1/Joe Lopez served over 3 decades in the FL HWY Patrol. After he retired, he was still looking to serve his community, he decided to run for the 2018 Orange County Sheriff position. At the time, it was a 2 candidate race between him & former Orlando Police Chief, John Mina.
2/Lopez was introduced through someone he knew to #JacobEngels. The mutual associate presented to Lopez an opportunity to get his name out in the press as a viable candidate. Being a novis politician, he accepted the offer to do an exclusive interview with Engels.
3/@Lopez4Sheriff understood the associates connection to Jacob Engels to be that they broke the Ashley Madison story together some years back. Lopez, being someone who believes in government accountability at the time took that as a noble cause.
4/When they met for the interview, Engels asked Lopez if he had yet designated a Campaign Manager. Lopez had not. Engels referred him to none other than Greenberg’s former campaign manager (and still being paid by the Tax Collector’s office to the tune of $678k) #MikeShirley.
5/Shirley’s big pitch to Lopez included the fact that he was helped #JoelGreenberg get elected. At the time, Lopez had no idea who Greenberg was, nor did he think it was very impressive considering he hadn’t heard of him. But Shirley was persistent.
6/Shirley sent emails pressuring Lopez to sign a contract with his company Emerging Horizons & PinPoint Action to run his campaign. He sent sample flyers and pushed Lopez to select some to mail out. Lopez declined due the prices being far too expensive.
7/Shirley pitched a big game. One person Shirley & Engels continued to refer Lopez to for donations was #KeithIngersoll. He was, in Lopez’s understanding, their “money guy”. They boasted about Ingersoll’s fundraising ability & kept reminding Lopez to get a hold of Ingersoll.
8/Shirley & Engels even went so far as to claim Ingersoll could get an influx of $100-200k into his campaign. That never came to fruition. In fact, all in all, Ingersoll only added around $1500 to the Lopez campaign.
9/Lopez met Ingersoll at Johnny’s Fillin Station, an apparent regular and favorite of Ingersoll’s. The owner even threw Lopez a campaign party there. When he first arrived, is when he had his first of few encounters with Greenberg. He recalls Greenberg & Ingersoll being boastful.
10/Lopez felt they over exaggerated their personal accomplishments. Greenberg even said to Lopez “We gotta get together, go out on my boat, go to the Bahamas.” Lopez would see him one more time later in the campaign.
11/That next encounter was at a debate which Greenberg showed up at the same time as Sheppard, yet pretended to not know him.
Lopez made note of this because Sheppard was 30 minutes late to the event.
12/In fact, the debate Darryl Sheppard did arrive late to was the only debate he would attend. As seen here, multiple debates to reach out to the community were missing Sheppard.
13/Lopez had a friend who was helping behind the scenes (I'm leaving anonymous for now). That person had been in private chats w/#JoelGreenberg throughout the Sheriff campaign. He would report back to Lopez.
14/During those chats, Greenberg continued to bring up a guy named Darryl Sheppard. Even telling this person:

“I like Joe Lopez, but he doesn’t have a chance because the Democrat is going to win”.
15/One month before qualifying, a 3rd candidate who listed himself as a Democrat entered the race. Darryl Sheppard. Sheppard had been arrested 13 times, most of them dismissed, including check fraud. Still pending cases at the time he entered the race.
16/@WESH covered Sheppard’s arrest record along w/his attempts to enter on Democratic ticket. His first 2 checks bounced, eventually a 3rd went through.
There is speculation about where that money came from, but without a review of bank statements, no solid evidence exists.
17/Orange sheriff candidate defends arrest record: I know 'what both sides of an arrest feel like''
Although, he didn't because he never served in the capacity to have arrested anyone.
by @orlandosentinel
18/Additionally, it seems no donations and no expenditures were made from Sheppard’s campaign at all. So how his flyers, billboards and mailers were paid for is also a mystery for this candidate.
The $10,900 was all contributed by only Sheppard himself.
19/Sheppard was playing political dirty tricks, posting fake screenshots claiming his opponent was endorsed by Trump & that he was endorsed by then gubernatorial candidate Andrew Gillum. No such endorsements existed. m.orlandoweekly.com/Blogs/archives…
20/Even @valdemings had to speak out and tell the sheriff candidate to stop using her photo:
'I would not endorse Darryl Sheppard for Dog Catcher' orlandosentinel.com/news/breaking-…
21/Eventually Lopez had enough. He asked Joel Hawksley, who Shirley had put in charge of his campaign, why Greenberg was supporting Sheppard. Engels & Shirley assured Lopez that there was no way Sheppard could win & he had nothing to worry about. That would turn out to be untrue.
22/Hawkley even attempted to ask PinPoint Action’s in-house council about the perceived endorsement by Greenberg of Sheppard. The council at the time, #WadeVose claimed he was not at liberty to discuss that as it was “attorney-client” privilege.
23/This wasn’t exactly clear because Lopez would have been a client of PinPoint having a contract to run his campaign. Unless of course, the client in question was then Tax Collector Joel Greenberg, which Vose had a large contract with for $275k.
24/Greenberg even seemed to try and squash rumors that he was helping Sheppard by donating to Lopez’s campaign.
Lopez learned about the donations and immediately directed the donation be returned, which it was.
25/Hawksley became tired of the political antics of Shirley & others, he resigned. He went to PinPoint to retrieve his things, he noticed Greenberg & another man, Rick Garcia looking over billboard plans. When Greenberg & Garcia noticed Hawksley, they quickly shut the door.
26/Just days after Hawksley’s strange encounter w/Greenberg at Shirley’s office, billboards went up in predominantly black neighborhoods around Orange County.
Those billboards showed Sheppard & Andrew Gillum. Gillum’s office confirmed to Lopez that they did not endorse Sheppard.
27/@Lopez4Sheriff knew there was something going on, but he was too far into the race, no option outside of dropping out, so he remained a client of Shirley’s. Ultimately, results came in, Lopez lost. It wasn’t Lopez’s loss so much as how close Sheppard came to winning that race.
28/John Mina ultimately won (45%) w/Darryl Sheppard coming in 2nd (41%) nearly beating him. Lopez, a man who many regarded as a formidable opponent to Mina, only rcvd 13.9%.
The election made no sense. Yet, not much attention seemed to be paid to it. Until maybe now. @jennycohn1

• • •

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