This is what racism leads to:

✝️ A Cross For Every Farmer Murdered! 😢🙏

The world has ignored #SA farmers' pleas for help, while media is ONLY pushing the #BLM narrative…

Farmers killed just for being WHITE, out of hate, on their own farm, by Blacks.
If the world is not looking, do their lives still matter?

At what point mass murder is called #genocide?

Why is the international community not saying anything — is it because the victims are White, and the perpetrators Black?

#Racism #SouthAfrica #SA
“I can't wait until Black people lynch White people!”

Activists part of Antifa/BLM at the protest against a Christian event near Seattle shouted anti-white racist statements and “Death To America” and burned U.S. flags…

#BLMmarxists #FarLeft
📢 “Death To America!”

Get past their misleading “anti-Fascist” & “pro-Black” labels and the ideology of Antifa/BLM clearly shows the truth for who they really are:

🐺🐺 in 🐏🐏 clothes — the *TRUE* fascists of our time!

#Orwellian #BLMmarxists
📢 BLM/Antifa chanting:

“Death To America!”

#BlackLivesMatter #BLM
#CriticalRaceTheory #Woke
Leftist activists chanting:

📢 No Borders‼️

📢 No Walls‼️

📢 No U.S.A. At All‼️

#Marxists #Antifa #BLM #FarLeft #Wokeness #DemocratsTheEnemyWithin
Biden’s pick to lead DOJ’s Civil Rights Division is famous for saying Black people have “greater mental, physical and spiritual abilities” because of their melanin!

After Jussie Smollett’s hoax was clear, Kristen Clarke still paddled the “racist” story…
“Melanin endows Blacks with greater mental, physical, and spiritual abilities—something which cannot be measured by Eurocentric standards.”

— Kristen Clarke, Joe Biden's DOJ Civil Rights Division boss believes in Black Supremacy!



• • •

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14 Jul
Biden voters, right?!

Sure, the ‘woke’ highly (mis)educated crowd are well versed in the La-La Land geopolitics 🤣

Unfortunately, the mentality of opining on matters completely out of their expertise is more widespread than that…

Besides #VoterID, we need a civics *test* too!
🤣 Biden Supporters 🤦
The capital of Europe is…
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13 Jul
🚨 Fraud In Plain Sight‼️

113,870 votes subtracted from Trump on Nov 3, 2020 between 9:16—9:17 pm ET on CNN

66,085 subtracted from Trump, Nov 3, 2020 between 9:16—9:24 pm on CNBC

19,958 votes subtracted from Trump and added to Biden on Nov 3, 2020 between 11:09—11:10 pm on CNN
Elections are an additive process — count the votes — then add them up.

Why are votes being subtracted from Donald Trump in the Pennsylvania data?

Why are votes subtracted from Trump, then the exact number gets added to Biden?

#AuditTheVote #illegitimateRegime #illegitJoeBiden Image
🚨 “We have put together… and you guys did it for Obama admin before this… the most extensive and inclusive

Voter Fraud Organization

in the history of American politics!” 😱

— “President” Joe Biden

#illegitimateRegime #illegitJoe

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9 Jul
⚠️ #Science has been hijacked and put at the service of a political agenda‼️

Real science was long time ago overshadowed by a loud crowd of politicians, journalists, zealot ecologists full of deceit, with the goal to impose their Globalist-Marxism on the rest of us.

#ClimateCrisis: Contribution to the Greenhouse Effect

Man-made vs Natural 👇 Image
🚨 Climate Science ⁉️

The SCIENTIFIC METHOD is the following of a systematic methodology based on evidence, experiment & observation as benchmarks for testing hypotheses.

If data contradicts your hypothesis, but you push for it, you're NOT doing science!
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5 Jul
🇨🇳 #ChinaJoe & #BeijingBiden are NOT trending due to Biden's corrupt Chinese dealings while Obama's VP‼️

In truth, hashtags tell the fact “President” Biden is compromised NOW — wholly owned by China's Communist Party in Beijing.

🧵Unroll Thread: 1/24 ⤵️
🇨🇳 #ChinaJoe was telling everyone for decades that the Chinese Communist Party has the upper hand and that China “already owns us” — and surely they owned #BidenCrimeFamily & other Democratic luminaries!

#illegitimatePresident #CCP

🧵 Thread: 2/24 ⤵️
Why would 🇨🇳 risk a confrontation with 🇺🇸 by infiltrating our Media, Big Tech, and the Democratic party to install “China Joe” as POTUS?

Because the Trump Admin stood strong against China, putting the American people and #AmericaFirst!

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4 Jul
🚨 Jan 6th Capitol Riot was a Setup‼️

American Patriots supporting President Trump came to uphold Law & Order, exercising their Constitutional right to peacefully PROTEST election fraud, and demand:

⚠️ Free & Fair Elections ⚠️

🧵 Thread: Part 1 of 22 ⤵️
🚨 Who Setup The January 6th Capitol Riot⁉️

🚨 Was the FBI in⁉️

🚨 Was Pelosi in⁉️

🚨 Who else was in⁉️

#SaveAmericaRally #Jan6th

🧵 Thread: 2/22 ⤵️
Watch: MAGA Peaceful Protesters Were Trying To Stop Antifa From Breaking The Capitol Windows!

The #CapitolRiot Was A Setup, A Planned Op To Derail The Constitutional Process Of Objecting To The *FRAUDULENT* Biden Electors.


🧵 Thread: 3/22 ⤵️
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29 Jun
Seeing yourself for the first time in a picture…
Thinking of a vacation? 🤔
#Africa #Zanzibar #Travel
Summer nights 🎶
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