How to Stop Overthinking: 7 Strategies

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1) Mindset is Everything

The worst is feeling "worthless".

This is the first step into depression. Suicide doesn't kill people, sadness kills.

Feel worthy. Feel special. Feel deserving.

Your awareness is your superpower.

The mind is everything.

What you think you become.
2) We see what we choose

The brain doesn't care whether you're happy or sad.

It begins to respond by releasing the brain chemicals: hormones [dopamine, oxytocin, etc.]

Sometimes happiness is a feeling.

Sometimes it's a decision.

Choose to be happy.

You always have a choice
3) Hard Times Reveal Your Potential

Tough times don't come to destroy you.

They are here to bring out the best in you.

Don't concentrate on survival | ways to escape.

Open your mind. Look for ways to take advantage.

When you feel like quitting, think about why you started.
4) Don't Lose Hope | Get Up

Never, ever give up. Great things take time.

Even when all doors are closed, there's always

An escape plan. Don't give up.

- Keep looking
- Keep searching
- Keep knocking

Getting shaped is a slow process.

But quitting won't speed it up.
5) Stay Positive | Stay Active

Do what matters. NOW.

The best way to stay positive during tough times:

- be active
- do anything
- just do something
- use your imagination

Never allow yourself to be static. Static kills.

Strength comes from your willpower!
6) Create Your Future

If you can't change your mind, you can't change anything.

Build solid habits. Develop daily routines:

- morning ritual | day ritual | evening ritual

Live and die each time. You'll change.

Good and bad times are part of life.

Never let them retard you.
7) Create Miracles With Positivity

You can't have a positive life with a negative mind.

Maintain a positive mental attitude.

Negativity will definitely break the toughest man.

When it comes to mind over matter,

Mind always wins.
You view the world through your mental attitude.

Luckily, we can train ourselves over time on how to think clearly.

Highly recommend reading 100 Mental Models. Practice critical thinking.
Discover the worlds of other minds!…
Hope changes everything.

It cuts through despair like candlelight shining through the darkness.

Be the change you wish to see in the world.

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7 Jul
Money Mindset: Master Your Money

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1) Improve Your Money Skills

Money is an idea.

It's whatever you think it is.

If you repeat something often enough,

You will slowly start to "believe" it's true.

Change your Belief. Change your Money.
2) Shift Your Money Story

You don’t see the world as it is. You only see the world as you're.

Money is the result of "stories" you're feeling.

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With negative self-talk, you won’t be likely to retire early.

Put a high value on Yourself.
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Pay more attention to your HEALTH than your money

When there's no health, wealth has no meaning

Fit body >>> Wealthy mind
2/15 Blaming kills

The best way to fail at everything in life is to BLAME all your problems on others

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Getting rich starts with your mindset.

THREAD: 7 Mindset Habits to Develop Now
1) Change your thinking

Rich people believe “I Create My Life.”

Poor mindsets: “Life happens to me.”

To build wealth:

- develop a rich mindset
- study rich >>> change your thoughts
- take responsibility >>> create a financial life plan

Change your mindset and your life.
2) Put your money mindset to work

Rich people: “make their money work for them.”

Whereas, poor mindset:

- earn money selling time
- depend on a single income
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1) Blaming Others When Things Go Wrong

Blame is a defense mechanism.

Some blame others if they feel "losing control".

Self-control is a precious asset.

Manage your energy on yourself.

Cure 1: Focus on what matters
2) Being Resistant To Change

Taking a new step is what people fear most.

The fear of failure kills creativity and intelligence.

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What doesn't kill you, makes you stronger!

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Success is a lonely journey.

No one is going to be interested in how you gave strike against massive waves.

All they care about is how you’ll arrive at the shore.

In the end, the story needs a happy end with its own hero.
Once the Success Journey starts:
(Say it Loud)

- You don't say anything
- You don't feel anything
- You are like a stone
- Nothing stops YOU

It's You and Your Goals

Nothing more. Nothing less.
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The job market no longer functions in a line "from learning to earning to retirement."

Gaining new skills isn't hard. All you need:

- internet
- laptop
- will

Turn your skills into a profitable business.
To make multiple incomes, you need:

- stop thinking like an employee
- boss up and start building
- discover your passion

However, most struggle with monetizing new skills.

What’s the formula to make money?
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