If I showed everyone what is about to happen before it happens, AGAIN. Would it trult matter? Or have the Haters,Pot stirrers & Dividers gotten to you?.

I could just sit back & do nothing. I could just watch everyone suffer & panic but I choose not to. I choose to give COMFORT.
I keep giving EVERYONE A heads up before bad things happen. There is A tiny bit of darkness coming these coming days. Everyone should be good this weekend, do something Positive like DDP said.

Not everyone is awake on the same level.

Doing all of this EYE 2 EYE is very difficult. Some people think i'm talking down to them, NO, I'M NOT. I'm talking exactly how I talk IRL.

There is going to be 1 last FF push by evil before things start to fully unravel..
As you can see, crime has SPIKED in certain cities
& meeting have just taken place between individuals. These are all distractions/Optics letting the rest of evil know of PAST situations/meetings/scenarios between PAST Presidents, Politicians & others in that deep state have been compromised. Evil was sending out cryptic
Messages about it all & what's to come for the ones who have not taken any deals. Messages to the Middle/smaller players in the game that it's completely over & that they were on their own.
Keep your heads on A swivel. On the 16Th, don't restrictions on covid get lifted?
Thibgs will start going back to somewhat normal? What do you think happens then? People can start REALLY gettinf together & talking about what is happening in the world? This is going to be the "LAST STAND" for evil to really try and gain back control of the narrative.
You already see the start of "Nuclear War" talks.
Every Country turns exposes the Deep States where they are & all Countries at once will regain power, turn off the nuclear switch & either make it known of all the arrests or start arresting the puppets within the public eye who
Have already been arrested just used by all the governments to slowly & safely awaken the entire world.

The corrupt/evil side of the Market will crash most likely & the currency switch will be made. The truth will flood out & the world will get EVERYTHING they asked for.
Everything that was stolen money wise will be given back & the REAL healing process begins.

1 Train
& A whole lot of shocked people.

Corrupt leaders are scrambling for money to pay for evil for dirty deeds is what it all boils doen to.

Search & Rescue @ Sea.
1 By Air
2 by sea
House clean.
Evil is Purposely not stocking shelves because I warned everyone Ahead of time about being prepared. I ssid A week ago, everyone should have atleast 3-10 days of resources & that the lights will go out. & to not panic when this happens.
Search for the post made. It may help.
Only thing that I would somewhat change on that post is, I said food stores would have enough for evryone. Well, they are PURPOSELY doing the exact opposite & not stocking shelves or ordering goods. Why? Because I said their would be enough. Anything I do or say to help ALL OF
YOU or prepare ALL OF YOU for whats to come before it happens to bring YOU comfort, they will TRY & hurt you even more.

I was never supposed to intervene. You all were supposed to do this all on your own. Instead I made it easier for everyone/most & evil HATES IT!!!

• • •

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More from @VVission123

9 Jul
Army is trolling all those Haters, Too funny !

Those haters that refuse to stop hating/dividing, every last one of them are failing...
They chose their paths & that's that. They will not be able to forgive themselves for hating on who they have been hating on.
Thank You!

I'm quite certain they will finally get the message you guys are sending their way..
It does sadden me seeing hlw foolish they are.. It is what it is.

Read 6 tweets
9 Jul
No 1 Is laughing now. . .
This is, Once in A lifetime. Many chose A difderent path for themselves & it's going to be very difficult gor themsleves & the other they drug with them Back on track. Hope you brought an Umbrella 🌂 if you did go off course. You're going to NEED it..
Read 4 tweets
9 Jul
.@USNavy, Yeah. Some are choosing to make it way harder for others than it ever needed to be.
LOOKING Through the Glass.

Do you think someone else would put out the fires he/they are starting for everyone else? I Don't think so.
It's truly sickening the things these evil monster among us will do for attention.

This is what I have lived by my entire life, not serving. I knew what it took to serve because of my Grandfather. Living like this & showing unconditional selfless love to the world by showing them the truth no one else could show them, hated upon.

Read 13 tweets

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