Your stress is under your control

There are 3 pillars you need to consider to better manage it:

Brain chemistry
Adrenal Health
Gut Harmony

Each play a crucial role in your wellbeing

Your stress is a silent fire that slowly kills you

but your body has a natural capacity to deal with it

Health problems like uncontrollable anxiety or sleep problems arise once you lose this innate resiliency
Targeting your brain chemistry is a great starting point for stress management

Your brain uses chemicals known as neurotransmitters to help you stay calm

Serotonin and GABA are both used to bring you into the present moment & relax you, respectively
You do have supplements at your disposal that can help replenish your neurotransmitters

Serotonin support nutrients:

B vitamins, Magnesium, Zinc, Vitamin C, 5HTP

GABA support herbs/nutrients:

Kava, L-Theanine, Valerian, Glutamine, Chamomile, Hops Strobile, PharmaGABA
Your adrenals are also vital for dealing with your stress

They're small organs that rest on your kidneys

& connect to the parts of your brain that control the release of cortisol (your stress hormone)
Cortisol is the "water" your body uses to extinguish the flames of stress

High stress/anxiety = lots of cortisol
Burnout/exhaustion = low cortisol

Both of these extremes need to be managed for optimal health
Supplements can also help you here

Nutrients that support high cortisol:

Phosphatidylserine, Ashwagandha, Rhodiola, Skullcap, Bacopa Monnieri

Nutrients/Herbs that support low cortisol:

Holy Basil, Desiccated adrenal, Licorice root,
Last but not least is Gut Health

Your gut is your second brain

and deserves special attention when you're trying to deal with stress
Your gut is home to hundreds of bacterial species also known as your microbiome

What you eat and how you live affects the entire ecosystem

A fine balance between good and bad bacteria is absolutely necessary to keep your stress in check
A poor diet filled with refined sugars and foods feeds the bad bacteria

These bacteria increase inflammation which eventually reaches your brain (neuroinflammation)

Your gut is the final foundational block you need to fix in order to better manage your stress
You need to eat a whole food diet with quality meat, seafood, vegetables and certain fruits

Supplements can also help you

Nutrients/herbs that can improve gut health and lower inflammation:

Black seed oil, Glutamine, Bee Propolis, Skullcap Baicalensis, Berberine
All of this is just some of the information I cover with my 1-on-1 coaching clients

Understanding how your body works is crucial to accelerating your healing process

You need to right system to get there

& I can help you

Book your discovery call here:…

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Most people think sleep is for the weak

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Your future health & today’s performance depend on how well you rest

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One of the worst things you can do is let your stress get out of control

What starts off as a bit of anxiety can eventually evolve into panic attacks or worse

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Thiamine is the most underrated and overlooked vitamin deficiency

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Way more than you’ve been led to believe

Thiamine (also known as Vitamin B1) deficiency is believed to be a thing of the past

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No matter what they tell you

Anxiety is beatable

I’ve done it

& so can you

Exercise is your best partner to win the war

We’ve been brainwashed to sit in front of a computer all day

And never move

That unused energy needs to flow somewhere

Where does it go?

Into your mind

Improve cognition and lower your stress by staying active
Sunlight is brain food

Not getting enough screws up your mood

And only makes your anxiety worse

Go outside and absorb that solar energy

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We are 19k Followers strong

What a journey!

I appreciate all of you very much

To celebrate

Here are 19 tips to extinguish your stress
1. Get sun, especially first thing in the morning

2. Eliminate industrialized seed oils (soybean, canola, rapeseed etc)

3. Go to bed earlier

4. Spend lots of time in nature
5. Eat fat and protein for breakfast

6. Stretch, mainly hip flexors

7. Get enough B vitamins, either in meats or supplement forms. Especially B6

8. Learn to keep your mouth closed and breathe from your nose
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