Everyone on Twitter preaches systems

But most don't know how to create them

Here's how you create systems that actually work


First things first, let's understand the purpose of systems

They are here to automate recurring tasks that work in your brand so you can focus on other areas of your business

You can trust that they are being done efficiently + to the highest quality
This is where people get confused

They mix the two together "efficiency" and "highest quality"

Systems are efficient because they help you reach a goal by defining OVERALL TASKS

Overall tasks are specific tasks that have multiple micro tasks under (stay with me)
Systems are broken off into 3 parts

1. The process - sequential steps to help you reach the end goal
2. The subtasks - sub-tasks for each of the sequential steps to get each done properly
3. The SOP's - secret sauce for getting subtasks done with precision
Think of the Krabby Patty from Spongebob

1. The process - warming the buns, grilling the burger, cutting the veggies, etc
2. The subtasks - to warm the buns we must
- get the buns from the pantry
- put them in toaster for x mins
3. The SOP's - the actually Krabby patty formula
Let's do a real-life example together

The system we want to create

Posting content on Instagram
1. The process to Post on Instagram

> Define content schedule
> Choose a style of content you want to post
> Create content for the post
> Get content approved
> Create design for post with new content
> Get post approved
> Schedule post
2. The sub task

Each of the overall tasks above have sub tasks that must be reached for example
- Create content based on post type
3. The SOP

How to make the work of your subtasks higher quality for e.x

The system step that is CREATE CONTENT FOR POST

The subtask will be
- Create content based on post type

The SOP will be a checklist or examples of winning content for that specific post type
Your SOP's are basically checklists, banks, lists, steps to help you reach specific subtasks with high quality
Systems are vital for every entrepreneur - they help you run the business so you can take a step back and focus on something out

It also makes your hiring process simpler because you get the new hires to focus on specific systems which is now their role and responsibility
Create a system for every recurring task you have in your company

I have an entire in-depth systems video in Utopia and multiple more posts on systems inside

Want access to them & thousands of other posts

Join our Utopia for Marketers Now

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