Watching George Wallace respond to protestors in 1968 has some pretty strong, Trumpy resonances. Here, for example, he tells a story about protestors laying down in front of the POTUS motorcade. He says when he's POTUS he'll just run right over them.
Later he says to protestors "you fellas better have your day now because you're through later on, I can tell you that much."
"Watch your hard earned tax dollars sail away to anti-American countries. 'As President I will halt the giveaway of your American dollars and products to those nations that aid our enemies.'"
"As President I will stand up for your local police and firemen in protecting your safety and property."
George Wallace speaking in Portland, OR in 1968. Says they held a vote to ask parents who they wanted to teach their children, and 99% said they wanted someone of the same race teaching their children. But then the Feds stepped in to thwart parents.
Needless to say, this is a putatively "color blind" way to entrench segregation.
"I think that local South Carolina should have a bit more say so about what type of economic and sociological ideas are being taught to their children. They have a right to continue the same type culture they believe in and love so much."
The person who said those words above, Tom Turnipseed, had a fascinating career in politics, ultimately rejecting and working against the segregationist politics he advocated in the 1960s.…
Wisconsin voter, 1968 "We like to feel that the liberals are the extremists as far as being on the left side because they want total government control." He sees Wallace as a middle of the road conservative.
Cleveland voter, 1968. "Well I think the Negro, no doubt about it, has gotten out of hand. And Wallace will enforce law and order."
"Dixie gets the biggest response when you play it in Milwaukee...I wouldn't have believed this all myself if I hadn't experienced it...LIke the American Legion convention in Michigan the other day. They think just like South Carolinians."
My fellow historians might be interested in this segment where a 32 year old James MacPherson (I'm 99% sure it's him) asks Wallace a question. Wallace responds by talking about "black on black crime," tho the film cuts off right at that point.

• • •

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14 Jun
I’ve got nothing but contempt for the gun activists/lobbyists and politicians who helped create this hellscape of a vicious cycle we find ourselves in.
In most societies around the world, guns are rare. If you think more guns mean more freedom, then you’re a special sort of American Exceptionalist Dope.
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13 Jun
Uh oh, don't tell Tom Cotton, but it looks like the US Army has been making training videos he'd consider "dangerously woke" since the early 1970s.
"A commitment to use the same imagination that has kept so many out, to bring them into the system willingly, with dignity and good feeling."
I can not stress how weird and wonderful this 1973 film, made by the US Army, is.
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13 Jun
This is how school children were taught to think about the history of plantations in the 1950s.
I was inspired to search for a historical film like this because I'm currently reading this powerful book by @ClintSmithIII. Highly recommend it.…
A theme that emerges in that book is the almost complete erasure of the lived experience of black people under slavery from the nation's public historical memory. It's not like people pretended slavery never happened, they just ignored how it was experienced by the enslaved.
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12 Jun
On a plane in 1993 (when Rush L was in fullest bloom) the guy sitting next to me looked at the historical monograph I was reading and asked, in an accusatory tone, “that’s not one of those REVISIONIST history books is it?”
The US right has always been at war with EastAsiaStateU.
For the record, it was this book.…
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12 Jun
I'm not sure enough contemporary conservatives recognize that their "strict constructionist" hero, Thomas Jefferson, was not an originalist. Don't take my word for it, here's a passage from Peter Onuf's great book "Jefferson and the Virginians" (2018), p. 31.
"As self-governing Americans became 'more enlightened, as new discoveries are made, new truths disclosed, and manners & opinions change with the change of circumstances, institutions must advance also, & keep pace w/ the times.' He likened this 'progress of the human mind' to...
...a boy's growth to manhood; constitutions were like coats, good for a season, but constantly in need of repair... 'We might as well require a man to wear the coat which fitted him when a boy, as civilised society to remain ever under the regimen of their barbarous ancestors.'"
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I had a LIndsey Buckingham joke but it's not that funny.
I also had a Killing Joke joke and, well, it really killed, obvs.
My all time favorite is my Kajagoogoo joke, but I'm always too shy to tell it.
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