#covid19aus #auspol tens of billions are being spent on transport projects in major cities. Few begin with the basic assumptions. Why do we need so much transport? Why do people require so much mobility to undertake basic everyday life? /1
Imagine that money being used to develop new models of decentralised work, people working from home, neighbourhoods strengthened so that they’re no longer just overnight carparks for commuting workers. /2
Conservative governments love transport projects. We don’t often question why, everybody seems to share the assumption that it’s normal for people to need to move so extensively every day. Meanwhile our living spaces outside major transport hubs wither on the vine. /3
They love these projects because ‘business’, rarely defined, is really the process of gradually stripping away all territorial boundaries, to facilitate the free movement of goods and people. This leads to incredibly fragile social environments…/4
… where the basic supply of everyday goods and services requires just-in-time supply chains, ferrying along these transport routes. Any interruption to these routes means that people become unable to do basic things like eat or buy other groceries. /5
At the same time work itself has become more fragile, the gig economy. Workers not only commute to their work every day, that work itself - their job – can change from one day to the next. /6
Not only do households rely upon fragile supply chains, keeping little in reserve for emergencies, but financially they also have increasingly less capacity to stop work in an emergency. I’ve Tweeted before that this is I think the actual cause of the pandemic. /7
Those strenuously pushing to get economies reopen again are strengthening the very mechanism that created the pandemic in the first place. They will stop at nothing to get everything moving again, including killing millions of people and infecting children. /end

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29 Jun
#auspol #covid19 watching the UK news is a jaw-dropping experience of seeing the regulatory capture of democracy by venal corporate interests, in real time. /1

A story about the apparent disgrace of sending 250,000 students into isolation after COVID outbreaks in schools, because ‘only 9000 were actually infected’. Only! /2
In the same bulletin, CEOs given quarantine exemptions to sign major business deals to help the UK economy. And employers urged to allow workers to finish work early so they can watch a fucking soccer game. /3
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27 Jun
#auspol #covid19 when we turned our societies into economies, they lost the resilience to do the most basic act. Taking shelter. If societies had that resilience, to allow most to stay home for weeks, the pandemic would never have happened. The 'Economy' doesn't allow it. /1
What we call the Economy is really the continual displacement of people and things from their 'home'. Whether it's the daily commute, or the international circulation of goods and people, the Economy is really code for movement. And movement in turn displaces, literally. /2
That displacement is political. The old saying, a person's home is their castle. Forcing the continuous displacement of people and goods is designed to remove that sovereignty from peoples' lives. 'Go where the jobs are'. /3
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26 Jun
#auspol #covid19 it's amazing that the same experiences, repeated multiple times, teach us nothing. Symptomatic of us using our 'normal' life thinking to try to understand a pandemic, the thinking that actually created the pandemic. About toilet paper.../1
This isn't 'panic buying'. Logistics experts have said (but aren't listened to) multiple times that this is the result of a too-lean, just-in-time supply chain. Another facet of our gig economies, engineered to maximise profit and minimise resilience. /2
Every time we've had a major outbreak, this has also been a 100% reliable indicator of what's about to occur. Crowds are wise, in the right situations, smarter than anybody in them. Google the research on this, collective intelligence, crowd wisdom. /3
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25 Jun
#covid19 #auspol it's nice to see this data getting the attention it deserves. Showing comprehensive 'lock-down' action is cheaper, faster, harms the fewest people and restricts 'freedoms' the least. 1/ Image
One thing the opposing 'proportionate' approach does that is less commented on is apply restrictions disproportionately to different social groups. The virus knows no geographical boundaries, but 'proportionate' restrictions do. 2/
A pandemic becomes then not a collective public challenge, but a stigma and burden carried more by those unlucky enough to get outbreaks. More broadly, it paints a pandemic as something that happens in tiny pockets, inside a wider 'normal' life. 3/
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24 Jun
#auspol #COVID19 the longer a pandemic goes on, the less it becomes about science. In fact it's never really about science. A pandemic is a social phenomenon, driven by patterns of interaction between people. 1/
Science can help understand these patterns and treat the sick, but the patterns themselves are produced by everybody, including scientists. There's no vantage point on the patterns, society is a percolation of social transactions including every single person. 2/
There is a science as well of social interaction. But it isn't a vantage point either, just part of the percolating mix. Politics is broader, but again, is not a vantage point. There are no vantage points. 3/
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