Read this Brilliant Passage on Marriage.

If you "just can't", because of your Low Attention Span..time to unfollow me.

Read :

"Husband and wife should come together to craft a shared life, procreating children, seeing all things as shared between them-with nothing withheld
Or private to one another-not even their bodies. The birth of a human being which results from this union is, to be sure, something wonderful-but it isn't yet enough to account for the relationship of husband and wife-since even outside marriage it could result
from any other sexual union ( just as in the case of animals)
So, in marriage there must be, above all, perfect companionship and mutual love - both in sickness, health and under all conditions-it should be with desire for this (and children) that both entered upon marriage".
Reply here if you read the whole thing.

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11 Jun

Overall "Energy" consists of :

1. Psychological Energy

- From Beliefs, Values, Outlook, Willpower, Focus, Attitude.

2. Biochemical Energy

- From Nutrition, Genetics, Oxygen Supply, Immune System, Digestive System, Stress, Movement.

Vital point to note :

Psychological Energy is MORE reliant on biochemical Energy.

Your Biochemistry, when lacking in Energy, can become the thief of your Psychological Energy.

Positive thoughts can boost serotonin levels.. but only temporarily.

You cannot WILL more Vitamin D into Existence.

Prescription pills + bad nutrition can hijack your thoughts.

Some prescription medicines can trigger suicidal thoughts through altering biochemistry.

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11 Jun
A Revival of interest in Vedic Knowledge is VITAL.

Unless Activated, disuse will lead to Decay.

The world will be so much poorer if the Rich Heritage of the Vedas is not preserved & nurtured.

The Vedic Message has ZERO Barriers of Race, Creed, Religion.

It is Universal. And ETERNAL.

The 4 Vedas-- Rig, Yajur, Sama and Atharva


Synthesized 5000 years ago by Bhagwan Veda Vyas.

Consisting of 1131 recensions.
Preserved in the Line of Seers, by Oral Tradition, from father to son and Guru to Disciple.
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10 Jun


Drink from the cup of INFINITE WISDOM!

A Thread of INVALUABLE Gems on Leadership.
No Man should ever have Despotic Power.
Qualities of a Leader.

Truthful, Thoughtful, Clever, Just, Impartial, Powerful...
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10 Jun
The clarity of thought pertaining to Human Life,

found in Hindu Scriptures is found nowhere else.

"Why should I even be virtuous?"

"Words don't matter bro"
Self-sufficiency IS Happiness.
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9 Jun
Marriage Wisdom from Hindu Scriptures.

A thread full of Invaluablele Gems : Image
On "arrange marriage" : Image
Bad marriage = Hell on Earth
Good marriage = Heaven on Earth ImageImage
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31 May
Emotional songs with sad lyrics have brain-damaging effects.

Bollywood programs the brains of young men day in and day out.

Those songs where that one woman got away…

That one woman who can never be forgotten…

The sheer helplessness, pain, regret & one-itis...

Dharmendra pining over his lost love.

"....Whatever happened will never ever come back...
Into this heart, no one else will ever come again..."

Movie = Tahalka, 1990

Weeping Rajkumar in Heer Ranjha, 1970.

"Either fix this broken heart or break all these bondages,

Oh, Mountains free my way!

Oh, Thorns leave my association!

This world..

This congregation is of no use to me…"

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