🖐♡ ... 🤝

It boggles my mind how so many choose to blame God for all the problems in the world or Lucifer but the BIGGEST problem in the world is ones not forgiving others, ones not forgiving themselves & ones not letting go of their GUILT that made themselves ACT on Image

Emotions cloud judgment. If someone is hanging on to guilt & is trying to defend A lie they told to hide that guilt & they end up hurting another person, who's to blame? God? Lucifer? Or the dam MAN/WOMAN that person sees in the mirror?
Everyone is quick to point
Fingers but little to no one is quick to point in the only direction that matters the most & that's into A DAMn Mirror.

30 Hours.
A BIG BIG BIG Bon fire on the Beach sounds good right about now I bet for the ones stranded on that Beach/ island...

You know how to be rescused/Saved.
"Playbook Known" on botb sides.

Evil had the lights tool & the Light had evil tool, neither side could heal Image
The world without meeting in the
This does not mean the ones who have committed crimes upon humanity just get A free pass & let go scott free. NO NO NO, This just means If forgiving those who have wronged & setting their souls free
Brings the TOOL that is needed that evil had of lights to the middle, in order to HEAL & SAVE THE WORLD, I forgive ALL EVIL ..
Think of it like this, remember when DJT met in the middle and shook hands with KIM? ..
He was/is playing A ROLE showing everyone what has to happen
In order for ALL OF THIS to work. This is what I have been doing this entire time. Meeting the ones who chose the Real Dark side (They hide in the light, claiming light) in the middle & making peace so they stop making life difficult for everyone in the world. TRUST ME
WHEN I SAY THIS, All of this could have been so much worse.
GOD WOKE A OF YOU EARLY (Earlier than what they thought would happen or what they foreseen because) for A specific reason. The reason being, YOU NEEDED TO KNOW, you have been here before, many times. Many chose to
Not remember. Some are seeing A past life and not understanding what they are seeing within. It's starting to come back to you. You're hearts & minds just needed A Kickstart. The ones who chose to not remember in the future that are trying to awaken today, A Blue & Red Pill
Will be shown to you. You will choose. You will use eyes that you never have used before. You will remember things that haven't happened yet. You are not allowed to interfere with any of it. Their are laws that you can not break when it comes to thr Butterfly Affect.
When you see these events take place before they happen, all you can do is warn & lend A hand for the ones who have fallen & for the ones who are grieving.
All anyone truly has to do is BE STILL & #DIG Deep within the back of your mind. Remember who you are & never let go
Of Gods hand again.

• • •

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30 Jun
I tried showing everyone A really long time ago, Way back on my P0A_Triot23 Account too..

I can tell how many have been influenced by ones who have talked so much crap about me ...🤭
It's so easy to see. It is what it is. Broken mirrors can be fixed ..

He's making new Music.
People will hate on one person but on their alternate accounts, they will be someone completely different ..
Too Funny. I Watched it all happen for so many years.

.@VinceMcMahon, When the new songs/CD drops-PLEASE have A NEW knot song for #WWERaw? .. Image
Same thing with Taylor Swift, So many will talk shit about someone on their Blue Check account but when they HELP everyone figure out what is really going on & why on an alternate account, they will be like, "OOH Thank You So much, WE LOVE YOU,YOU'RE so Appreciated" & whatever
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30 Jun
It's True ...
"Undercover Boss" ..

EVERYONE is being Reborn. By EVERYONE I Really do mean EE:EEVERYONE ...

O H, by the way- Don't mind that YUUUGE Crack in the Earth .... Perfectly Normal, it happens ..🤭
C oming Soon. Image
This is just A pic I found, I'm guessing much bigger... Image
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30 Jun
Milwaukee Bucks Vs. Atlanta Hawks

Tony Hawk
The doGs Name in 'Call Of the Wild' is BUCK . . .
James & the GIANT Peach

Figuring it out yet.
Now look at all the other sports teams playing, what do you see?
Someone broke it down earlier
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29 Jun

& Thank You!!
That HOME RUN post I made, I played Baseball at THE ROCK !!

Extraction Inbound. Getting outa the Garden & going to be reunited with family.

Just found my Practice Jersey in the Vault too ..
I've shared my other jersey's too.

.@taylorswift13 , "Stiks/snakes & Stones never hurt my bones" ..

I don't care who you had to support publicly to protect your family & some of your close friends, I always knew the truth. ImageImage
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29 Jun



So the same game got played right back at Evil!!!!!

Why is it so hard for everyone to see & understand this?!?!?!
All these people on the internet trying to be somebody or doing what they are for attention or followers, WHY ARE THEY NOT TELLING ANY OF YOU THESE TRUTHS?
Why is it THE 1 who says he is doG shit, the Gum On the Bottom of your shoes, A Nobody, A NOTHING & Wants nothing
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29 Jun
10,000 Switches to flip & they all have to be flipped in specifc order to fix the world, 90% of the people in this Country/world only care about 1 Switch .. Nothing else.

"Nothing is Happening"
"Nothing Yoh say comes True"
At this, All I can do is chuckle..
I Want to see someone else Use this Virus of life tool twitter, as A way to Reach people world wide. On top of that, Give Contect/Creative Ideas for wrestling (But someones may not watch wrestling, so in their minds it never comes to life), talking to the Military in code
(But ones don't understand the code or that I'm talking about something that happens in the future but they take it as Present with the Military), Nothing is happening to them..
I bet there is more to this post right now but all so many truly care about is just what they can see
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