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27 Jun, 10 tweets, 2 min read
DJIBOUTI: What the Afars need to understand.

The Republic of Djibouti covers an area of 23,000 km2. The first settlers landed in Obock, Afar town. They signed a treaty with the Afar sultans. The Afars are the first men of Djibouti.
And why are they marginalised now? Because the country is 90 percent theirs. The overwhelming majority are Afars. From Djibouti city through the city of Dikhil to Moulouhlé is an Afar territory. It is the only ethnic group that has a border with Ethiopia and Eritrea.
It can play a major and stabilizing role in the region. The Issas are a dominant minority thanks to the complicity of the colonial power. This is what Franz Fanon clearly demonstrated when he said: a whole tribe is changing into a state, closely advised by the settlers.
This minority dominates the political and economic life of the country. The afars were also fooled by Hassan Gouled by telling them that the Gadaboursis were the main enemy to be defeated. The height of irony.
The Issas say we and the Afars. While the Issas are a Somali tribe, and the Afars an ethnic group comparable to the Somalis. They ridicule the Afar community.
These have had sultanates that have now disappeared. They are civilised people and very friendly. What are the Afars waiting for to get the
reins of the country? The Afars need to know that the Issas are a minority, like the Alawis of Bashar Assad who dominate an overwhelming Sunni majority. The president returns by right to a majority democracy. So, in Djibouti, it is an Afar who should be.
This is why the Issas fear democracy, mainly this power in place. The Afars must ally themselves with the other Djiboutian citizens, the Gadaboursis, to put an end to this criminal policy.
If the Afars ally with the Gadaboursis, they will have an absolute majority, and this criminal minority that comes from Ethiopia and plunders the country will be incapable of harming the interests of the nation.
May the Afars wake up and ally with their Gadaboursis brothers unjustly discriminated against by this devouring and unscrupulous Issas minority. The Afars will see that the future of the country is in their hands.

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@kombiyuter @inkaarqabto Before 1960s, the French allied with Issa until the Issa were influenced by Somali nationalism and wanted to annex the whole of Djibouti into greater Somalia hence why French decided to support the Afar between 1963-1967...
@kombiyuter @inkaarqabto On 1976, the French decided to support the issas because the Afar leaders rejected their claims which had no interest for Afar people. Image
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@SoccerNPolitics @EthioMatrix @meetyoel Our wish was never to be under Tigrinya rule and under a state that’s denying our rights in our own homeland. We wished to be united with our Afars across the border. Majority of Afar in Dankalia didn’t vote to be part of Eritrea. Stop trying to be the gatekeeper of Afar.
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