China's new sanctions law "prohibits and restricts organizations and individuals within the territory of China from conducting relevant transactions and cooperation with them".

Meaning: If you have any stake in China, and you work with Adrian Zenz, you're breaking the law.
Unsurprisingly, all the usual suspects are raging about "risks to businesses" and attempting to push the narrative "don't invest in China"- but consider the US does this on a much larger scale and scope, and offensively, not defensively in retaliation.
This law I believe is now powerful enough in scope to keep sanctioned individuals away from big businesses who have a presence in China. If you are an anti-China fanatic and get listed, it could genuinely damage your career prospects.
Even US-Military Industrial Complex firms such as Boeing for one, will not want to hire the likes of Mike Pompeo because it will bring their status in China into legal disrepute.
And consider this, if we also go by precedent it also means big sports franchises and even the US film industry will actively shun you if you're sanctioned by China.
And whilst people will emphasize "academic freedom"- any academic institution that has a stake in China could be at risk if they affiliate with sanctioned individuals.

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11 Jun
One important point in the China countersanctions bill is that it sets the scope of targets specifically and only to those formulating anti-china policies and measures in the responsible country, individuals or organizations. It does not randomly discriminate against anyone.
Whilst people are claiming this is counter-conductive and "risk" to the business environment, if you read the actual text this is unsubstantiated. It does not advocate the random targeting of unrelated companies purely as a tit for tat. It is very narrow in scope.
Whilst of course on the other hand, businesses and organisations with a stake in China will be expected to "comply" with the sanctions, no company is receiving a beating just because of western measures. That's not what is intended and those claiming such are misleading people.
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10 Jun
The American belief Communist states cannot innovate is false, it is an ideological notion based on the premise that intense competition must be prerequisite for creative thinking. Whilst this is not wrong, the assumption collectivist societies have no independent thinking is.
For one, the Soviet Union pulled off many outstanding scientific and technological achievements with far less resources. In the end their economy failed them, not any perceived lack of innovation or creativity.
Likewise, US pundits today propagate the myth that China has only made scientific advances upon "theft" and that it's system cannot innovate despite massive and obvious evidence to the contrary.
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10 Jun
The Xinjiang company lawsuits against Adrian Zenz are a forerunner of what is to come as part of China's new "counter sanctions" bill wherein countries gain a codified right to seek compensation and sue for damages. Here are the implications:
Whilst Zenz obviously has no assets in China and will never have to pay anything, the ruling will ultimately demand damages and come into legal force. This means the sanctions are not symbolic and hypothetically any organisation affiliated with him may become liable.
Again this is important in the bigger picture, than his case. China will gain the capacity to sue in company in China that readily associates itself with anti-China causes deemed responsible for losses, and this can be leveraged in turn to hit back against certain countries too.
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10 Jun
Whilst I've noticed a lot of people berating "Ultranationalism" as unfairly targeting people, increased anti-Japanese sentiment is growing because Tokyo has decided to intensify its anti-China commitments with the US. The result was always inevitable.
Quite frankly it's insulting to any Chinese person that Japan dares to preach from a podium of self-righteousness and feign concern for Hong Kong and Xinjiang. The hypocrisy and lack of sensitivity is truly, staggering...
However saying that, it is wrong to persecute someone for having academic ties with Japan, especially when they are favourable towards China. That an "academic exchange" be a grounds for a witch hunt makes no sense to me unless I am missing some information.
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9 Jun
It's not too well known, but Buckingham Palace has a dining area known as "The Chinese Room"- an eatery with a glaring orientalist style filled with Chinese antiquities and treasures. Arguably, some of it is tainted due to its 19th sourcing from the British India company. ImageImageImageImage
It is the mantra of British Imperialism to see the "orient" as something exotic, novel and mysterious to be exploited and put on display out of "curiousity" or fashion to bridle their sense of intellectual and cultural enlightenment.
Why for one, did the British Royal family fashion a "Chinese Room" in the 19th century? Not because they respected China as an equal, not because they understood China, but as a symbol of British power, supremacy and domination across the entire world.
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9 Jun
In just a single week, HarmonyOS is on a number of phone devices, has partnered with three Chinese banks and now a brand of refrigerators, yet there were some people who wrote it off instantly. I think it will dominate China's digital economy very quickly.
Those who dismissed HarmonyOS viewed it only through the lens of Android on phones, and ignored its broader and comprehensive vision to extend to business, appliances and even cars. It's not going to be a failure.
Even if it cannot realistically uproot Google, that doesn't mean it isn't going to go international across all these other spheres. I expect it to expand into the Middle East, Africa and South East Asia very quickly.
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