I have no doubt that @jaketapper, Murrow’s heir in our wretched era of misinformation will speak to this and define some baseline of journalistic ethics. I am praying he doesn’t have Saas-itIs. Rick, do you think the A list reporters in that story have any idea about their
beclowning? Journalism is @mikebarnicle and Joe Galloway on a Vietnam battlefield. Journalism is @RichardEngel, David Bloom and @clarissaward. Journalism is the local reporters in Flynt Michigan and @DanaBashCNN. Journalism is @AshleyRParker @costareports @_RoxanneRoberts.
Journalism is Cronkite, Brokaw and Jennings. Journalism is @wolfblitzer, Bernard Shaw and @carolelee . Journalism is Scotty Reston and @maevereston. Journalism is Ernie Pyle and Daniel Pearl. Journalism is essential to democracy. The cancer of @yashar, his bullying, grift
and celebration by the media elite serves to prove that Trump and his legal assault on the free press isn’t the only threat to the 1st amendment. All I can say is wow!

• • •

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12 Jun
“Tick Tock is just as demanding as You Tube” “It almost feels like I’m getting a taste of celebrity but it’s never consistent and as soon as you have it it’s gone and you’re constantly trying to get it back” These quotes are the mark of a weak and decadent society and that they
are made by 22 and 23 year olds is well...truly, I’m at a loss. First, the concept of working to find fulfillment and purpose has existed for a measurable % of the US population for at most the last 75 years. For all of human history, until that moment, people worked to survive
This remains true for a huge percentage of the worlds population. @jimsciutto @CNN’ s world class National Security journalist recently asked whether the United States could mount DDAY today. I said NO. Is there any grit in America, at least apparently
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12 Jun
.@mtgreenee is an anti-Semitic Q-Anon conspiracy theorist. She is so profoundly unfit that she was stripped of all committee assignments by the House of Representatives. Here she is using CRT, in the way that Nazi’s talked about “degenerate art”and burned books. This has nothing
to do with the 1619 project. Maybe the best way to think about it is by remembering the joys of the child hood classic Whack-A-Mole. Up pops a slaveholder and Confederate General. Next, it’s the klansman and Bund member. Look it’s the snarling face of a white man screaming
at black children who were walking into school. Whack! It’s the proper looking lady who is going to feint because black people are at the lunch counter. Whack! It’s Bull Conner and a hundred crooked and racist sheriffs. Whack! Whack Whack ! It’s @mtgreenee. These people
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11 Jun
Let’s dissect this. This is what Culture War looks like. We do not have a functioning two party system in America. The Republican Party is the vessel of an autocratic cult of personality, hostile to democracy, civil rights and equality that is teeming with menace, extremism and 1
overt racism. Everybody in America who wants to live in a democracy and more importantly want their great-grandchildren to live in a democracy, regardless of how they label themselves; or how progressive or conservative they are, is on the other side of this indecency. (2)
The GOP has shrunk dramatically since the 1/6 attack. Right now, today, they are desperately trying to quiet the ceaseless insanity that is plain for all to see and make the murderous insurrection fade away. The entire campaign is fear based. The core of the message is that Black
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11 Jun
The @LAmag @yashar story is astonishing and chilling. That fact doesn’t do anything to diminish your point. The destruction of local news rooms and shuttering of State House Bureaus has had a disastrous impact on honest, competent, pragmatic, ethical government.
This is a disaster for democracy that is exploding into full bloom. The States have been referred to as laboratories of American democracy. The historic truth is that many states have been and remain laboratories for authoritarianism. Anti-Democracy movements maneuver
best in darkness. They are terrified of two things; scrutiny and truth. I witnessed the shuttering of state house bureaus in the 90’s and the decimation of talented journalists’ careers through buyouts, attrition, consolidation ect. This though, is the world we live in.
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11 Jun
Let me help. Are you a journalist? If you are, he is not. If he is a journalist, then you are not. Was Father Coughlin a journalist? What about Hannity and Ingraham? Is there even such a thing as journalism in 2021? There is. This catfish is an internet bully and every media
reporter in America should be calling @HuffPost and @NYMag tomorrow at the crack of dawn to inquire if this bullies journalistic license to kill has been repealed. The Catfish character assassin isn’t a journalist, he’s an internet thug and I’ve received 20 calls from people
terrified of him today. On what planet is it ok to annihilate people’s livelihoods on the basis of stories that have 34 anonymous sources from someone like this guy. I am in awe of your achievements. The answer to the question you asked is simple. You are a journalist and your
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10 Jun
One of my very favorite podcasts is @gaslitnation with @sarahkendzior and @AndreaChalupa. They have been warning the country about the collapse of American democracy for a very long time. Chalupa wrote a wonderful movie called Mr. Jones. It tells the story of the big lie
And more importantly the bundles of lies that flank it. Mr.Jones tells in part, the story of Walter Duranty. He was a Pulitzer Prize winning NYT reporter who functioned as a stenographer for Stalin and lied to the world about mass murder in the Ukraine.
The truth is under assault all over the world and Trump isn’t the only assassin. There is no incompatibility between patriotism and journalism. The Patriot loves the truth and fights for it. American society and our 244 year old Republic depend on the truth for survival. All
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