I studied for 6hrs every week day and 12hrs each Saturday & Sunday for 3 months last year. I had no life!

I realised if I wanted to get into the best business schools in the world I’ll have to put in the work.
But I kept seeing people with perfect scores get rejected by my dream schools. I was seeing Indians with a 340 GRE and 780 GMAT get dinged.

I realised that a high test score was not good enough to get me in. I had to be a well rounded person.
I remember sending my essays to this Kenyan VC guy who went to Stanford GSB and he sent it back with a shit ton of red lines and comments.

He said this won’t get you in. You need to show that you have actually created an impact in the spaces you’ve occupied.
He said this will get you into a top 40 business school just not a top 7. You need to convince them as to why you deserve a spot over a Cameroonian or Nigerian with similar test scores.

And I actually thought my essays were fucking good.
I remember reading comments from people on GMAT club and clear admit about how this year was one of the most competitive years since 2008 because people deferred last year and as a result there were limited seats at the top 7 schools.
I went on hinge & bumble and swiped right on men who went to the top 7 schools. I will go on dates with them and just run my essays past them!

Do you know what I found in common with all of them? They all knew how to sell Tf out of their story. It was the strangest thing
It was as if there was a secret code and they had cracked it.

They kept telling me you come from Ghana and you are a chemist so you need to talk about your experience as these 2 things and how your perspective is going to benefit the class you’re joining
They said most people who want to go to these schools want to go because they want to make a shit ton of money.

It’s no secret. You know it, I know it, the schools know it. That’s why they’re charging you $250k for 2 years.
But the schools really want are applicants who are going to go on to be revolutionary people. They want to boast about you 10 years from now.

So you think about how you can create an impact and write about how these schools are going to help you get there.
I spent weeks crafting and writing my story and when I showed it to my Harvard educated bf he said you should’ve applied to Harvard cos this is the shit they like.

Well, a month later Columbia,Stanford & NYU emailed me saying they liked my application & wanted to interview me!
But then again I was reading about how people got interviews and still didn’t get in.

Listen! For 2 weeks I practiced my interviews with one of my hinge dates.

He was so fucking good. He went to MIT and spent 5 years in Japan as head of sales for Sony.
But then there was one drawback. In my essays I wrote about product management and Columbia had matched me with an interviewer who had been a product manager for 10 years!

Tbh I didn’t know that much about product management so I knew I had fucked up.
But I vaguely remembered @edemkumodzi was a product manager so I dm’d him and said hey I have this Columbia interview coming up and I want to know more about your role.

He said sure let’s get on zoom!
He spent 30 minutes explaining what they do, alternative roles etc.
I left that meeting well prepared to answer questions about product management.

So during my interview, the interviewer asks so why an MBA, why product management, why Columbia.

So I talked about how I dm’d @edemkumodzi on twitter to learn about PM.
And he was so impressed that I reached out to someone on twitter. We spoke about the projects I’m working on. And then he spoke about his experience at Columbia and the perks of schooling in NYC.

At the end of the interview he said this is one of the best interviews I’ve had!
In my head I was like shit! He said I’ll write Columbia a review tonight!

We will be more than lucky to have you. And if you don’t get into Columbia I’m sure you’ll get into Stanford or NYU!
Usually it takes 2 weeks to hear back! Listen my anxiety was through the roof! I kept seeing people on clear admit get rejected! I was afraid.

I hadn’t heard back from NYU,Columbia or Stanford. I literally was getting nightmares.
Then exactly 1 week after my Columbia interview, I received a call.

“Lynda! This is John from Columbia business school. Are you sitting down? I said yes. He said congratulations you got into Columbia! I was like WTF!

And he said but wait I have more news.
You’ve been awarded $160k in merit scholarship for your 2 years at Columbia.

We really liked your application and we will be honoured to have you!

Listen! I was like I got money?????

I was shocked cos Business schools rarely give scholarships.
Columbia was my dream school for what I wanted to do post MBA.

And it wouldn’t have been possible without Edem, my bf and all the men I went on dates with from hinge lol!
So yeah I’m going to one of the best business schools in the world with $160,000 in scholarship.

And my classmates can’t fucking believe I got this much money!
Also I want to add that in preparation to get into business school, for 1 month in October 2019, I spent 3 hrs every night undergoing training for a volunteer role I wanted.
Btw I met the kenyan VC guy through his wife who’s an IG influencer.

I dm’d her cos she went to Columbia but not the business school so she connected me to her husband who went to Stanford GSB
Also I spent my work lunch breaks attending virtual Columbia webinars. I heard that schools track that so I attended as many as I could.

By the time I submitted my application I had attended 16 info sessions & different webinars and spoken to 5 different Columbia students.
Btw i’m holding spaces tomorrow to talk about everything immigration, scholarships, and grad school application and gre/ gmat
Thank you all for your kind words. Tbh I haven’t been in school for a while so I don’t know how I’ll fare at Columbia and that scares me.

Good luck to everyone going through the top 7 MBA process. It’s one of the most gruelling applications but it’s possible. Good luck!
Oh my gawd see the dm I got!!!! I made it! Btw CBS= Columbia business school
Also one of the hinge dates was a writer at the New York Times. So he helped me tell my story in a compelling way!
The email my interviewer sent me when I got in! Thanks @edemkumodzi

• • •

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