Thesis: a lot of (white mostly) Democrats process the CRT whoop-de-doo as simply an electoral herding ploy. It is not.
It is a deeper policy ploy to maintain the entrenchment of white supremacy not simply through politics but through education.
The right/GOP has been on this project for decades; the 1619 project was a threat but they also saw an opportunity to weaponize scary *critical 😳* *race 😱* *theory👻* to push back and strengthen their long-term effort to ward off the educating of the public.
Anyway, I’m collecting threads and articles about CRT uproar in the hope i’ll get into a quiet enough headspace - which is extraordinarily rare for me these last couple of years - to properly develop my thesis.

Here’s one.

Maybe I’ll use this thread as a collection point.
Adding this because it’s white people who are (🤬CRT😱) applying about CRT analysis to themselves! (Based on something that’s actually happening in their free market but because they are right wingers they added dumb deep state sh*t)
Putting this here as it pertains to my thesis. The battle over “CRT” in school is most simply put a battle over whether we will pretend the US is a meritocracy with equal opportunity.

• • •

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11 Jun
The word ‘progressive’, like ‘liberal’, ‘socialist’, and ‘conservative’, is a hot mess.
Short thread.
At some point it got closely associated with Bernie Sanders and his supporters, then went from there to apply to anyone who adheres to a particular set of policy prescriptions and/or has a tight systemic critique on the power of very rich people & their establishment hold.
But it’s *also* used broadly by a lot of political journalists and twitterati to mean “system challenging, generally”.

So an article can list *these* as ‘progressive’ issues.
Most of these are NOT hallmarks of Bernie-style progressives.
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11 Jun
I probably disagree with most of you about Merrick Garland. I’m wary of aggressive targeted prosecutorial pursuit generally and was highly critical of the DOJ being used by the Trump admin for heavy-leaning on political pursuits. 1/
What is coming out now, regarding the seizure of communications data of journalists, congressional reps, and their families/staff is a great example of investigators seeming more focused on catching a person than on solving a crime. 2/
(And I think we need to change some laws about the process for this sort of thing because it’s appalling they can seize your data without any notification and apparently without significant evidence that you committed a crime). 3/
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9 Jun
Very high-level summary of the law (leaving out exceptions, etc) being argued by DOJ w/regard to Trump/Carroll

1. Inherited common law from UK: sovereign immunity - the government cannot be sued.
2. 1946 Federal Tort Claims Act - US congress passes waiver of sovereign immunity. You CAN sue the US government for torts.

3. 1988 Federal Employees Liability Reform and Tort Compensation Act of 1988 (known as Westfall Act) - government itself is the defendant when people commit torts *while doing government work* (in most cases. Lots of exceptions).
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8 Jun
I don’t follow Manchin closely as a personality/politician - never have.

I assume there are electoral politics theories (he needs to do this stuff to be re-elected [will he be running for re-election do you think?]).

(Thread) 1/
-Probably some corruption theories.
-Probably some psychology theories.
-Probably some these are his actual beliefs theories.
-Probably some validly trying to represent his constituent theories.
Not interested in “fulfilling the master plan of the DNC” theories but if you have a well-thought out belief in a theory, I’d love to hear it.

Not a demand. I can go read on my own later if I feel it’s needful.
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27 May
On the right wing take on Black families and welfare being destructive.

They draw this conclusion by pointing out the coincidence in timing with Johnson‘s War on Poverty and increased single parent Black households.

Their argument is simple: welfare rewards single parents households.

To make this argument, they omit several other big sociological changes that occurred simultaneously, and basic logic. 2/
First the logic:
To say that someone is in a single parent household to get welfare benefits implies that person is a rational economic actor working in a system in which they get more benefit from being a single parent than from being in a dual parent situation. 3/
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26 May
Someone asked me about AAVE and whether it’s unreasonable to have an expectation that we use “standard American English” in professional settings.

Short thread.

Please do not search for the original convo to pile on the person who asked, who I believe was a in good faith.
You can scan this article to see a list of English language dialects.
I’ve known Irish people that I cannot understand a word they are saying when they speak rapidly to each other. 2/…
And when I’ve worked with people with dialects very different from mine, we’ve all modulated our own to be mutually understood. This is fine.
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