This article mentions that DeLancy's "trainings" alleging substantial non-citizen voting fraud are being promoted by the North Carolina neo-militia "State Defense Forces". So I went to the NCSDF website and found...
2)..that NCSDF's website media page describes (in glowing & enthusiastic terms) the participation of Oath Keepers in the NCSDF.

So this group, which claims the sanction of state government ("Authorized by North Carolina General Statutes, Section 127A")
3)..appears to have been actively collaborating with a national group, the Oath Keepers, that's being investigated by the federal authorities for playing a key role in the January 6th, 2021 coup attempt.

But, reading the NCSDF article on that, it seems it's even worse...
4) Is NCSDF is an ally or affiliate of the Oath Keepers? Is it a state-level manifestation of the group? Bear in mind that we're coming up on the 1/2 year anniversary of the 1/6/2021 coup attempt, but NCSDF *still hasn't taken down* their glowing endorsement of the Oath Keepers.
5) Here it is. You be the judge - is NCSDF truly a patriotic, loyalist entity or something else entirely?…
6) FYI, I've saved these web pages to the Internet Archive lest they disappear.

Based on their promotion of DeLancey's vote fraud propaganda & their affiliation with the Oath Keepers, I'd be somewhat surprised if NCSDF members hadn't participated in the 1/6/2021 coup attempt.
7) Poking around, I find that NCSDF seems to have been minted quite recently - a Google search produces 7 hits on an entity by that name. North Carolina *has* had a "state defense force" on and off through the years, but its last iteration was suspended by the state in 1996.
8) One of those 7 reference to NCSDF appears on a website of a NC retirement community, as an unattributed story from May 26th, 2021 describing a WW1 memorial event at the facility. One of the speakers listed is a certain "Brigadier General Gary Pendleton", who seems to have...
8)..served in the NC National Guard but also may have been involved in the NC State Defense Force before it was suspended in 1996.… So this may be completely unrelated to the new NCSDF - but there's one fishy coincidence...
9)..served in the NC National Guard. So, that lead might be a dead end. Another of the 7 is far more interesting - the NCSDF's glowing story on the Oath Keepers was reprinted by a Nebraska independent radio/TV network, "News Channel Nebraska" that's owned by...
10)..a former speaker of the Nebraska State Legislature ( Hmm...

The NCSDF seems to be under the leadership of a TaeKwonDo instructor with affiliate businesses in several states inc. North Carolina.
11)..if that is indeed the same entity. It probably is but that's somewhat unclear. In any case, this is NCSDF website number 2:…
12) My search on "North Carolina Defense Forces" also produced this one, from May 26, 2021, that was run by a local NC CBS affiliate, "NC State Defense Forces Assists State Citizens Learning How To Protect Elections"…
13) That story gives a website address for NCSDF that's different from the one I just mentioned with the TaeKwondo affiliation. The address given is strange - It's the address of the North Carolina state capitol, in Raleigh.

The WBOC story is quite informative - we learn that...
14)..the NCSDF event in the WBOC story had participation of the Heritage Foundation & 2 area PACs (so there's probably funding) and also "campaign finance attorney Heather Ford, who served as President Trump’s Election Day Operations (EDO) Director during the 2020 election".
15) So here we have the established right (Heritage) & PACs ($) working with a 2020 Trump campaign operative and a newly forming, Oath Keepers-aligned independent state militia group, to allegedly train citizens to stop voter fraud.

What could go wrong?
16) This just in - @bennybryant17 has found another, more direct, apparent link to the Oathkeepers:
17) Another aspect - the NCSDF website plugs another SDF, Georgia SDF, which is a bit older. There are a number of these SDFs now. My guess is that they're a way for the militia movement to regroup & rebrand as quasi-state entities. But in a pinch they could be plugged into the..
18)..renegade sheriffs of CSPOA, as a command superstructure, and go up against federal or state authority.

There's more to this story...

• • •

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Jimmy Concepts isn't looking too "conceptual" up against a PhD who knows what Critical Race Theory is & where it came from, plus the topology of the entire surrounding academic field.

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This reminds me of the "who killed Anne Frank" teaching exercise. People are given cards with identities such as "Hitler","Himmler","concentration camp guard" & so on and told to line up in order of culpability, from greatest to least...
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The @nytimes' editorial genius lies in finding op-ed columnists w/an exquisite degree of eloquent befuddlement. Take this 12/2015 Ross Douthat @nytimes op-ed column. By 10/2016, as I noted at the time, the Trump campaign was courting the top strategic ally of the Oath Keepers.
2) Specifically, top Trump Campaign officials and surrogates were flocking to appear on a rather obscure radio show that happened to be hosted by the Vice President of Operations of the renegade anti-federal sheriffs group CSPOA, who immediately before the 1/6 coup attempt was...
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Little known facts - John Lennon was assassinated by a former World Vision worker. Reagan's attempted assassin was the son of a WV vice president.

The usual conspiracy narratives say this is about CIA mind control. The reality is different, but equally disturbing...
2) World Vision gets about 20% of its budget from the US government, mostly in the form of in-kind donations from USAID (surplus food).

World Vision USA is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit. It transfers most of that USAID food aid to World Vision International, which is a church...
3) Furthermore, the 2001 990 tax form of the Fellowship Foundation (the Fellowship run the National Prayer Breakfast) claims World Vision as "sister organization".

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Beneath the surface developed a cultic evangelical conservative doctrine which *celebrated* the willingness to sell out one's family - ostensibly in service to Jesus, who functioned as an empty vessel into which could be poured the required marching orders.
2) And, I do not say this in speculation. Here's the late Doug Coe, longtime head of "The Fellowship" which the National Prayer Breakfast:
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2) "..a close partnership with the West’s most powerful governments, and the backing of the world’s largest corporations; and it has at its disposal at least $400 billion in liquid assets, a fleet of 200 aircraft, and over 300 million computers worldwide...
3) "..with an intelligence system that has data-banked information on every community on earth down to the smallest village."

- Ian Buchanan, author of "The Armies of God - A Study in Militant Christianity"
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