1/ I've asked @wokal_distance repeatedly — others have, as well — to provide one example, in thousands of my tweets, of a scientific finding I've tweeted which was "pseudoscience."

No response.


Instead he just continues to hurl insults.
2/ His style of discourse appears to be not unlike his woke enemies — open with a smear or provably-wrong claim, follow it up with hyperbole and ad hominem, and then avoid defending the original claim. And lots of emotionally-charged and strident language along the way.
3/ His obsessiveness in digging up my old tweets
("keeping receipts") — sometimes with no context available — and his shrillness and moral scolding — does this sound like a certain type of person we know? Does it sound like the people we're fighting?
4/ When I started warning about certain sections of the anti-CRT movement becoming as bad as our opponents a few months ago, this is part of what I was warning about.
5/ What we see now in a large swath of the anti-CRT movement is an increase in paranoia and catastrophic thinking (e.g., warnings of "genocide"), collective rationalizations, cult-like leaders, intolerance, and attacks on those group members who stray too far from the "message."
6/ Not only are these dangerous symptoms of groupthink, but, if you read what I often see in my replies, there are ugly overlays of "the ends justify the means" and "the Wokes gained power by behaving this way and so why can't we?," as well.
7/ I'm going to circle back to my original tweet in this thread. There are a lot us us who became anti-Woke not because of some kind of religious fervor that took ahold of us, but because we are *rationalists.*
8/ We dove into data and science and found that no one was *publicly* talking about some very important things even though those things were scientifically *mainstream* and often represented *consensus* findings.

The reason no one was talking was because to do so was too risky.
9/ We found, for example, that implicit bias and stereotype threat and stereotype inaccuracy had almost no scientific basis, and that psychological traits are heritable — and some, like intelligence, overwhelmingly so.
10/ We noticed that there was NO serious *scientific* disagreement that population groups have different IQ means and distributions:

Northeast Asians, 105
US European-ancestry, 100
US African-ancestry, 85-90
11/ And we discovered that there's no area of research in psychology that has more easily replicable findings or which reliably produces larger effect sizes than that of IQ research — and, within that broad research area, none more so than *group* intelligence research.
12/ We found that there were hundreds of studies within the mainstream of science that had made associations between higher IQ and dozens of desirable life outcomes, and that these associations replicated easily in the literature.
13/ We couldn't help but notice that the rank-order of the mean IQs of the four groups in the US matched the performance of those groups in almost every measurable outcome — Asians first, then whites, then Hispanics, then blacks — exactly what the research would suggest.
14/ Just off the top of my head here are some of those outcomes that match the group IQ rank-order (up or down):

Educational standardized test performance
Average high school GPA
Average college GPA
College degree earned percentage
College drop-out rates

Graduate degrees earned in the most cognitively-demanding fields percentage
Law and medical school licensing pass rates
Law and medical school drop-out rates
Household income
Violent crime rates
School disciplinary rates
Antisocial behavior percentage
Divorce rates

Out-of-wedlock birth rates
Teenage pregnancy rates
Average age of first sexual intercourse
Single-parent household rates
Obesity rates

And on and on and on, where IQ impacts and SES and IQ interact with each other.
17/ And the fact that two surveys taken of scientists conducting intelligence research (the most recent one published last year in the journal Intelligence) — these experts found to lean left politically — showed that most believe genetics plays a role in race IQ differences...
18/ ... made the issue even more urgent.

Because here was a scientifically robust explanation for race performance gaps in the US, and one that, unlike "systemic racism" wasn't an unfalsifiable phantom.
19/ What drives Wokeness (and CRT) more than anything is the *existence* of performance gaps between blacks and everyone else. These persistent and seemingly immovable gaps require a theoretical framework to explain them — that's where CRT comes into the picture.
20/ Antiracism is then the CRT-fueled strategy which seeks to reduce those gaps, but it can only do so by institutional and government coercion and the elimination or reduction of standards of performance.

Basically, by constraining Asian and white performance advantages.
21/ None of these frameworks or ideas — systemic racism, CRT, Antiracism — address the underlying problem: The differences in distribution of intelligence among groups.

