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A thread full of my answers to frequent and interesting questions about the CCP's lockdown fraud, CCP influence and my work in general. 1/
Q: How many western leaders knew about COVID and lockdowns in advance?

I think very, very few. The whole fraud was about aligning global elites’ financial and egotistical self-interest with perpetuating lockdowns—turning them into CCP assets for all intents and purposes. 2/
Q: Could lockdowns have all been caused by groupthink?

It’s possible. There’s no question groupthink is responsible for 99% of this, but it’s hard to ignore the abundant evidence of CCP influence on the world’s lockdown policies. 3/
Q: Does SARS-CoV-2 really exist?

Yes and no. A coronavirus did indeed become the dominant respiratory virus strain in 2020, but it’s statistically ordinary, so without the CCP’s data fraud it never would have gotten the scary “SARS” or “COVID” nomenclature. 4/
Q: When did SARS-CoV-2 originate?

Based on maps of immunity, excess deaths in the elderly, and excess “flu deaths,” it appears to have originated in Asia in 2018 or early 2019. In this light, the international studies showing samples as early as March 2019 make sense. 5/
Q: How did SARS-CoV-2 originate?

Probably zoonotic, but a lab leak is possible. To me, the fact that CCP deliberately shut down Wuhan and sponsored fake “whistleblowers” to draw attention to the lab is an extremely high bar against a lab leak. 6/
Q: Why are all the virologists so shady?

I think they’re embarrassed that the virus *may* have come from their lab, and also that their CCP buddies roped them into supporting lockdowns, but I doubt many knew about COVID and the lockdown fraud in advance. 7/
Q: Why aren’t intelligence agencies acting?

They’re obsessed with the lab and virus origin, which I think owes to corruption, incompetence, and loyalty. Intel folks are proud and stubborn—as Vietnam showed, they’ll gaslight for years to avoid admitting mistakes. 8/
Q: Did you get a response to your letter to intelligence agencies?

They don’t give replies, but VIPs have taken notice. Phenomenal, and really validates the cheesy-but-true cliché that a small group of committed citizens can make a big difference. 9/
Q: Why does the media love lockdowns?

CCP propaganda created a media ecosystem where the lie that China eliminated COVID via lockdowns became normalized. CCP influence also prevents individual journalists from stepping out of line. Groupthink and ego have done the rest. 10/
Q: Will anyone go to jail?

Maybe. Prosecutors should inquire about key lockdown supporters: Were they paid to support lockdowns? If so, did they know the money was coming directly or indirectly from China? If so, they can be charged criminally. 11/
Q: Why didn’t Trump stop lockdowns?

Trump is really not anti-lockdown. He appears to have roped in by the bioweapon decoy like the intel folks. As president, he could have stopped lockdowns if he'd really tried. He didn’t. 12/
Q: Is CCP influence only a left-wing phenomenon?

No. Left-wing collaborators generally play the role of useful idiot, while right-wing collaborators generally play the role of controlled opposition—double agents and fake “hawks.” Make no mistake, they’re equally treasonous. 13/
Q: Is there controlled opposition in the China watching community?

Yes, sadly, having followed that community closely, I’ve concluded that an enormous portion of the China-, foreign policy-, and human-rights-watching community is controlled opposition to go easy on the CCP. 14/
Q: What role has inequality played in lockdowns?

Economic inequality and rising totalitarianism, led by the CCP, are the two primary causes of the lockdown fraud. I focus on the latter because the former is a much more long-term problem, but it's equally concerning. 15/
Q: What role do you think the WEF played?

Tbh I’ve seen no evidence the WEF knew about COVID or lockdowns in advance, and they actually spoke against lockdowns initially. But Klaus and the WEF are VERY CCP-friendly, which is why their policies seem so communist. 16/
Q: Why blame the CCP for lockdowns?

Western lockdown officials are 100% responsible for their own actions. But the CCP lied to them about the virus and the efficacy of lockdowns, and intentionally roped them into a giant Milgram experiment, which is a far greater evil. 17/
Q: Will blaming the CCP for lockdowns lead to war?

No. Everything I’m doing is very anti-war. If the CCP keeps monopolizing global production and influence, war is inevitable, as they’ve made abundantly clear in their own writings. 18/…
Q: Are the CCP and other dictatorships valuable as counterweights to western oligarchs?

No, generally they empower oligarchs. They’re really parasitic regimes with no redeeming qualities. There’s value in having many sovereign states, but the more democracies the better. 19/
Q: Can war be averted by letting the CCP have its way?

No. As happened with Hitler, eventually the regime’s aggressions will get so violent and brazen that global elites will realize it’s in their financial self-interest to stop them with violence, costing millions of lives. 20/
Q: Does opposing the CCP affect job or social prospects?

No. Good friends and employers seem to respect it as worthy, if niche, intellectual pursuit. And why would you want to work for or be friends with someone who would ostracize you for opposing a brutal dictatorship? 21/
Q: Is opposing the CCP dangerous in real life?

No, that’s really not how international CCP influence works, it’s very much directed toward seducing a small number of elite policymakers. Fear empowers the CCP. Don’t let fear of the CCP stop you from opposing them publ—— 22/
Any other questions welcome!
Q: Is it better not to point fingers at the CCP?

No. People get thrown off because they think big accusations should be handled quietly at trial. But that's the point, the CCP will never face a trial. The only trial is public discourse, and the jury room is the ballot box. 23/
Q: How many western leaders are CCP assets?

The number of knowing collaborators is tiny, but the CCP and its enablers have created a machine where being soft on China is key to promotion and advancement within political parties, universities, corporations and nonprofits. 24/

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The lockdown narrative is rooted in the mainstream embrace of science fiction. A super-virus so deadly it caused instant death in Wuhan (but nowhere else) until Xi’s 2-month lockdown of Wuhan eliminated it from China so we now need indefinite lockdowns. 2/
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Second, virus lab leaks are not rare. Sure, maybe the virus came from a lab. But other than the “gotcha!” of proving the naysayers wrong, this means nothing, because it doesn’t prove criminality on the part of anyone except maybe a few scientists.…
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3/ Second, wealthy “liberals” and other useful idiots. These are the double-maskers, vax passport promoters, and people who still proclaim full faith in scientists and “the science” of lockdowns, shrug off all harms of lockdowns and accept any info that confirms they were good.
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“15 days to slow the spread” began one year ago. It was March 2020, the Year of the Rat. Never was any year more fitting of the name. Never in history have the people been betrayed so callously, flagrantly and absolutely by their alleged leaders. Image
2/ They were betrayed by their WHO representatives,…
3/ and their national health directors.…
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