@cbracken20111 I'm shocked at Tommy blocking me for one comment I sent where he was talking about Socialism. I'm sure you've seen his reply. He said I was peddling it which I wasn't at all. I was stating facts about the definition and wondered what his was. I'm quite hurt.
He stated emphatically he doesn't believe in censorship but isn't blocking me a form of it when I actually had written nothing which was in any way other than actually a question. I'm so perplexed after being a 'friend' to him for a long time now.
I just found this article and is the basis in what I understand of the topic. If you read this, you will realize my comment to Tommy was actually correct: thenation.com/article/archiv…
It is absolutely obvious how there is a combination of both capitalism and a socialist structure in the USA today but with the advent of private healthcare & private schools capitalism is their model. medpagetoday.com/opinion/focuso…
I have a feeling many in the USA equate socialistic structure with communism which creates some confusion from the years of the Cold War between the USA & Russia. But I guess Tommy will not enter into any discussion about this. A shame as I liked engaging with him on Twitter.

• • •

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11 Jul
@JPTasker I have just read your article on the J&J vaccine currently with no plans of Canada to import right now based on ?demand for the vaccine. My background is as a former Critical Care RN and someone who can only have the J&J vaccine. With my two weeks of effort and over
24 phone calls to my MP, Health Canada (can't get through at all), to Special Access staff person who was helpful but didn't call me back with any info., to Border Services to see if for a medical exception I could drive from Vancouver to the US to acquire the J&J vaccine there,
to calling Pharmacies in Blaine, Bellingham to inquire if available - not, also Seattle to an info. number about an immunization clinic there with J&J vaccines, to considering going to the UK for it, or California, I have nearly exhausted all my own ideas on how to be immunized
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5 Jul
@cgraw1 For one shift in Emergency, my initial meeting with a man who was drunk & verbally abusive needing restraint with previous staff on day shift, I walked in to have him swear and demand apple juice. Was still restrained. I replied, he needed to not swear, use the word, 'please' 1/2
@cgraw1 if he wanted anything and that I was his nurse for the shift - 12 hrs. He was in a private room due to being so disruptive. I told him to think about what I had said, since he was a lot more sober than on admission hours before and I'd return in five minutes. I did make sure 2/3
@cgraw1 to return in those 5 minutes and he said, 'I'd like some apple juice, please." So, my setting boundaries was working well as I had a plan for this middle aged man. During the 5 minutes, I had a look through notes written for his previous admissions and his old chart was 3/4
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4 Jul
@KayeSteinsapir You wouldn't have known of our late Canadian writer, storyteller, Stuart McLean who was such a treasure both in Canada and the world. He had an hour Canadian radio show on Sundays at noon reading his very amusing stories on @CBC radio. He died on the same date as
your beloved Molly but in 2017 of malignant melanoma and complications from immuno-therapy. I like to think of him 'being' there for Molly when she 'arrived' to where now spirits are free. Perhaps often somehow he is able to be there for her with more stories.
Many of his stories did revolve around a fictitious family of Dave (quite the bumbling well intentioned man)and Morley and their children. His story of Dave Cooks The Turkey is the top favourite. Here is a snippet of some of his stories:
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30 May
Tonight I was out walking after 6 pm and thinking about the 215 Indigenous children buried in Kamloops on the grounds of the residential prison-school without any family to grieve their deaths. Then I considered how the shoes on the Vancouver Art Gallery which I visited last
evening was such a poignant scene. Chilling to realize every pair of shoes was a child's life which obviously had no worth to the adults entrusted with their care. Then I thought, "What would 215 random children's names be like to read?" Meaning no disrespect to the children's
actual names, I searched for a listing of random boys and girls names and have now the list. I am going to add it here in a thread. It is a list which is added with deep respect for the actual names of these precious boys and girls anonymously buried. EMMA NOAH MIA SEBASTIAN
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30 May
Watching Global 6 pm news and a statement from an Archbishop of the Catholic Church in BC stating sentiments like: "we appreciate the pain" and "we'll do all we can to help in healing." Hollow words considering the church HID and still HIDES any abusive behaviour toward any of
their congregation let alone the thousands of children who were abused and ?killed in the Residential prison-schools which were nothing other than a way to kill the spirit and culture of generations of Aboriginal peoples in Canada. They KNEW what was happening in these so called,
schools where they forced English on these children, forbade them to even speak their own language with the few visits from parents. It was religious brainwashing too. What needed to happen was to be transparent decades ago. Now the generations of harm has been done. The horrors
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29 May
@ElizabethRBess @NeetuGarcha @GlobalBC Yes, agree with all you have written above. When I worked closely with other coordinators of the Stein Festival,(I managed the Medical Care for the 3 1/2 day festival on reserve land with 24,000 attending) I got to know a really nice Aboriginal man in his late 40's - he was 1/2
@ElizabethRBess @NeetuGarcha @GlobalBC the organizer for all the volunteers at the festival except mine who were GP's and RN's. One day we were chatting and I asked him about his life. He explained how he'd been a residential school child, how he was raped by the priest there repeatedly and abused in other ways. 2/3
@ElizabethRBess @NeetuGarcha @GlobalBC No one else was in the large office and I guess he trusted me and felt I would understand (he knew I was an RN) when he told me all that happened to him. When he left the school finally in his late teens, he didn't know his own language, didn't know his parents or family. He 3/4
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