tw // weight loss

i've been on 50mg elvanse for ages but i think my side effects are coming back ? i've lost a lot of weight since starting it last august and have been on 50mg since december 2020. could my tolerance have decreased ?
i've been getting so so so so anxious when my meds kick in for the last few weeks / months and i can't think of any other reason than there's less of me to medicate than there was before so maybe i'm on too high a dose now ? my heart rate spikes & my breathing gets hella shallow
i'm quite small now (which feels v alien for me to say) and i'm near the maximum dose. i can feel my heart kind of in my throat and i feel like it isn't helping me be productive anymore, it's just making my BFRBs and agoraphobia worse but i'm not gonna see my psych until May :')
i can't think of any other reason that it's not helping me as much anymore, or it's helping too much. could it be interacting with topiramate ? i started that about a month ago. i've been on sertraline for ages so i can't imagine it's that screwing it up. idk. it's a yikes.

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12 Jul
i <3 dr inna.
that is all.
turning this into a dr inna thread bc the lady SPITS FACTS
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11 Jul
tw // abuse

if i see one more person talking about "narcissistic abuse" i'm gonna fucking scream. it's just abuse. fucking stop demonising mental health conditions. if someone with OCD was abusive would you call it obsessive compulsive abuse ? no. because it's just called abuse.
narcissistic personality disorder is a horrendous condition to have without the rest of the entire world dumping on them. obviously abuse is awful, no one is saying otherwise. but so is making statements with huge implications for another hugely vulnerable group of people.
mental health advocates get outraged when people talk about BPD like this, why isn't anyone showing up for NPD ? it's fucking me off. yes, you can be abused by a narcissist, you can be abused by literally anyone. if i was an abuser would you call it ADHD abuse ? didn't think so.
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8 Jul
this might be a hot take but something about people who profit from ADHD really rubs me the wrong way. we're more likely to lose jobs, be impulsive and generally have less money. people know this - i really don't like seeing that exploited, especially by people in the community.
selling products to aid that is okay, but when courses and 'life-saving' hacks we can find for free elsewhere online cost bank breaking sums i think that's just irresponsible. i've seen people charge for body doubling groups by dressing it up as something more than what it is.
if you see individuals charging something you can't afford, it's okay to look and ask around in the community if there's a more affordable or free options. cost shouldn't be an issue in our own community, especially when it's such a known problem in the medical side of treatment
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3 Jul
someone recently (i think @AutSciPerson) did a bunch of polls/questions for autistic POCs about their comfort in the ND community and the answers implied a resounding lack of safety. racism in ND twitter is something we need to address but y'all aren't ready for that conversation
being neurodivergent is hard. no one said it isn't. but being non white is a whole other kettle of fish i can't begin to comprehend - i've never had to. it's not comparable to anything i've ever experienced and if you also are white, is it also not comparable to your experience.
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28 Jun
this entire thread is so harmful. my school performance was used against me in my assessment despite my catastrophic failure in every other area of my life. i was on an involuntary gap year after not getting into uni & every day i wasn't at work i was in bed wishing i'd disappear
and my school results weren't even good. i got BCD A levels. i was predicted A*AB and had been told my entire life that i was extremely bright and intelligent and had endless potential that i was wasting. i was let down and misinformation like this is half the reason why.
and no, i didn't go to a 10 student per class school with endless support. i went to the local comp where i was left to get on with it because the staff had bigger fish to fry with the problem kids with the knives and the ones who'd steal phones from their classmates pockets.
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28 Jun
there are so many names with numerous spellings but i feel like each one has a generally accepted "correct" spelling and i love the infighting between people with those names.
as someone with one of those names, and as someone who spells it the 'proper' way, i have seen some truly horrendous alternative spellings and i am so very glad for once in my life to be the basic bitch that i am 😌✨ my name is top tier basic and we love to see it 🤩
there's a truly chaotic number of ways to spell my name but you don't get much variation in the uk so i don't have to cringe at the poor decisions of other people's parents often. although the lack of variation does mean i never find it in gift shops because its always sold out
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