The actual title of dis video should be "when niggas go broke." Put dis in da same category as my previous post on JimmieWalker doing Medicare infomercials or KendrickPerkins defending RachelNichols b/c "yall cant expect me 2 risk my job"
Hear me well. Trust no nigga whose aim is all about money for dey will always be willing 2 sacrifice their own people 2 "get the bag." History is filled w/a few niggas getting rich at the expense of a ton of udder niggas. Think Jay-Z saying "we past kneeling" after-
getting that new multimillion dollar NFL partnership deal. Fuck Kaepernick & da rest of yall. HOVA gotta get paid. Dis why black people must corporately divest of celebrity. ALL CELEBRITY. We are the shoes everyone else wears to a life of celebrity, fame & fortune. Think Obamas.
They rode dat black vote & racial symbolism 2 a life of globetrotting w/billionaires & Michelle Obama charging $400/ticket for mafuckas to come see her strut across a stage in a $8,000 canary Versace dress & $4,000Balenciaga glitter boots all while niggas-
caught bullets by cops in da streets all b/c white folks mad some niggas livin in da white house. And if we said a goddam thing about any of dis, Obama told niggas to "stop complaining." Most of our black celebrities ain't shit cause white folks done bought damn near all of them.
Most of dem Michael Jordan type niggas who achieved their life of fame & fortune by staying racially neutral or at least racially ambiguous being sure to neva rile white folks too much less dem movie roles, album releases, model runways & good guvamint jobs start drying up.
And y'all wonder why I'm a racial fatalist? Cuz niggas can't win. Da deck is too stacked against "Us." Too many of our people been bought & white folks got 2 many of our people by the balls w/deez damn jobs. Ain't no niggas riskin IT ALL for da rest of "Us."
& white folks know this. Thats why Kendrick Perkins & Stephen Jackson out here in deese streets defending da indefensible white woman. White folks got dem niggas by da coattails. Any wrong word, any wrong move, and white folks shuttin all dat shit down.
Dis is why I ain't neva agreed with Stephen Jackson's podcast title "All The Smoke." It should be named "Partial Smoke" cuz dem niggas only give smoke 2 easy targets like KwameBrown & udder niggas dey perceive as being beneath them. Stephen Jackson won't neva go at MichaelJordan-
4 dat fuck shit Jordan did to him & StephenJackson damn sho aint going at no white person & especially no Jewish person like he go at black people. Remember when dey came close to shuttin dat nigga down over defending NFLer DeSean Jacksons remarks on Jews.
Closecall nigga. Jack backtracked quicker than DeionSanders on a go route w/Jerry Rice. Butnow hedefending racist comments by Rachel Nichols & saying "we support both Rachel & Maria Taylor." Fuck outta here w/that fence-sitting-playing-both-sides bullshit. Impossible. Choosaside.
DrKing once posited, "There comes a time when 1 must take a position that is neither safe, nor politic, nor popular but he must take it b/c conscience tells him it is right." I don't give afuck if all y'all black athletes close 2 dis white woman gave her license 2 talk reckless.
Yall like niggas wit whitefriends who letdem say "nigga" round dem at dey lil private get togethers in gated communities & dendey get in trouble when dey get round udder niggas outside dey blackcelebrity circle & find out da new niggas aint goin4 none of dat celebritynigga shit.
Hear me well. I blame Rachel Nichols reckless talk on niggas like Stephen Jackson, Kendrick Perkins, Lebron James & other black athletes giving her all deez inside interviews & other perks that has given her the courage to go at a black woman like Maria Taylor.
Yall mafuckas shouldve put RachelNichols on ice da minute she went at FloydMayweather on some me2 bullshit all dem yrs ago. Put simply, 2 many black athletes gave Rachel Nichols an honorary black card & she thought she had carte blanche space 2 play dat shit any time she wanted.
Now yall defending her. Why cant black people move lock & step like eery other group? B/c our livelihoods too dependent on white people. And this is why I say: WE CAN'T WIN. It is this concept that fuels much of my racial fatalism. I don't give a fuck how big yo movement gets.
White folks will always be able to pick of just enough niggas required to bring yo whole shit crashing down. And white folks don't even have to be nowhere near yo shit. Dey can just buy off a nigga or two here and there and BOOM, your whole shit implodes from da inside.
This why I say time & time again I don't trust any black person until I see them around wypipo. I need 2C how flexible yo spine is. I've seen far2 many negroes acrobatically genuflect 2 white people & contort their entire being into the nice little box white folks create 4 dem&
if U dare get in da way of any black person trying to please white people, dey will attempt to destroy you. Dey will do white folks job for them. There is nothing more dangerous 4 any black person than interrupting a nigga trying to be next to white people & curry white favor.
Therefore I fully expect that most black people I come in contact with are operating up under what I call "racial gravity." Just as the laws of physics requires the force of gravity to push everything to da ground, "racial gravity" pushes everything 2 da feet of white people.
Regardless of whether they realize it or not, see it or not, agree with it or not, avoid it or not, embrace it or not, I fully expect:

Every nigga's thoughts.

Every nigga's actions.

