My organization has the right to discuss and educate about National Pain Strategy & other things that are taking place in this nation. The fact that account was set up to try to intimidate me from running my Org & speaking out shows how serious this issue is.
This has been going on since 2017 when I first founded my organization. Every time we attempt to educate or engage in the community the same group of people come over to disrupt the conversation & intentionally tell people that we don’t know what we’re talking about.
Several months ago I started speaking out very clearly about the differences of the various communities online and the fact that not every organization has the same goals as the patients who sit on line. They have been doing this for years. Keeping patients misinformed & confused
Our organization speaks out to have the work being performed by these individuals investigated by Congress because of massive violations to human rights, civil rights, privacy and informed consent. This is why we are targeted. And it is happening out in the open for once.
Since the people doing this can see that they are not effective at terrorizing us from speaking out & trying to intimidate us they are now claiming that they will close the account. Because they only intended to teach me a lesson and try to stop everybody from discussing the #NPS
This is only for those provides more evidence that there is a concentrated effort to control the conversation that takes place online. If anybody doesn’t do what they say they are targeted. They pretend that they are victims and project on to others what they are doing to others.
I am not the only one that has experienced this online. There are dozens of people who have experienced exactly what I have. To the point where they did quit advocating & it’s the same group of individuals every single time. One’s that are financially benefiting from #NPS goals
This is not a conspiracy this is fact. The individuals doing this at highly aware that everything was published is accurate yet spend more time worrying about what we are talking about them doing their own work. Because our work exposes their wrongdoing.
We will absolutely continue to do our work and educate this community on the complex nuances surrounding pain care and public health policy changes that are negatively impacting our ability to access opioid medications. We have the right to freedom of speech!
We have the right to educate and use our organizations platform for how we see fit. We work with numbers of senatorial and congressional offices who have confirmed in detail much of what we discussed publicly and I’m trying to educate to this community.
The threats and the attempted direct suppression of our organization only feels me to work harder and expose the people who are harming the American public. We will not go away. We will work harder and we will win. #CIAAGStrong
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13 Jun
As always, the disgusting behavior of those who oppose the work we are doing was unsuccessful

It did serve the purpose to allow us to speak clearly about our Organization’s work & why we are subjected to heavy push back from so many

Many times we’ve said there are 3 communities
1. The recovery industry

2. The multimodal industry

3. Civil rights community fighting for opioid access to be preserved for the chronically ill, those suffering painful diseases & conditions. And acute pain procedures (surgery, ER, etc)

There is no reason we cannot coexist
The only reason our community has been defamed so badly is because our work threatens that of the first two communities mentioned

Many patients put all of their focus on the recovery industry, such as PROP and Shatterproof

But they did not create the situation alone
Read 31 tweets
12 Jun
Apparently pointing out that some organizations do support the goals of the #NPS is an attack

If they support something why is discussing that an “attack?”

Possibly because if the citizenry knew what they stood for that they would lose all their support and potentially funding.
These organizations should have been forthright about what was going on since day one. Instead they have spent years denying known facts in order to keep the community confused and on educated. Enabling them to tell everybody to believe whatever they say & exploit the patients
Our organization exists to support patient rights & stand against unethical clinical trials being performed on citizens without knowledge & consent

Asking for regulation over these activities & asking for accountability. I won’t be intimidated by the thug tactics being deployed
Read 4 tweets
12 Jun
@HeatherLinda11 @LeahLonebear As massive group of people, some hold professional positions on opioid task forces & Academic institutions. And their co-opted patients that consult with them. It’s the exact same people who do it to others in this community
@HeatherLinda11 @LeahLonebear They don’t like anyone discussing things that educate CPPs on what’s happening & target us viciously for doing so. Slander/libel, make up lies to get the community to “hate us” when nothing they say is ever true. They have vested interest in trying to discredit it.
@HeatherLinda11 @LeahLonebear They email my business associates in an attempt to defame me and the work we are doing. They tell everyone they’re being attacked when we speak out against things that are harmful to the community. Us showing people they are being deceived “is an attack”
Read 19 tweets
8 Jun
Why do we at CIAAG get attacked? Because there are special interest groups that do not believe in opioid access (despite what the SAY) their work is to support opioid sparing policies & the biopsychosocial model promoted by the #NPS

They actively exploit our community every day.
The special interest groups claim to be fighting for opioid access. However the work being done by these organizations come out multi modal care to replace opioid access. And then they add a disclaimer to say that they support Opioid Access to “appear balanced” They are not.
17 Pain Advocacy Orgs lobbied for #NPS & got it. Now they are sitting on millions of dollars of research that has been laid out for another 10 years. They do have a vested interest in this continuing so they can continue to get grants and promote their personal interest.
Read 6 tweets
8 Jun
CIAAG seeks to educate the public on the political agenda & policies that are directly influencing pain cate & the progress of the studies being funded by NIH

National Pain Strategy was a good idea gone wrong. We can correct this & create quality research for the American public
We cannot let a group of scientists make every single decision regarding public welfare and civil rights. Scientists are interested in studies but they are not interested in human rights. They are not interested in civil rights. And the resulting public suffering confirms this.
Scientists who have special interest in financial agenda behind the research they are creating. We cannot continue to pretend that researchers have absolutely no bias or potential to be dishonest. That dishonesty leads to extreme damage in the public well being
Read 6 tweets
8 Jun
There is a faction of people (researchers online & co-opted patients) that have a vested interest in defaming our Orgs work

This is because we call them out publicly for being dishonest & having in depth knowledge about the pain strategy and fein ignorance so try can extort CPPs
Our Organization discovered what they worked HARD to keep from the public figuring out. We brought it to DC. Confirmed with Top offices our findings were accurate. It was published in UK as the USA media is not “allowed” to run the story.
We have formally requested Oversight Committee to be assembled and to Investigate the #NationalPainStrategy creation/implementation and to restore balance. Remove special interests. Restore Informed Consent for Human Clinical Trials & hold accountable NIH, PCORI, Stanford, et al.
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