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Awaken your Predator Mindset To Enhance Performance

// THREAD //
“I Do Not Fear An Army Of Lions Led By A Sheep,

I Do Fear An Army Of Sheep Led By A Lion.”

-Alexander The Great

A predator mindset follows a pattern of thought and action that is encoded in instinct.

Humans by nature are predators, even if most fail to realize it.
Our instinct has been subdued through social re-engineering.

“Sixth sense” - the tingle that runs up our spine which kept our ancestors alive has been mellowed.

➼ Lack of adversity
➼ Affluence
➼ Lethargy
➼ Over indulgence
➼ Extreme stimulation

Main causes for weakness
To succeed in life, you must have a predator mindset.

You must know how to focus on the right things.

Prey - Concerned with things outside of it's control.

Predator - keeps the focus on itself, the things it can control, and the task at hand.

It's hunt or be hunted.
⚔️ Narrow Your Vision

Focus on the objective.

The world is set up for you to fail.

There are distractions at every corner.

Falling into this trap is easy.

Technology is a perpetual distraction machine.

Infinite loop of clicks and dopamine hits.

Be firm with what you want.
⚔️ Improve your position at all times

We live a constantly changing environment.

The tools of failure are ever evolving.

Mobile apps to keep you hooked

Porn to emasculate you

Materialistic toys to drain you

You need to identify these traps

Solidify your position to fight
⚔️ Control The Controllables

‣ Effort - Prey takes shortcuts. Tries to barely get by. Predators give maximum effort.

‣ ATTITUDE: Prey makes excuses. Predator fight to dominate.

‣ AGGRESSIVENESS: Prey are cautious. Predators go for the kill.

Control all 3 variables.
⚔️ Instinct Development

How do you build instincts?

There is no simple answer.

It takes repetitive encounters to build situational instinct.

Putting yourself in a predator situation helps you to build those instincts.

More you hunt, better you get.
⚔️ Execution

You can do your homework,

Have the mentality and mindset,

Work towards building your instincts,

But if you don’t execute in the moment, none of that matters.

Hesitation is a thief of glory.

Predators don’t hesitate.

They can’t afford to or they won’t live.
Society says be polite, don’t worry about it, or, if it happens, it happens.

This social rewiring suppresses those instinctive weapons that were designed to keep us safe.

We choose our destiny,

Prey or Predator.

Awaken your natural instincts

Get what you want from life.
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10 Jun
Cosmic Teachings and Eternal Truths

Bhagvad Gita - The song of God.

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The Bhagavad Gita “Song of God” is among the most important religious texts of Hinduism

Quoted by great leaders from all fields of study for centuries

It is the introductory text to Hinduism for a Western audience.

I will try to offer a brief glimpse into the divine
The Gita is a dialogue,


The warrior-prince Arjuna and Lord Krishna at the Battle of Kurukshetra

Lord Krishna teaches Arjuna about,

Right action
Understanding duty
The meaning of life
Nature of the Divine
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Actionable strategies to quit any habit

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“All bad habits start slowly and gradually and before you know you have the habit, the habit has you.”

-Zig Ziglar

Everything you do is based on a habit you’ve developed at some point in your life.

Some helpful, some work against you.

Few leave negative, long-term impact.
The making of a habit,

➼ Reminder
This is a trigger, or cue, that could be a conscious behavior, or feeling.

➼ Routine
This is the behavior associated with the trigger.

➼ Reward.

The reward associated with a behavior that make a habit stick. ie release of dopamine.
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8 Jun
The heart of a Champion

How to be an absolute Killer

// THREAD //
"All I want to do is be a fighter. I’ll do anything you ask me to do,”

This was what Mike Tyson, a boy barely in his teens said to Bob Slater, a prison guard

Mike was in for beating up his school mate.

Mike Tyson—the psycho crazy guy, started off as a shy, insecure boy.
Slater said he could see Tyson stealing a pocketbook if no one was looking

But he couldn’t see Tyson ever confronting someone.

For all his street bravado, he was a shy kid.

He was really just a follower, not a leader.

All he knew back then was to cheat, steal, rob, and lie
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The Macedonian Monarch

Lessons from a 20 year old man

Who once ruled the world

// THREAD //
From history's perspective,

Alexander of Macedonia was a legend of divine status.

A rare breed of warrior who shaped the present world as we know it

A leader without peer

Magnanimous towards enemies
Fiercely loyal to friends

Alexander The Great
⚔️ The role model leader

Great Leaders lead by example

Alexander always led from the front

If his troops went thirsty or hungry

So did their leader.

If their horses were tired,

Alexander got off his and walked with them.

Key lesson - Connect and Empathise with your troops
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6 Jun
Lessons from the Mahabharata.

The war for Righteousness.

// THREAD // Image
The Mahabharata is a 2500 year old epic that is a tale for all times.

Roughly 7 times the length of Iliad and Odyssey combined and 15 times the length of the Christian Bible

It is a beacon that guides the human soul towards the path of Dharma (Righteousness and duty)
ॐ Krishna - Duty

Krishna tells Arjuna - Dharma is both rigid like a rock and pliable like wax.

It is not institutional religion.

It is natural, binding Duty.

It is ethical and inherited.

Dharma holds the Cosmos together.

Dharma is supreme. Dharma is law. Image
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5 Jun
The Don Draper Complex

Lessons from Madison Avenue’s gun-slinging cowboy of advertising

// THREAD // Image
Don Draper has it all,

The looks, the wife, and success.

He always looks dapper, focused, and charming.

There’s a reason why Mad Men is one of the most heralded shows on television.

Props to the likability of Mad Men’s lead Don Draper.
🥂Simple, but significant.

Don Draper opens his mouth sparingly

Only speaking when absolutely necessary.

The result? His words instantly have more currency.

His sales pitches aren’t overly complicated,

They cut straight to the point,

Devoid of frivolous excess. Image
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