To comport to the expectations, desires, fulfillment, satisfaction & benefit of white people.
This how I could predict w/breathtaking accuracy that Wakandan Judge Latisha Dear Jackson would give a white officer a light sentence for gunning down a naked black veteran in cold blood despite the black family begging her to throw the book at him.
This is how I could predict that Nashville Judge Monte Watkins would give a white cop less than 3 yrs for gunning down a black man in the back running away or how black Baltimore Judge Barry Williams would throw out charges against da cops who severed Freddie Gray's spine.
I could go on&on. Perhaps BookerTWashington said it best, "if U ever mustered up enough black support 2 overthrow a single slave plantation, the master's slaves would meet you at the master's gates to preserve the master's reign"

& THIS, my friends, is why I say:

Thank U kindly for taking the time to read the work of Dr. Alexander Hamilton aka AHAM.

If you dig the content, please feel free to support us via CashApp: $ahamllc

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10 Jul

Here's another reason why social media companies may need 2B regulated like public utilities& subjected to strict 1stAmendment protections. I'm no Trump fan but hes right on dis 1. Social media companies are picking winners&losers.
As WaPost Editor Fred Hiatt says,

"Most people understand that they are private companies but also that, in today’s America, if [Facebook, Twitter, & YouTube] are silencing you, you are being excluded in a serious way from the public square."

We went from 3 TV networks & an oligopoly of radio stations & record companies controlling what we listen & watch 2 a few social media companies controlling who gets to be seen, heard & read. I've been censored so much on FB that I just stop posting & start removing my content.
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6 Jul
Remember when RachelNichols ambushed Floyd Mayweather on some me2 shit over an altercation he had w/his babymama, then got mad when Floyd pulled her presscredentials when she tried 2 get n2 1 of his fights. Well dem Mayweather chickens coming home 2 roost.
Up next, a cracking voice & white woman's tears. No apology & no amount of liquid emanating 4 from dem blue eyes can whitewash da disrespect U heaped on black woman MariaTaylor. Keep dat same energy. Only way for ESPN to save face is to Jemele Hill yo ass.
Meanwhile Kendrick Perkins out here defending da indefensible cuz niggas bout 2 pull his black card 4 handling Rachel Nichols w/kid loves. Perkins say yall cant expect me 2 risk my job 4 da rest of yall niggas. I gotta family to feed. I hear U my nigga.
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5 Jul

And y'all wonder why Naomi Osaka & Marshawn Lynch don't fuck with da media. Fuck'em. Athletes no longer need the institution of media b/t them & the public. They can take their brand straight to the public thru their own social media.
Socialmedia is making traditionalpress obsolete. They are a major source of dysfunction in dis world w/their constant bombardment of slantednarratives. Meanwhile dont it feel good 2 watch a real alpha blackmale like RichardWilliams check daphuck out of a white boy like dat? LUVIT
Bet U Serena husband aint on no shit like Richard. Its sad when a blackwoman doesnt desire a man like her father as much as its sad when a blackman doesn't desire a woman like his mother. Look at dat video again & then wonder why Sir Richard didn't attend Serena's Wedding. Ugh.
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4 Jul
To all the woke Negroes who think that the Confederate Flag should be banned everywhere, riddle me this: what flag was slavery founded under?
Hear me well. The Americanflag might B da greatest symbol of American cowardice, 4 if da foundingfathers who adopted the Americanflag had the testicular fortitude at Americas founding 2 outright ban slavery, there would hv never been a ConfederateFlag 2 wave or a CivilWar 2 fight
Hence Frederick Douglass' retort: "What to the Slave is the Fourth of July?" Not a goddam thing. So what to the slave was Juneteenth? Well, have some niggas tell it, weeze alls frees now? But free to do what? Free to get dis oppression. Free to get dis joblessness.
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3 Jul

Lemme say sometin. Dont fuck w/no nigga who dont understand survival. I really need U2 get dis. 1 mafucka on yo team slippin can bring yo whole shit crashing down. I run a very tight ship & the minute I see a nigga operating contrary 2 survival, I cut them.
Zero room for error. Hear me. In a society dominated by white supremacy where white folks givin out felonies & bullets to any nigga who get out of line, I stay away from anybody who don't get this.
Shit, I'll cut a jaywalker from my life. Why? B/c on a base level, jaywalking niggas don't know how to stay between lines. Dey live dey lives crossing boundaries. Cops have shot black people for jaywalking. Put simply, Dey got a place 4 niggas who can't stay inside da the lines.
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2 Jul

Uh oh. As I told U yesterday, mafuckas lawyering up as we speak. The current DA used Cosby as the "cornerstone of his campaign" to get elected & now dis shit about 2 come back & bite him in da ass. Here's a question I have tho:
Why would a DA turned Trump lawyer turn down da opportunity 2 put a rich Negro like Cosby in jail? & why would he induce Cosby 2 cooperate in a civil suit that settled for $3.38M dollars? Mad I'm using "Trump Lawyer" here. Well that's how the media is referring 2 him nowadays.
Regardless, da prosecutorial canon of ethics prohibits prosecutors from leveraging a prosecution against a civil action. A prosecutor is NOT allowed 2 say, "If U drop your civil case, we'll drop our criminal case" & conversely, "If U cooperate in a civil case, we wont prosecute."
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