"To me it is a lot of 'Newspeak' of Orwell in '1984'. These are new words, 'cases', 'pcr-testing', 'asymptomatic', 'pandemics', NOT relating to the notions (begrippen) as we knew them, to us, at least a number of scientists and doctors" bitchute.com/video/m5EnodHM… #covid19nl
Er is een verdeeldheid in de wetenschap. Dat is op zich ok, alleen waarom mag nu maar één kant gehoord worden? "If you don't see the whole glass, you'll take bizar attitudes or protocols.. like NOT performing autopsies (!?) to start with when you encounter a new disease", zie ⬆️.
"You need to go to the full autopsy to understand WHAT you are dying from. And it took so long to understand that Covid-19 was more of a endothelial vascular disease... It took way too long to understand that", check video ⬆️. #covid19nl #coronamaatregelen #wetenschap
Sinds 'corona' ontkennen we onze menselijke relaties (die we 1000en jaren hebben met bv. handen schudden etc.). Met mondkapjes kunnen we elkaars emoties niet lezen. Waar moeten we meer angst voor hebben: het verlies van onze menselijkheid of 'een virus'? Check video⬆️. #covid19nl
"If you see children, like in France, 6 yrs old, committing suicide by hanging themselves.. this is denial of human relationships, of healthy people (zo mag je jezelf NIET meer zien) and that you'll not contaminate me" (nu vertrouwen we elkaar niet meer), check ⬆️. #covid19nl
"And there is a denial of our democracy... To put in quarantine basically everyone who is healthy is a total denial of what has been known in medicine for generations and generations...", zie interview ⬆️. #covid19nl #coronamaatregelen #wetenschap #volksgezondheid
Wat betreft 'shedding'. Over die technologie is gepubliceerd, het bestaat. Pfizer zet het ook niet zomaar in haar protocol. Maar: "If I start to fear you because you're vaccinated (en vice versa), we cease our 'relation', and this is a drama.." Check video ⬆️. #covid19nl
"If we respect a distance from the people who are vaccinated for the first two weeks, sounds to me reasonable, relating to some understanding that we have.. (maar het is een experiment, we weten het eigenlijk niet zo goed) Check interview in dit draadje 🔝. #covid19nl

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16 Jun
Michael Yeadon: "Everything your government has told you about this virus and what you need to do to stay safe is a LIE. Every part of it. Literally none of the key themes you hear talked about.. is supported by the science.." bitchute.com/video/FF4J8VHF… #covid19nl #coronamaatregelen
Yeadon: "It has led people to where I believe we are now, I don't normally use phrases like this, but I think we are standing at the very Gates of Hell... Lockdown.. is a 'control measure', and I think all that has pretty much happened since", check video ⬆️. #covid19nl
"You should disregard all announcements of 'case rates' (#besmettingen) in your community, because they are completely fraudulent... #PCRtesting as it was being done was completely nonsense.., the attribution of deaths was completely stupid..", check Yeadon ⬆️. #covid19nl
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16 Jun
Komen we hier 'uit'. Nee. Er is en was geen noodtoestand. Alle #coronamaatregelen zijn gebaseerd op leugens. Over de rug hiervan heeft het regime een dictatuur ingevoerd. Je zit in de val: het ging om het kúnnen invoeren van de maatregelen die áltijd zullen blijven. #covid19nl
Het klepje van de val hebben wij met onze gehoorzaamheid achter ons laten dichtvallen. Er is geen weg terug. Zij hebben ons in de blauwdruk van dictatuur, en ze kunnen de #coronamaatregelen c.q. folterinstrumenten op- en afschalen wanneer zij willen. Ze breken ons. #covid19nl
Misschien hadden velen al een zeer ongelukkig leven voor 'corona'. Koester je je vrijheid, dan zou je het nóóit zo makkelijk weggeven aan een stel maffioso (dit kun je geen 'regering' meer noemen). En zouden we kinderen niet zo laten lijden. #covid19nl
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15 Jun
"The 'pandemic' is organized internationally in a systemic way. This director-general has absolutely no idea about 'pandemics'.. They are dictating a will of NOT communicating" rumble.com/vhyx79-astrid-… #covid19nl #coronamaatregelen #who #klokkenluider
"They're doing live very 'general' presentations, generalizing, changing words & definitions, NOT giving precise data & science. What is very shocking is that all the media in the world say the same thing.. They're paying the media for producing what they want" ⬆️ #covid19nl #WHO
"The taskforce and the scientists that are 'built' to lead this pseudo-pandemic are actually helping the rhetoric of the press. The way the press wants it, the government wants it. We don't have a debate. We have censorship: 1st sign of a dictatorship", zie video⬆️. #covid19nl
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14 Jun
McCullough: "My quick analysis is, I believe that we are under the application of a form of worldwide bioterrorism, that appears to be many years in the planning.." bitchute.com/video/wYF9CZYv… #covid19nl #coronamaatregelen #volksgezondheid
McCullough: "That fear was used very quickly, suprisingly, to generate many influences in human lives, lockdowns etc. Every single thing that was done in the public health response to the 'pandemic', made it worse..", zie video Corona Ausschuss/Reiner Fuellmich. #covid19nl
"The suppression of early treatment, was tightly linked to the development of a vaccine. The entire program, as this in a sense 'bioterrorism phase 1' was rolled out, was really all about keeping the population in fear & isolation. Preparing them to accept the vaccine" #covid19nl
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14 Jun
'Dr. Tess Lawrie discusses Ivermectin metadata' #covid19nl #coronamaatregelen #volksgezondheid #ivermectine
'UK Researchers Warn Government: “COVID-19 Vaccines Unsafe For Use In Humans”' infowars.com/posts/uk-resea… #covid19nl #coronamaatregelen #volksgezondheid #UK
'An independent medical research company in the UK recently wrote a letter to the country’s Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) to warn about the negative health effects of COVID-19 vaccines...', zie artikel ⬆️. #covid19nl #coronamaatregelen #vaccinatie #uk
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14 Jun
'De PCR-test kan echter geen infectie vaststellen of vertellen dat je ziek bent [. ] Bij vonnis in kort geding van 9 december 2020 is dit ondubbelzinnig vastgesteld' #covid19nl #coronamaatregelen #fascisme #volksgezondheid #pcrtest #jewordtgenaaid
'Plandemie. Van 21 tot 24 januari 2020 vond te Davos de annual meeting van het World Economic Forum (WEF) met.. Rutte, ministers Hoekstra en Veldhoven, ministers Kaag en Bruins' (1) bpoc2020.nl/pdf/Tjerk%20de… #covid19nl #coronamaatregelen #volksgezondheid #politiek #klausschwab
'Op 23 januari 2020 worden de aanwezigen up-to-date gebracht omtrent wat dan nog het 'Wuhan
coronavirus' heet.. Schokkend is het om te moeten vaststellen dat het ‘vaccinatieprogramma’ al geheel in de steigers staat' (2) Check video/pdf ⬆️. #covid19nl #coronamaatregelen
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