Comment: I'm unsure of the article by @AliAbunimah (tap through to read) and all arguments in replies to his tweets.


Now I'll risk it to say: I figured @Ilhan was generally saying, being creative with her speech in real time

And, if you like, sensing/feeling as she spoke.

So, as with all I've read exception being a @MaxBlumenthal tweet admitting he didn't know why Ms Omar had said as she had. I'm here to attempt a statement in her defence.

Moral equivalences or failure to understand or employ history was not her aiim. I believe she's simply

put each of the arguing sides/individuals/factions etc into play against one another. And she, as I and thoughtful bods are wondering quite rightly what result will emerge?
Further, any result will be an improvement I expect.
The entirety of a murder economy (Western) or the

what-ever of reason for a resistance's or absolutely whoever anywhere killing- reason is to be stopped!

Who has the tools for this?

No one currently and historically has shown they have

So, to cut-and-run now here myself I'll end with: I admire Ilhan. It's a well

considered and thought out strategy she employed to begin an organic shift and I trust evolving into a changed course of events , & encourage peace with accountability for victims anywhere

Admired... bravo... I'm curious (too) of outcomes. I hope you're successful @Ilhan

• • •

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16 Jun
This fellow (@LaithMarouf ) is a tuff cookie


I can't agree with his approach here and there
Nevertheless, I myself have compared the (youth) march (yesterday in East Jerusalem) and basically the youth movement in Israel generally. As currently equivalent to, say, Nazi Youth

Now my history is poor in many ways. My mind is (yes) even delusional in some ways upon occasion.
But, I do see (delusive or not) patterns of possible reasons for group or individual or even societal behaviours.

So, I'll end to comment: if this stuff...this approach or

reason for the behaviour of youth, faction or whatever group(s) in Israel. And its Modus Operandi of yes, the nationalism and extreme support for the, say, hate towards others (groups; ethnics; indigenous etc.) gets exported wholesale to the West. Then it WILL be worse than
Read 4 tweets
15 Jun
Hi Hello & G'morning @Kate_Bush_Music


I'm mustering music to make myself merry as a man with a plan...
Here... join in if you will..?!

Fish Dances
The Irresistible Force

I may have shared this prior?
But hey...…

And here on YouTube

My plan is to grab a KB Tee.
So, like it's nearly approaching Tee time from the Tee store on your KB Tee site

I'm going to make myself "invisible" when the irresistible urge takes my debit card from my wallet, and I hit-you-up

You know...(you do) ... but the BTD range of Tees has gone. And I've put weight on and outgrown the one I bought last. I won't pull-my-punch when telling I've hit the XX Tee fit.
Outrageous eh..!!
What to do?
Well, I'll go XX then...!!
It's the only way to go now.
Read 5 tweets
12 Jun
Comment: I'm getting a tad worried of the people/outfits/media/players/ protagonists etc who are simply avoiding... can't see...dare not acknowledge the creative quality required to experiment with peace

Further, a turn on to the instigator of the (current) discussion is heinous
It's UTTERLY rotten to view the snake lines and tangling weave of shared views spat out as good reason to make or continue war or conflict.

Get a damned grip on yourselves.

Media mobsters and protagonist hounds with enjoined oppositionals all chomping at the bit to fight on
I support @Ilhan

I support #Peace

I dare #experimental adoption of #Creative #socialjustice and #Civic responsibility.

I'm appalled.... I am.

Peace ✌️ and love ❤️ always

Read 6 tweets
5 Jun
Comment: I've gobbed a sleeper.

I'm teed-off and no time for much or people too

I blew off my neighbor...
Blew of my ancient friend.

Looking around at only two other people I know
Thinking of blowing them off too

My point: just let yourself help Conflict Zone folks

Help them wherever they are, WhatEver gender, and take any age whilst checking the family is around the youth.

Facts; you (or my self really) can't do it all. But I have a set number of 5 persons I aid.

It's rewarding

But these are now my only friends.

I'm not happy...

Yet f**k any person who becomes aware of the efforts I make and don't but criticise. I've heard enough.

Raise your consciousness you lot who don't help those in need in conflict zones. And if not...then f**k you

Charity.... F**k that too.

This is survival

Help people!
Read 5 tweets
9 May
Paper Error



Yesterday I viewed: International Festival of Whistleblowing, Dissent and Accountability

Upon one section in particular. The CIA and topic emerged.
I listened.
The section moved on to Whistleblower issues and so, #Assange


Now I can't penetrate the amount of reading; nor find the relevant areas to begin a study in terms of say, my intellectual/cognitive abilities. Nor to suit my own approaches on the current situation on this planet; & finally, nor encapsulating my range of experiences with it

So, yet. I do have an idea or notions to make a start ...!
The emcumbant problem is relative isolation whilst also sensing the, or gaining any progress until a point of answer(s).

Last Man
The Deviants


Read 7 tweets
4 May
Hello all the entire 'free' World.

I'm to comment upon #JulianAssange now.
I've been a little slack recently on this important subject I admit.

Anyhow, I'm thinking on Palestine and also Yemen here too.

My point: I'm to soon delve into #WikiLeaks to see what I see upon Yemen &
Palestine with regards to this and that.

I'm wondering what I'll find? I have aims yet live to learn.

So, maybe Yemen, Palestine and Mr #Assange could be viewed to currently go in many ways, hand-in-hand?

I offer that the authoritarian leans we see within the West. To esp
provide arms or deal with e.g., the #Saudi coalition and yes, to deal consistently with #Israel too. Well, we're here Western side turning into what I've heard called "murder economies!"

A tough swallow don't you think?
Yet there is truth in the term for sure

It strikes me too
Read 7 tweets

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