1) I started the year 2020 as your middle of the road conservative. Although I disliked Hillary Clinton and her venal Democratic apparatus in 2016, I was not happy about Trump's victory. I thought he was too rude, too crude, too ignorant of the issues.
2) I supported his Middle East diplomacy, which I thought was Nobel worthy but thought his tariffs and his opposition to free trade was harmful and passe. I was raised by Holocaust survivors, two very modest people. The ostentatiousness Trump displayed went against my grain
3) To be honest, I thought the Southern Baptist crowd who thought Trump was the second coming, struck me as crazy. My thinking was more or less in line with the Bill Cristol crowd - Republican "never Trumpers". Then 2020 happened. The more I read about Covid, the more I realized
4) how much bullshit we were being fed by the media. Somewhere around April it hit me like a bolt of lightning: I'd been a blind snob. Trump had be been right! The media lies about everything. The whole DC political apparatus WAS indeed a swamp. It suddenly became obvious to me:
5) Donald Trump may not be the most eloquent or elegant bearer of the message - but the message was 100% correct. There was this colossus of media, social media, Silicon Valley oligarchs, internationalist nincompoops who worshiped at the altars f the UN and the WHO
6) and Trump was the guy who spoke for the people. For people like ME - unbelievably enough. People that didn't have a lot of money, people who believed in individualism and hard work, immigrants like me who thought the US is an amazing place to live, people who believed in merit
7) This foul mouthed rich New Yorker spoke to people like me way more clearly than Marxist ideologues (Sanders) or polished old style Republicans (Romney) I've always disliked Obama and his bootlickers intensely but until 2020 had not understood it was Donald Trump
8) that formed the last barrier between true freedom, true American values and leftist chaos. No matter what Trump said, you always knew he meant it. That is his main appeal: rude, sure, but totally honest. In April 2020 I saw how much he wanted to open the country up
9) only to be stymied by the establishment weasels, Fau-Xi and Birckenstock. I still believe today that had he put his foot down and opened the country up, he would have saved America and the world from the farcical and profoundly tragic Covid theater we have all endured

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Jan 30
Let me tell you a couple of stories
In the spring of 2016, my wife and I visited Prague, the place of my birth. Generally speaking, the city was blooming commercially. The tourist crush was heavy, even in mid March, with temps in the 30's. We were checking out
of a supermarket one day and I struck up a conversation with the cashier: "Everything was better under the Communists. Everything!" "But how can you say that? There was no freedom" "Pffft! Freedom. What can I buy with freedom? During the previous regime
there was order! Healthcare was free, schooling was free, I had 6 weeks of paid vacation, we spent happy weekends at the cottage every week. I should have retired years ago but I can't. Everything is too expensive. I can barely make rent. What has freedom done for me?"
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Jan 14
Judging from the events of 2022 so far, the days of the Covid Regime in America are numbered. OSHA mandates are dead, making it unlikely any further federal mandates will be attempted. Pfizer CEO is more truthful (albeit for mercenary reasons) than Fauci.
The public health apparatus is in total disarray, rife with lies, contradictions and aimlessness. At least two of our Supreme Justices have embarrassed themselves publicly by displaying cluelessness about the very issue central to their judgement.
They sounded like Democratic Party political operatives, not learned, impartial jurors.
Everything @MartinKulldorff @DrJBhattacharya and @sunetragupta wrote about in the @gbdeclaration is now being spoken about in the @nytimes - albeit in a more cautious language
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Dec 31, 2021
I have found there are too many people on Twitter and irl who complain but are unwilling to alter their circumstances. In my life, I have always followed the principle "if it's time to make a move - get going.
A bit of personal history:
My first move was not voluntary. In September 1968, following the Red Army invasion, Czechoslovakia, my parents and I fled with almost no possession and no idea where we were going to end up. Not recommended!
We moved to Israel. In 1977, after serving in the IDF
and battling various personal and professional issues, I decided Israel was just too small and I needed to get away from my parents a distance of at least 1000 miles...more, if possible. I moved to London. I loved the city but the Brits refused to extend my visa
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Dec 28, 2021
I was not a US citizen yet in 2016 and so could not vote. Had I been able to, I'd have gone with Gary Johnson, despite the weed-induced gaffes. Clinton was (is) so toxic she turns my stomach. Trump wasn't my cup of tea: too gauche, too loud, too bombastic, too...Trump
And yet, it is as clear as day now that Trump should have been the obvious choice for me. There has not been one other politician so far, not ONE, who has seen through the charade with Trump's clarity. All our 3 letter institutions are corrupt beyond measure
Our international commitments to irredeemably corrupt institutions such as the WHO and the UN (only two letters but contains more grift than all the others put together) are a waste of time and money. Only Trump saw that and articulated it without fear
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Dec 24, 2021
This is not longer a pandemic, or an epidemic. It's no longer a health emergency, or even a chronic health crisis. This is now a catastrophic societal crisis which has absolutely NOTHING to do with viruses or variants and everything to do with a subverted social order
I have no interest in studying the latest stats on omicron or delta, or the graph showing me which group is more likely to get what variant or what number booster we are on. I have lost interest in all the minutiae. I've seen enough graphs and charts from @FatEmperor
@justin_hart @MLevitt_NP2013 and other amazing scientists to last me a lifetime. And although I have learned a great deal, it is all now collapsing on a huge heap of irrelevance. As things stand, we will simply continue to drown in a river of lies on the one hand
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Dec 16, 2021
THREAD - please read all
In communist countries (North Korea excepted), the proletariat was kept at bay by the regime providing bread (with interruptions) and circuses (tolerated) The regime made sure the situation never became intolerable. When it did, there were consequences:
A bloody uprising in Poland (1956), a very bloody revolution in Hungary (also 1956), regime change in Czechoslovakia in 1968 (suppressed by the Red Army the same year) Murmurs in East Germany never led anywhere because the Stasi was a most efficient secret police service
We are now living through a world-wide Marxist coup d'etats. Certain places are now farther down the line than Hungary was in 1956, Australia being a good example. The regime still tolerates circuses (semi-free press) and provides bread (interruptions possible)
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