So you want to be able to hit kids cause they make you feel rejected and disempowered?

This is your issue, not theirs. And if violence is the answer to feeling rejected and dusempowered, then the cycle just continues

Cause violence against kids makes them feel like that.
But once again.

I don't "demand to correct behavior" I provide my kids with the information and context they need to correct their own behavior.

Conflict resolution skills, compassion, self-soothing

My youngest is already learning to take deep breaths rather than lashing out.
My children's growth and development isn't about my feelings. It's about them.

They do stuff that upsets or angers me or hurts my feelings, but my job as a parent is to communicate that to them without lashing out at them.

To teach them how to do and be better to everyone.
If some rando hurts my feelings or upsets or angers me, I have to figure out ways to navigate this that do not involve punishment or vengeance.

I have to figure out how to communicate and resolve the issue rationally.

My kids don't get LESS consideration than some rando.
My kids are the most beloved, vulnerable and dependent people in my life.

Why would they be the ONLY people in my entire life I felt entitled to inflict violence on?

• • •

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4 Jul
Something something created equal.

Happy Independence Day!
It's kinda tempting to think that this isn't really relevant because it mentions Trump and we have a new President now

But Trumpism continues proudly. Its adherents still run the Legislative branch they tried to destroy six months ago

Trump was a symptom

The disease rages on
Even though the Declaration of Independence was written by genocidal white supremaicists with a penchant for human trafficking, its words speak to a universal truth...

One that its authors didn't actually want applied to them.
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1 Jul
Rich people get carrots.
Sticks are saved for the poor.
We have twisted the narrative such that those who work 80 hours a week for a pittance "don't respect and understand the value of money"

While those who have had wealth lavished upon them from birth, understand and appreciate it.

Despite these positions being ass backwards.
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1 Jul
Yep. TONS.

And the rest of this statement doesn't pan out given the evidence.

For instance, evidence shows that giving people in poverty money for free is literally the best way to get people out of poverty.

Likewise homes to the homeless.
Instead though, we as a society are hyperfocused on what we think others DESERVE, (a calculation by the way that is almost always way way off) and instead of doing what works we do what makes us feel better about our preconceptions of worthiness.
What is truly maddening is that many of the solutions to our deepest social problems are incredibly simple.

Like "Wait, that worked?!" simple.

And we deliberately add complexity so that the problem never gets solved, but we feel better about ourselves.
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1 Jul
If you REALLY want to understand a legitimate need for application of Critical Race Theory, here you go.

SCOTUS is backing GOP voter restrictions on the premise that they are racially neutral.

Except "racially neutral" is almost never that in voting.…
One of the core ideas of Critical Race Theory is that because America legally codified racism for so long, it is invalid to merely point at legislation as "race neutral" without taking stock of the legacy and effects of similar laws that were overtly racist.
To wit: There's a law for years that says only Blondes can drive.

Anyone else is prohibited from owning cars.

The law dies for being discriminatory

Then a new law says that there's a tax break for car owners regardless of hair color.

But only Blondes have cars.

Not neutral
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30 Jun
Parenting: Day 1350 - Still haven't found a good reason to hit my kids.

Not sure when the justification for violence against minors reveals itself, but it's sure taking its time...
"When you're a parent, you'll understand!"

Been a parent a while now and I still don't understand.
I understand that kids can be exhausting

And rambunctious
And loud
And they don't develop on your schedule
They can be irritating
Or deceptive
Or disrespectful
They can wear on your nerves

But I still don't understand how violence would help.
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24 Jun
Blackness is a imposed identity.

Unlike White people and whiteness, we had no say in it.

Because White people deliberately destroyed our lineages and violently and intentionally disrupted our connectionss to heritages, Blackness was recast as an identity of collective survival
Whiteness was designed for the explicit purpose of facilitating and justifying oppression of Black people.

Blackness on the other hand was designed to be oppressed but was reclaimed by Black people as an act of defiance and community.
As far as the rules of whiteness and Blackness, they are totally different

Whiteness is about purity. Any dilution of whiteness by another race obliterates that whiteness

On the other hand, adding a race to Blackness does not. A person with only one Black parent is Black.
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