In fact, Antiracism goes further: It puts this "racist" discussion off limits, and cancels those who touch it.
22/ It doesn't help when those who are engaged in battle against CRT like @wokal_distance refuse to even read the science or consider the data, and instead resort to the same empty insults and tactics as the left in attacking those who offer a scientifically robust explanation...
23/ ... for the disparities that led us to the monster of critical race theory to begin with.

Meanwhile I'm still waiting for @wokal_distance to find any pseudoscientific findings in any of my tweets, including in the 19 threads nested in the tweet below.

• • •

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9 Jun

1/ Do you remember how crazy the American left was during Trump's presidency? Do you remember the paranoia, the hyperbole, the insane conspiracies, the inability to civilly engage, the binary thinking?

This describes a lot of the foot soldiers in the anti-CRT movement.
2/ I regularly tweet examples of Antiracist and CRT nonsense. I've been engaged in the fight against the woke-left since I started a FB group back in 2017. I like to think I have some anti-woke street cred.
3/ But I'm now regularly called "soft" and "deluded" in my replies by people who appear to be recent converts to anti-Wokeness because I don't believe, for example, that the left wants to conduct a genocide of whites.

I'm not kidding.
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9 Jun

1/ Whether abhorrent or not, widely-held stereotypes are typically accurate. In fact, there may not be a more statistically-powerful finding in all of social psychology than stereotype accuracy.

2/ "There is overwhelming evidence of stereotype accuracy... Over 50 studies have now been performed assessing the accuracy of demographic, national... and other stereotypes. Stereotype accuracy is one of the largest and most replicable effects in all of social psychology..."
3/ "The evidence from both experimental and naturalistic studies indicates that people apply their stereotypes when judging others approximately rationally... When individuating information is clear and relevant, its effects are massive."
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9 Jun
"Open borders? That's a Koch Brothers proposal... It would make everybody in America poorer. You're doing away with the concept of a nation-state, and I don't think there's any country in the world that believes in that... I don't believe in that."

— Bernie Sanders, 2015
"How did progressive leaders go from understanding that mass immigration is a de facto tax on the poor... to casting it as the only morally defensible position, the only non-racist one?"

"If we once had one party representing the rich and one party representing labor, today, we have one party representing the rich and one party representing the highly educated and no party representing the working class."
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7 Jun
Don't make me like Trump.

The highlight of Trump's presidency, in my mind, was when he called Haiti a "shithole country," an insult so reviled by good-thinkers everywhere that I knew it had to be empirically supported — which, of course, it abundantly is.
Is there a single significant national outcome in which Haiti doesn't badly trail all other countries in our hemisphere? I looked into it, and there sure weren't many.
Of course Trump might be the single most retarded president in my lifetime. But I still love the fact he used the term, and that the left thinks this is some kind of "gotcha" moment.
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3 Jun
Colorblindness is a dead horse. Stop kicking it.

Racial outcome disparities are a permanent feature of American society. Underperforming groups are no longer going to accept their position at the bottom, so inevitably they will reject the ethos of colorblindness.
Don't ask me for a solution. There is no solution to the problem of the (extremely predictable) outcome differences between groups in America. If you build a society around the naivete of group equalitarianism, eventually reality is going to smack you in the face.
Why do you think a theoretical framework as ridiculous as "antiracism" (or critical race theory or whatever) was able to so quickly take root in our institutions?

Because people can see that "equality of opportunity" and colorblindness aren't going to get you group equality.
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3 Jun
The composite SAT score gap between Asians and whites exploded from being virtually non-existent to being almost the same size as that between whites and blacks.

It's the gap that no one talks that much about (it's less incendiary) but may end up being every bit as impactful.
It's easily explainable: Positive selection in Asian immigration means that Asian immigrants today (many of whom emigrate to the US to work in tech) tend to come from their nations' cognitive elites (this is particularly true of Indians & ethnic Chinese).
This was not the case until about twenty or thirty years ago, and only really began accelerating over the last decade.
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