Let me regale you with a quick story about an argument I had in the gym today:

Context: the owner at my gym has his needle prick tomorrow but its making him really nervous and hes having second thoughts

“have you had yours?”


“you getting it”


“why not?”

to which i basically replied, well if it aint broke don’t fix it
i proceeded to tell him i had seen, read, and heard a lot of dodgy things about it

“I don’t think you should get it either.” I told him

He was training a client and went back to his work

15 mins later he got talking to the only other bloke in the gym
The bloke told him that it would be the greatest thing he’d ever do and oh it was such a relief off my shoulders when i got mine and i know there are some risks particular with young men and heart conditions but its like 1 in a million mate guarantee nothing will happen to ya
The owner said the only reason he is thinking of getting it is for his family and his clients

to which the bloke said its a very honorable reason to get one

Having listened to their conversation for about 5 minutes I decided to interject and said,
It might be an honorable reason to get it but it definitely isnt a logical one

As we know the needle prick doesnt stop transmission it just (supposedly) reduces your symptoms
At this point the bloke turned around to me and as if he had an antenna for someone who might be a “denier” (bare in mind we had never met)

He swelled up like some great tumescent wriggling earthworm and said “oh don’t you start telling him ridiculous things blah blah blah”
The bloke wasnt what you would expect

He was massive, probably 6’5 about 50 years old but clearly a fucking hog in his day, extremely broad shoulders

He was standing while I was lying chest down on an incline bench having just done DB reverse flys
I had a good pump on it was back day so i felt nice and composed

I said a few reasons why i didnt think it was a good idea mostly centred around the negative side effects and untested nature of this medication

He said I was talking shit

Im not.
I know an ambulance paramedic who told me first hand she has to pick up the pieces of people needle injured every single day at the moment
The debate raged on somewhat, the gym owner listening quietly

i said if the needle prick worked so well and we have over 75% adult pop take up why are we going back into lockdown?

He literally gave the “2 weeks to flatten the curve” platitude
I was a little exasperated & said “weve had our lives changed irrevocably and for what?”

“Are we that afraid of death—“

“—you know nothing of the fear of death!” He shouted, enraged

towering over me great gobbets of spit slinging from his mouth, pointing his finger at me
“You’re acting emotional” I said

“You don’t know what it was like, i had to go to 20 funerals a year back then!”

We had been speaking about other flus like swine flu and avian flu just prior to this, so i initially thought that’s what he was referring to
but then i realised no he can’t be talking about that, nobody died during those “pandemics”

So then i thought “maybe hes a veteran”, entirely possible he had lots of tattoos

But he kept blithering on about the 80s & it dawned on me

he was talking about AIDS
Suddenly my perception of him changed entirely,

ohhhh… youre gay, i thought.

A wry smile appeared across my mouth lol

his emotional outburst started to make more sense despite being a juiced up old orangutan
He was starting to get heated, i was still lying on my bench at this point, i squeezed out a couple of reps while i thought

I said “So what you don’t believe in medical freedom? The choice to decide what to put in your body?”
He said “as a matter of fact no i don’t, if I was in government everyone would be forced to get needle pricked”

I thought, of course you do, youre basically the biggest bear at bear week

But i said, “well that’s complete tyranny and youre mad.”
He said he thought i was a disgrace

The owner stepped in to try and calm him down

I got up but the DBs back and said goodbye to the owner, told him good luck with whatever he decides to do and went outside
A few minutes later the big bloke came out and apologised to me


He went back inside
Now sadly i think the owner is going to get the prick

hes got a leg full of metal from a motorbike accident i hope it doesnt create some bodily rejection (as ive heard stories of women with breast implants that have basically dissolved bc there body identified it as foreign)
And theregoes the tale.

Its the first time Ive actually tried to persuade a stranger in public for 18 months .

The fear of death is an immense thing, dangle its potentiality in front of people and you can get them to do and say insane things.

• • •

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