got against the folks you're defending. Pretty sure you don't want parent-targeting enemies' list racketeering as a brand.

Also, we are "stridently" anti-psycho, not "virulently". English, please.
In case y'all weren't up to speed, @lowkell, we have been targeted by repeated felony threats from the folks you're defending, as have something like 100 innocent parents who did nothing but express concern at a board meeting.

It's extremely ugly and you don't want to touch it.
I got a super soft spot for @lowkell because he took my political blogging advice to heart, worked very hard at it, and thereby created a successful and enduring franchise - a lot more than any Republican did, sadly.

Last person I'd like to see involved in the Loudoun scandal.
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